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I am loving the top 10 lists!! Can you please do one that is like "top 10 vacation/travel stories"

Top 10 Vacation/Travel Stories:

10) The first time they go to Thailand to visit Phichit, they both try and speak as much Thai as they can to practice the language and be polite. The only problem is is that Viktor speaks about three words of actual Thai and the rest of his technique is just have a go and learn along the way and Yuuri has a really, really strong accent when he speaks Thai so Phichit spends the whole trip just laughing at both of them

9) Once when they were sunbathing on the beach Viktor fell asleep by accident and got sunglass tan lines burned onto his face and refused to come out of the house for days until they faded

8) Once during the NHK Trophy, Chris and Phichit were skating in it and Viktor and Yuuri had come to cheer them on and before the competition they went out to get food together. Since they were in Japan they all made sure to go to a café that was absolutely filled with posters of Yuuri just to watch him slowly die of embarrassment

7) On Viktor’s first visit to Japan he stayed in the onsen so long that Yuuri was concerned he had drowned because he decided that hot springs were the best things on earth and he never wanted to leave

6) During Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he met some of Viktor’s neighbours and they were all really nice but whenever he saw them gossiping in the halls of the building when he walked past he noticed they kept using the same phrase all the time before looking over at him and smiling and laughing. He got kind of self-conscious and worried that they were laughing at him or saying he wasn’t worthy of Viktor or something. When he repeated the phrase to Viktor it turned out that all of Viktor’s neighbours in his apartment block had taken to calling Yuuri ‘Viktor’s attractive foreign boyfriend’ and were usually gossiping about how lucky Viktor was whenever Yuuri walked by

5) The one I mentioned in a previous top ten about them both being on a long haul flight and Yuuri slept for the entire 15 hours and felt great and Viktor couldn’t sleep at all and got bored out of his mind because his boyfriend was asleep and not paying him any attention

4) Once Viktor and Yuuri both went back to Detroit for a Skate Club reunion for Yuuri and all the skaters there spent the entire time gawking at Viktor because A) Yuuri somehow managed to bag himself the Living Legend and they were all very jealous/impressed and B ) They all remembered how Yuuri used to be hell bent on beating Viktor and then the next time they see him he has a ring and they spend the entire time calling each other pet names and holding hands and generally being the cutest couple ever

3) The first time they visit Chris in Switzerland, Yuuri secretly practices French because it’s what he always hears Viktor and Chris talking in and he doesn’t want to sound ignorant or feel left out even though Viktor had already promised to translate if need be. But then they arrived and everyone was talking in German and Yuuri was like ‘what?’. And then they travelled somewhere else and everyone was talking in Italian and Yuuri was like ‘what???’ And then they finally went to the French speaking part of Switzerland but Chris offhandedly mentioned that there was also Romansh as another official language and Yuuri was like ‘help, I’m not multilingual enough for this’.

2) On Yuuri’s first trip to Russia he finally got to experience the dubious joy of Viktor’s driving which mainly consisted of him hanging on for dear life in the passenger seat like ‘we’re going to die, we’re going to die, Viktor I DON’T WANT TO DIE IN A PINK CONVERTIBLE’

1) Once Viktor and Yuuri were walking around Tokyo on a trip and lots of people were looking at them and Yuuri was just like ‘oh Viktor, look how many people are looking at you! There must be a lot of skating fans here.’ And Viktor was just sort of side-eyeing him like, ‘Yuuri do you think they’re looking at me, the Russian tourist, or you, Japan’s Ace who has won multiple gold medals for this country and whose face is on a billboard literally right across the street from us?’

Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx

To Cas

  1. Ramble On
  2. Traveling Riverside Blues 
  3. What Is And Should Never Be
  4. When the Levee Breaks 
  5. Houses Of The Holy
  6. Kashmir 
  7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  8. Whole Lotta Love
  9. Good Times Bad Times
  10. Heartbreaker 
  11. Bring It On Home
  12. I Can’t Quit You Baby
  13. You Shook Me

From Dean

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10 Things I Hate About You: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Heath Ledger)

I know everyone remembers Heath for The Joker…but this really is my best film memory of him.

The look of surprise and delight her face when the orchestra kicks in is something else.

Yes, girl, he bought off the entire orchestra for you. 

One of the best teen movie moments ever.


I remember the first time I saw the Orion nebula from a cruiser, the interstellar dust bursting with all manner of color against the black vastness of space. I stared out of that viewpost thinking one day I might know the full limits of our universe, one day I could comprehend its depths and see every uncharted corner. But in just one second I knew the opposite was true of her, this woman who had just punched Delaney- I thought I could spend a whole lifetime with her and not even know a fraction of her. 

