This is WONDERFUL!!!!!


I made what I like to think is an ‘It Gets Better’ video. I never really thought I would make one, but then again I haven’t really talked about my experience in school much since I left. I didn’t think I would get emotional when I made the video, but I was wrong.. Watch and see. Enjoy my story, and share it please. :)


Andrea Gibson is a true inspiration. 

It's you that isn't confident.

I love myself. I think I am beautiful and I love every bit of my body. Fat and all. I do my damned best to dress how I feel I look, but money doesn’t always allow that. I feel like that whole if you love yourself someone else will love you bullshit is just that. Bullshit. I dont know what I am NOT doing to have a partner. I wasn’t ever really “looking" 

I think its everyone that has the problem with me. No one can get past the looks now a days. I am not being down on myself and it doesn’t effect my confidence or anything I just think it’s kind of bullshit.


I have this odd obsession with trees. I think they are such beautiful pieces of nature. They withstand so much through their lifetime, and they are very under-appreciated. Every tree is different, but they all have roots. The roots that started everything they grew to be, and no matter how many roots they have they still grow. I kind of identify with trees in that way. I think of a tree as one persons story. Like trees we all have roots and regardless of what those roots are they have an influence on who we grow to be. BUT…. For the life of me I couldn’t find the right tree picture. Then I realized it wasn’t a picture of a tree online that I needed. It was the tree that I had grown up near… THAT tree is the tree that I need to get a tattoo of. It embodies who I am, and that tree represents my life story.