julia x michael

Every five years we will meet

Here is an idea of fanfiction that I had but didn’t really quite turned out as I expected it to. I hope you’ll like it anyway. It’s for all the Michael and Julia fans (whom the new show runner is constantly letting down).

Michael and Julia meet in a park five years after everything that happened in Boston.

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Re: Smash promo with Julia and Frank fighting

Julia is making things way worse by lying some more, that’s all there is to it.

Nobody is crucifying Julia but it’s in between ridiculous and just absurd for her to answer, of ALL things she could have said “it was an accident”. And if she wants to save her family (which we all know can’t be saved) the first thing is to finally be honest about something. I think instead this will lead to “she doesn’t fess up and never does, and Frank finds out anyway and that’s what breaks the marriage for good.” Which I expected and I am more than fine with, it’s TV so the drama is needed.

But like I said, at the very least I expected her to say something a tad less stupid! I feel like slapping some sense into her. IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIE at least do it believably! Or just say “I’m sorry, it’s over now and I never meant to hurt you but I did and I’m sorry”. “Frank please I don’t know what to say and I know I am at fault but it’s over now”. Anything BUT “it was an accident”. Because of course that will infuriate Frank even more, we all know those things are never “accidents” and in Julia’s case, well it’s much much more than that. I just think of all things they made her have a line that is in between comic and pathetic. That said, doesn’t change the situation or the final outcome. She’s in love with Michael, that marriage was 5 years of lies to begin with, so it’s over regardless.