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pssst do you think... maybe you could write a little something featuring allura with a head cold? (or like the altean equivalent of a head cold lol) i love your writing a lot !! <3

Gonna do a scenario list for this! (God, I’m sorry this took so long! But know that I love this because I love the idea of Allura catching a human illness!) 

-Allura sneezes, and everyone freezes because they had never heard an Altean sneeze before.

-She asks what that was, and Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Keith take turns attempting to explain what a sneeze is while Shiro studies Allura’s slightly flushed cheeks with a frown. 

-While the other four are mimicking sneezes (because they think that will help Allura’s understanding), Shiro sneaks up beside Allura and lightly brushes his knuckles against her cheek. Her skin is warm to the touch, and his frown deepens just as she turns toward him with questioning eyes. 

-By now, everyone else has grown silent, and they are all watching with bated breath. 

-”She definitely has a fever,” Shiro announces, and scene of chaos unfolds for the next five minutes thanks to Coran panicking while thinking that Allura is dying. 

-Once Lance and Hunk finally have Coran settled, Shiro explains that Allura must of caught the cold Lance had last week.  

-Pidge steps in to explain that Allura will be fine with rest; however, she does not seem convinced because Lance was bad off last week. 

-Hunk has to go on to explain that Lance is a little (a lot) extra when sick, but that doesn’t mean that Allura will be as bad off as Lance was. 

-Shiro shouts out a few orders to the other four paladins before helping Allura back to her room. 

-By now, she has started coughing and is feeling generally miserable and confused, but Shiro stays by her side and waits out the worst of it with her while the others sneak in periodically to offer supplies or give well wishes. 

HOLY FUCKLE! over a people of you again! who paid you to follow me??after i changed to the haikyuu rp community over a year ago because i have lost my muse for edan down to like 10 % i didn’t envisage to come back to his blog with much more inspiration, and confidence in my writing! two revamps, more details in his backstory, and a strong kick in my own ass later i am back! and don’t think i’ll leave so quickly again! oh man, but the biggest motivation that brings me further is my follower’s a.k.a your support! old, and new! thank you so, so, so much, guys! without you i probably wouldn’t be back on track to fuck shit up with edan, and to cause trouble in your muses’ life! thank you for holding me and edan up in all kinds of situations! and i really, really hope it will be for much longer! that edan can build many more bonds with any of you  🤑 👍

but don’t waste too much time! time’s money, we don’t have money, but we have the time to list all of the people i want to thank!

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Buckynat things I wanna see in the MCU/Infinity War: 

- standing at ease next to each other
- looking at each other
- talking to one another
- fighting together
- some of that tandem acrobat movement to kick ass
- one of them supporting the other or;
- both of them supporting each other
- “Your name is Natalia. But you go by Natasha now.”
- “How’s your arm?”
- Them having an adorable lack of sense of humor
- having the same thought and speaking about it with the exact same words
- ‘No Steve’
- Just when things were starting to look worse by the second, one of them appears and they’re just so relieved because they got back up
- Tossing a magazine at the other when the other’s run out of bullets
- “James.”
- Them acknowledging the fact that THAT is the first time they fought side-by-side and not against the other.
- fist bump/high five
- Complete each other’s idea/plan 

- Steve saying that Bucky may or may not have a thing for redheads and that maybe that part of Bucky is still there so he teases them
- Steve just smiling because his soviet ex-assassin friends are interacting and have so many things in common that he’s happy both of them just met someone who would understand them better than anyone else
- Bucky kinda finding it weird Sam named his drone and also saying he’s not gonna thank 'that thing’
- Steve and Sam’s turn to smirk at Bucky after seeing that he’s got the same thinking with Natasha;
- Steve saying 'Bucky, Nat’ to assign them together


Remember that one time Mark went home for the holidays & he bought each member a gift, explaining specifically on Jaebum’s gift because Mark’s a sweetheart even tho bucket hats are a complete No-No.

six moments where Dean's time feels just a little bit altered

when Sam’s bangs fall into his eyes after Dean embarrasses him, as if he’s trying to hide behind the mop of hair

when the impala makes a small sputtering noise as it coasts to a halt in front of some old motel that they’d only stay at for one night

when Sam smiles and half of his mouth curls up after one of those really good kisses that they sometimes shared

when both Winchesters lay down in the same bed, directly following a particularly close hunt

the way Sam’s eyes slant down on both sides when he empathetically smiles while Dean talks of their mother and how beautiful she was

the moment right before they roll out of bed, the taste of each others lips on their own

Some Death Flags Important Notes from Chapter 1-3

It’s scary how there’s so many of them. *warning* pls bear with my overthinker side.

  • So ZOOL is not formed /yet/ so far?
  • Is it just me but Momo distanced himself a bit from Yuki after he heard Banri saying “You were always by my side” to Yuki
  • and Yuki noticed it
  • Yuki’s identity crisis “am i really a river??”

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