coreylubo: I didn’t know that picking up a book off a random table at Barnes and Noble would lead me down this path. I didn’t know the wonderful people I’d meet along the way. And I didn’t know, after all this time… Harry’s would still going strong. Happy anniversary #HarryPotter. (I’ll post some more BTS throwbacks on my story tomorrow!) #harrypotter20

I just can’t believe how far this bunch of theatre nerds have come.

Julia Albain: A published author who is a founder of the inspiartional website glow*. Directed both the Space Tour and Apocalyptour.

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Chris Allen: Wrote and directed a short film that has over 70,000 views on YouTube.

Clark Baxtresser: A member of Jim and the Povolos as well as his own band TalkFine.

Jaime Lyn Beatty: Also a founder of glow* who is working on her own EP as well as being a part of a band, Jim and the Povolos. Also still a touring member of Starkid.

Britney Coleman: Starring in a production of Dreamgirls at the Marriott Theatre.

Brant Cox: Starring in the Fred for Nothing comedy show that’s currently in Hollywood.

Darren Criss: Released an EP, had a two week run on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business,starring in a new movie with Kristen Wiig, and is a main character on the national TV show Glee.

Denise Donovan: Another founder of the website glow*.

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Ali Gordon: Has worked in many theatre productions, most recently being Fiddler on the Roof.

Brian Holden: Member of the band Jim and the Povolos, and still a touring member of Team Starkid.

AJ Holmes: Acting in theatre productions including Young Frankenstein and Next to Normal.

Eric Kahn Gale: A published author of The Bully Book.

Lauren Lopez: Currently writing a cookbook, a member of the band Jim and the Povolos,a founder of glow*,and a touring member of the team.

Corey Lubowich: Wrote and produced an entire web miniseries, helps run the starkid merchandise department.

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Devin Lytle: Just finished filming a movie with Evanna freaking Lynch.

Alle-Faye Monka: Toured in Tokyo in the theatre production of Chorus Line.

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Joe Moses: Has his own comedy show and merchandise, and was recently in British television ads for Mountain Dew.

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Joey Richter: Has a reccurring role in the telvision show Jessie, voices a major role in the upcoming animated movie Khumba, and is still currently a touring member of the team.

Meredith Stepien: Writes music for the band Jim and the Povolos of which she is the founding member, and is a touring member of starkid.

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Dylan Saunders: A member of the band Jim and the Povolos,toured with the successful rapper Watsky, and starred in the short film Frames.

Joe Walker: Recently in ads for Mountain Dew and is a touring member of the Starkid.

And they’re all just getting started.

Random facts about AVPM/AVPM cast from the AVPM7 livestream

In honour of Starkid doing another long livestream, here are some random facts mentioned in the AVPM7 livestream. In no particular order and done from memory, so if you want to add the missing one, that’d be nice.

  • Matt never asked permission for AVPM. He just put the announcement poster on the wall and by the time UMich could take action, people were already looking forward to it.
  • Most of the Starkids got to know each other through the pre-Starkid LOTR show.
  • Nick and Matt’s dad thought came to the dress rehearsal and it was a mess. 
  • There was one show where Tyler showed up (to play Cedric), and no one knew that he was going to be there.
  • They learned Voldemort Is Going Down on the day of opening night.
  • Just before opening, they cut a lot of scenes.
  • Tyler has a lot of Starbucks stories.
  • Julia entered the production two days before opening night.
  • The original plan was to cast Mark as Crabbe, but Mark didn’t want to. They decided to wait, assuming Mark would pop in after all, but at one point they realised that it wasn’t going to happen.
  • Meredith is a huge nerd.
  • Brian H. only had one kiss in a production with Starkid actors.
  • Tyler is the punmaster.
  • Joe W. dresses up as Batman as a party, and it is very sweet.
  • Meredith wasn’t in AVPM, because she was doing another show.
  • They were aware of the possible copyright claims- especially Matt and Julia - but they never got why there was a possible copyright claim. The show was free after all.
  • The boys had a “SHIRTS OFF!” joke backstage.
  • Jaime has seen the AVSR extras at least four times, Dylan hasn’t even watched AVSR yet.
  • Britney is currently touring. During the livestream, she was in Cleveland Ohio.
  • Tyler only has his Hufflepuff tie and his wand.
  • Jaime is a hoader when it comes to Starkid props. She really has a lot of stuff.
  • It is about AVPS, but Brian H. loves the song Missing You.
  • Bonnie is alright and she has two kids.
  • They can’t even sing Happy Birthday.
  • There is a lot of High School Musical in AVPM because the Starkids were so into it.
  • Tyler auditioned for AVPM with the saddest song possible, but he still ended up playing Cedric.
  • They really wanted to put Slughorn in the shows, but it didn’t work out. They put him in the A Very Potter Christmas story.
  • Julia thinks Lauren does the best “butt acting”.
  • There were a lot of Seamus and Dean scenes in AVPM, but they cut it. Instead, there was a lot of Seamus and Dean in AVPS and AVPSY.
  • Meredith was in the audience of one of the videos. I don’t remember if it was AVPM or AVPS.
  • Nothing new, but Jaime is adorable. 
  • Tyler Punsman.
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I feel like anybody in the position to buy this DVD has already bought it so I don’t feel quite as bad posting this now. People still ask me for the link nowadays so I decided to finally just make the video public so I don’t have to send it out anymore. Without further ado, I present: The Judas Redux Airport Prank