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being best friends with tyler posey and dylan o’brien includes...

this was inspired by my chats with @mf-despair-queen and freaking out about how amazing they are. :3

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  • Friday night pizza parties after a long day
  • Posey always recommending new music for you to listen to
  • Dylan forcing you guys to watch Star Wars for the millionth time
    • “Dude, we get it, you like Star Wars”
    • “It’s not my fault that it’s amazing! Y/N agrees with me, right?”
    • “Don’t drag me into this!”
  • Posey teaching you to ride his motorcycle
    • “Y/N, it isn’t that hard!”
    • “Tyler, give me a break!”
  • Coming over to their house all the time and being used to them being half naked most of the time
  • Cheering you up with lots and lots of hugs and cuddles after a hard day at work or after a break up
  • Being in the hospital every day while Dylan was recovering after his accident and bringing him balloons and cheesy cards
  • Lazy day smokes and just talking about life in general
  • picking out future tattoos with Tyler
  • surprising them on set after not seeing your best friends for a long time
    • “Excuse me, do you know where the bathrooms are?”
    • “oh yeah, they’re ri- Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE IN A FAKE MUSTACHE?!”
  • after dylan packs on muscle thanks to american assassin, most guys are afraid to come up to you guys whenever you go out because they think he’s your boyfriend and both of them find it highly amusing 
  • dylan teaching you how to fight
  • helping them pick out out outfits for awards ceremonies because sometimes guys are clueless when it comes to fashion

“I knew I wanted to probe politics of representation in these clothes that so clearly tied themselves to notions of street culture and hip-hop. It’s important during this time to give life and a voice to black people you wouldn’t normally see in high fashion spaces.” – Tyler Mitchell 

Joshua Miner, Johnathan Darby, and Bari wearing Marc Jacobs Fall ’17 Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, styled by Julia Baylis 

Random facts about AVPM/AVPM cast from the AVPM7 livestream

In honour of Starkid doing another long livestream, here are some random facts mentioned in the AVPM7 livestream. In no particular order and done from memory, so if you want to add the missing one, that’d be nice.

  • Matt never asked permission for AVPM. He just put the announcement poster on the wall and by the time UMich could take action, people were already looking forward to it.
  • Most of the Starkids got to know each other through the pre-Starkid LOTR show.
  • Nick and Matt’s dad thought came to the dress rehearsal and it was a mess. 
  • There was one show where Tyler showed up (to play Cedric), and no one knew that he was going to be there.
  • They learned Voldemort Is Going Down on the day of opening night.
  • Just before opening, they cut a lot of scenes.
  • Tyler has a lot of Starbucks stories.
  • Julia entered the production two days before opening night.
  • The original plan was to cast Mark as Crabbe, but Mark didn’t want to. They decided to wait, assuming Mark would pop in after all, but at one point they realised that it wasn’t going to happen.
  • Meredith is a huge nerd.
  • Brian H. only had one kiss in a production with Starkid actors.
  • Tyler is the punmaster.
  • Joe W. dresses up as Batman as a party, and it is very sweet.
  • Meredith wasn’t in AVPM, because she was doing another show.
  • They were aware of the possible copyright claims- especially Matt and Julia - but they never got why there was a possible copyright claim. The show was free after all.
  • The boys had a “SHIRTS OFF!” joke backstage.
  • Jaime has seen the AVSR extras at least four times, Dylan hasn’t even watched AVSR yet.
  • Britney is currently touring. During the livestream, she was in Cleveland Ohio.
  • Tyler only has his Hufflepuff tie and his wand.
  • Jaime is a hoader when it comes to Starkid props. She really has a lot of stuff.
  • It is about AVPS, but Brian H. loves the song Missing You.
  • Bonnie is alright and she has two kids.
  • They can’t even sing Happy Birthday.
  • There is a lot of High School Musical in AVPM because the Starkids were so into it.
  • Tyler auditioned for AVPM with the saddest song possible, but he still ended up playing Cedric.
  • They really wanted to put Slughorn in the shows, but it didn’t work out. They put him in the A Very Potter Christmas story.
  • Julia thinks Lauren does the best “butt acting”.
  • There were a lot of Seamus and Dean scenes in AVPM, but they cut it. Instead, there was a lot of Seamus and Dean in AVPS and AVPSY.
  • Meredith was in the audience of one of the videos. I don’t remember if it was AVPM or AVPS.
  • Nothing new, but Jaime is adorable. 
  • Tyler Punsman.
just in case u needed a pick me up or a reason to smile today, here is a masterlist of ur faves being scared by ellen

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When Samandriel and Eve cross paths, both experience a strange sense of familiarity about the other. [ AU where Alfie and Eve’s vessel were in a relationship. ]

Picture Of A Tree That Doesn't Look Okay
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
Picture Of A Tree That Doesn't Look Okay

Picture Of A Tree That Doesn’t Look Okay
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
Whenever, If Ever (2013)