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“someone ask me abt the 10 things i hate about you…”

I have never seen that movie but I still wanna know haha

firstly, you should definitely watch the movie but…….

  • kady is the new girl at brakebills high and gets shown around by margo and eliot
  • she see julia and is like………. dead bc of how cute she is and wants to date her
  • eliot and margo are immediately like nooooooooooooooooooo you do not wanna do that, there’s no way you’ll get together
  • and kady’s like ???? why
  • they explain that julia was adopted by the coldwaters they have this rule that julia can’t date anyone until quentin, her older brother does but….
  • quentin is a super nerd who reads fillory and further all the time, wears frumpy clothes, and barely talks to anyone except for alice– who is equally strange– and sometimes julia
  • so it’s p safe to say there is no way he’s going to get a girlfriend or boyfriend anytime soon
  • except, kady really wants to be with julia after she gets to know her some more, so she pays eliot to go out with quentin so she can date julia
  • eliot accepts bc he loves a challenge and he wants money so he kind of forces q to be his partner for and english project and they bond there but end up going to a party and overtime they get closer
  • and oops eliot is kind of falling for quentin and endeared by all the lame stuff he does and this isn’t just for money or to prove a point anymore
  • but of course, like in the movie, it all blows up in his face once q finds out about eliot’s deal with kady
  • meanwhile, margo starts to have a thing for alice and starts to get to know her better and eventually asks her to prom
  • penny is kind of the ‘joey’ of the movie except he’s his normal asshole with a heart of gold self instead of a chauvinistic douchebag
  • he had a thing with q but it ended badly, and now he wants to get with julia (which is part of the reason q won’t try to date)
  • so it would mostly follow the plot of 10 things i hate about you but with some added things and tweaks here and there
(SPOILERS) I just got back from Rings. It was good...I think.

-You could tell they had paid attention to the movies and even the original Japanese ones.

-The opening scene was terrific.

-I liked the idea that the video itself is now a science experiment for college professors. Ringu 2 had a similar plot. These people are too stupid to even be scared: It’s all intellectual curiosity at this point. Gabriel was crazy.

-You see the twist coming in the first 20 minutes but that seems to make the whole thing a lot more more ominous. 

-The actors were, eh, fine. Not terrible, but, well, sorta there. The lead actress was not Naomi Watts, putting it nicely. 

-Julia liked exposition way too much. Stop talking to yourself, girl!

-”You think you’re the first Good Samaritan to try and help her? No. You’re the twelfth.” The best line of the film because it summed up the whole franchise. Everyone keeps trying to help this girl but, well, they just can’t. Julia ends up with a fate worse than death because she tried to love and understand her. Rachel got it in The Ring Two: She survived and saved her son because she finally understood something about Samara.  

-Those weird two minutes when you found yourself rooting for Samara for standing up to the creepy rapist priest dude.

-More intriguing a film than a scary one, though. Only Julia glimpsing Samara‘s shadow at the door and the cemetery scene creeped me out. 

Honestly Everything Happens is such an important song? It’s so important that Julia’s mom isn’t pushing her to move on or telling her that it’s over and that it happened for the reason, she’s telling her that it’s okay to feel pain because things happen and good things don’t always come out of them. Not everything happens for a reason and telling herself that it does only leaves room for more hurt because it just makes her want to find reasons that it did that won’t heal her pain.

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I feel like it's too much money into it to be deliberate sabotage really. I also think it's wrong to blame sony as a solo entity? Usually it comes down to combo of label, management team, and PR. If one of those changed we could be (and may be in future I don't know we don't know) seeing improvement, etc.

the money aspect is one of the points i made in my posts a few months ago too. i really can’t seem to track it down now but a record label is a corporate machine that doesn’t invest in something they don’t see any value in. and they see the value in louis’ brand, they do. why do you think we get all this promo for other artists from his account? all this x-factor nonsense? in that you are absolutely correct to say it’s a culmination of a lot of parties getting a piece of the louis cake: a bit of promo for these syco acts, a picture here for this SJPR artist and so on. louis’ brand is incredibly valuable and sadly they use it not to further his own career but to accelerate others’ too. some might say “well that’s the business” but it’s incredibly and uncomfortably prevalent when it comes to louis.  our constant hope and effort for louis to be treated with the most respect and have the most success is met with disappointment time and time again and.. well, i get why the word ‘sabotage’ is a quick explanation. it just disregards a lot of factors.


I Have Loved You Since Series: Moments



Moments. It was moments like these that calmed you, that made you feel secure with yourself and your life. You laid in bed and watched his chest rise within every breath he took, something not very out of the ordinary when you woke before him. There was always something new you found to love, whether it’d be a tiny freckle or a bit of some peach fuzz, you admired him wholeheartedly.

He was stirring from his slumber, his nose scrunching every few seconds - something you had always found adorable. You pushed yourself up and swung your leg over his lap, straddling his hips while your hands splayed across his little belly. Startled yet content with who was on top of him, he smiled lopsidedly as his eyes fluttered drowsily, staring up at you. 

“Morning,” he rasped, his voice deeper than usual. 

You smiled, leaning down inches away from his lips. “Good morning.”

His hands lingered along your thighs before they gently gripped your sides, holding you close and feeling the warmth that ricocheted off of you. “You look pretty,” he mused so genuinely. 

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gee what a great time. got up at 7, pretty damn doubtful I would make it through the day. volunteering made me wake up a bit, and then that’s when I met some of my comics heroes. chatted with James Kochalka and even did a comic jam with him! met Art Spiegelman briefly while serving desserts in the food court, my gosh he was so nice. also meeting up with everyone from CCS was wonderful. met so many other wonderful people as well. I’m absolutely exhausted now, but if I wasn’t I’d probably make a comic about this. ah well. excited for PART TWO tomorrow!! 

today in history we were doing the most hardcore of test review games (jeopardy) and so my history teacher always has one category of random stuff like pop songs and capitals and sports and whatever
one of them was “who is the author named eric arthur blaire”
and nobody had any idea
so when he finally said “okay does anyone know it” i jumped out of my seat yelling “GEORGE ORWELL” and that ladies & gentlemen & nbs is how my seemingly useless knowledge of george orwell’s given name paid off and my team only lost by 2000 points

triple j’s Hottest 100 2014: 70-61

#70 Odd Mob - ‘Is It A Banger?’
#69 The Smith Street Band- ‘Surrender’
#68 Bring Me The Horizon - ‘Drown’
#67 Jungle - ‘Busy Earnin”
#66 clipping. - ‘Work Work’ {Ft. Cocc Pistol Cree}
#65 Allday - ‘Right Now’
#64 The Amity Affliction - ‘Don’t Lean On Me’
#63 The War On Drugs - ‘Red Eyes’
#62 Angus & Julia Stone - ‘Heart Beats Slow’
#61 Andy Bull - ‘Talk Too Much

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Idea: end babygate this week, make it clear he is ""heartbroken"" but has obligations and jobs to fulfill, moving forward. He goes back to LA to launch girlband, maybe says he's been their mentor, maybe Danielle gets pap pics out of this. Returns to UK "for good" without Danielle. Announce their "break up" because he has too much going on. Simon betrayal.