THR reports that Orlando Bloom has been set to join the cast of Tour de Pharmacy, a new HBO mockumentary starring Andy Samberg and created by the same team behind last year’s 7 Days in Hell

Written by Murray Miller and set to be directed by Jake Szymanski, the project will poke fun at professional cycling and its continued, well-documented issues with doping among its athletes, including Lance Armstrong. 

The cast includes Will Forte, Daveed Diggs, Julia Ormond, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren, John Cena, Mike Tyson and Nathan Fielder.


Temple Grandin (2010)Autism gave her a vision. She gave it a voice.

Weird. It was weird to see me on the screen. It was like going in a weird time machine, going back in a time machine into the ‘60s. They put a wig on Claire and dressed her up in clothes and she had to wear these ugly false teeth apparatus. She looked like me, except she was shorter than me and we couldn’t do anything about that, but she sounds and moves just like me. She does accurately portray how I would act in the '60s and '70s. Claire did a great job. (Temple Grandin about Claire Danes performance)

sexual orientation: a middle aged woman leaning over a desk