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Me when i found out Witches of East End got cancelled.

I forever hate lifetime after this. Please netflix, bring Witches of East End Back, it was such a great show. Reblog this if you love Witches of East End and still have hope for a Season 3.

Do you get stressed out looking in your refrigerator trying to figure out what to make for dinner? Do you want to know how to cook a perfect fried egg, easily? Julia Turshen’s cook book might be what you need. Turshen wrote her cookbook to help take some of the stress out of home cooking. It’s called Small Victories: Recipes, Advice and Hundreds of Ideas for Home-Cooking Triumphs. Turshen says if you know how to make two things in the kitchen, then you have the skills to make 200 more. Small Victories is Turshen’s first solo cookbook, but she’s co-authored several bestsellers including Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good and Mario Batali’s Spain…A Culinary Road Trip and The Kimchi Chronicles. She’s also been a personal chef. She spoke with Fresh Air producer Sam Briger.

‘Small Victories’ Aims To Make Home Cooking Accessible To All


T.V. Tuesday 🎬 #8


Silvia: Aren’t you going to pick out something to eat from the menu, Julia?

Julia: Humph, I can cook better than this. I don’t understand why we couldn’t just have the food, I made instead. 

Thad: Cause your food tastes like a hazard waiting to happen. You should just take my advice and borrow some recipes. 

Julia: My cooking is unique and wonderful! I don’t need to steal anything.

Thad: It’s just borrowing and never giving back. I really don’t like the word stealing.

Silvia: It’s stealing, Thad.

Thad: It’s just taking something and keeping it forever, without asking the owner’s permission… 

Julia: You literally just gave the definition of stealing. 

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anonymous asked:

au where chalupa and taako go on one of those cupcake competition shows and theyre up against the wonderland elves and julia and magnus, cooking for istus the raven queen and pan (the regular judges) but merle is a special judge on the show because he needs cupcakes for some garden thing.

i know this is alluding to chalupa and taako winning but actually magnus and julia would win because the wl elves and the gremlin twins would be too preoccupied with attempting to sabotage each other while magnus and julia are minding their own business and just trying to make their cupcakes really good


Charis: I’m so hungry. 

Julia: ….

Charis: I wish I had burgers to eat. 


Charis: Burgers that don’t taste like burnt cookies. How did you even do that?

Julia:… This is why the readers think we’re all assholes… 

Charis: Because of your terrible cooking?

Julia: I’ll be a mast chef one day. Just wait! 


Here’s a reminder from Julia Child to Keep on Cooking. :)