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I can't be the only one upset that Constance Wu was snubbed from the Emmy nominations this year. I am so sick of Julia-Louise Dreyfus winning almost every single fucking time.

Oh me me me me me pick me! Randall Park and Constance Wu are doing some of the best comedic work on television I have seen in years. Their delivery is incredibly unique. Like I watch that show and I get angry because I will never be as good as them. Constance Wu, like I don’t even know how she does it, like how can one person have that kind of comedic timing and it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before. She makes that character work so well and could easily be flat but that character is so brilliantly complicated and omg I love her. She was snubbed.

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New Adventures of Old Christine: Episode "Exile on Lame Street"
  • Matthew: Richard isn't like that he would lose Ritchie.
  • Christine: Yes he is! One day he left Ritchie in the ballpit at IKEA and he came all the way home and assembled a bookshelf before he realized that he was gone! To this day Ritchie cannot eat a meatball without bursting into tears!
  • *later*
  • Ticket Booth: Yeah, how high are you?! It's THE ROLLING STONES, we're ALL SOLD OUT!
  • Christine: If you don't have tickets why are you even open?...
  • Ticket Booth: Because I'm selling tickets to Kristi Yamaguchi, The Wiggles on Ice, and The Gay Rodeo.
  • Matthew: Is that.. All in one show cause I'd see that..