coreylubo: I didn’t know that picking up a book off a random table at Barnes and Noble would lead me down this path. I didn’t know the wonderful people I’d meet along the way. And I didn’t know, after all this time… Harry’s would still going strong. Happy anniversary #HarryPotter. (I’ll post some more BTS throwbacks on my story tomorrow!) #harrypotter20

The Starkid women are my role models, not just because they’re strong, independent, talented women pursuing their dreams in a career field I one day hope to join, but because they offer a wide representation and diversity in their media.

Lauren Lopez is Latina.

Lauren Walker is African American.

Meredith Stepien is not afraid to rock her natural curls.

Jaime Lyn Beatty dyes her hair and experiments with different styles.

Devin Lytle is a stick.

Julia Albain is curvy.

Rachel Soglin is short and brunette.

Denise Donovan is tall and blonde.

And none of them try to hide it. They’re all amazing and quirky and true to themselves, proving that you don’t have to be model flawless or artificial to make it in this business. And to young, impressionable minds, it’s more important than anything else that they can identify with positive roll models in their dream careers. It’s encouraging. I love the Starkid women.

How can I have so much love for a group of people I haven’t even met?? Starkid has taught me lots about literally everything and made me realise that’s its ok to be myself and be smart or geeky. Because of Starkid, I’m not shy anymore. I’ve met so many great people online and in real life because of them and I’m extremely thankful for that. They taught me that it’s ok to be myself and standing out isn’t necessarily so bad. I have so much love and appreciation for everyone in Starkid, new or old. Wether they’re still working with them today or have only been in one or two shows I’m so glad they were a part of it. Needless to say, Starkid is one of the best things to happen to me 💙❤️💜