New Adventures of Old Christine: Episode "Exile on Lame Street"
  • Matthew: Richard isn't like that he would lose Ritchie.
  • Christine: Yes he is! One day he left Ritchie in the ballpit at IKEA and he came all the way home and assembled a bookshelf before he realized that he was gone! To this day Ritchie cannot eat a meatball without bursting into tears!
  • *later*
  • Ticket Booth: Yeah, how high are you?! It's THE ROLLING STONES, we're ALL SOLD OUT!
  • Christine: If you don't have tickets why are you even open?...
  • Ticket Booth: Because I'm selling tickets to Kristi Yamaguchi, The Wiggles on Ice, and The Gay Rodeo.
  • Matthew: Is that.. All in one show cause I'd see that..