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so i just had the really weird thought about victor mancha bc if we ever have runaways in the mcu and victor is a part of it then essentially victor would be tony’s grandkid?? bc ultron is kind of tony’s kid in the mcu

which honestly is just utterly hilarious. forget hank pym entirely as victor mancha’s paternal grandfather – tony stark is victor’s granddad oh my god can you imagine the fucking hilarity

i want to read fics about this oh god

  • How A Good Writer Would Describe My Appearance:She was pleasantly plump, slightly below average height, with thick caramel-colored hair befitting a porcelain doll. She had expressive brown eyes that she often liked to joke were the color of dirt, and perhaps they were earthy indeed, for she was grounded in her beliefs but was always up for some mud wrestling (provided she took her hair bow out and put it in her pocket for safekeeping beforehand).
  • How I Would Describe My Appearance:She was dumpy, but in a hot way, like a sexy garbage dump. She made all the boy garbage dumps (and a few girl garbage dumps too, it seemed) go *horny garbage dump noises*. Her face was doughy but sexy, like the Pillsbury Doughboy's hot sister. Who's to say she wasn't the Pillsbury Doughboy's hot sister? She always said she was from another planet anyway.

Alright but are we going to talk about how difficult it is to ‘cover up’ even if we want to?

Please, go out to the nearest mall and shop around in the places targeted at teen girls and try to find 5 pairs of shorts that aren’t super short and are a 'reasonable’ length. What’s that? You could only find one? Well, looks like someone got lucky!

Society has set us up for failure yet again. We’re supposed to cover ourselves up so we don’t get attacked, but at the same time they’re not going to produce or provide clothing to actually do that!

P.S. Those 'reasonably lengthed’ shorts you found? They’re butt ugly, aren’t they?

who am i

lol i was supposed to do this awhile ago but i kept forgetting so here i am now

thank you to the lovely dootsandcats for tagging me ily

What is your name? 
Julia but i go by bitch

Where are you from? 

What is your favourite colour? 
i like cool colors and black and white

Write something in all caps! SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS

Favourite band/artist? too many tbh

Favourite number? 44

Favourite drink? idk i rlly like apple juice and iced coffee

lmao im supposed to tag people in this but if i tag you dont feel bad if you dont feel like it or if you do it super late like i did lmao i tag:  yeaterday goggling radicalkitten naleul ginsby masterpieceworld slayinit

tbh i don’t really understand most of what i’m reading of this german text so?? hopefully the homework is graded more for completion than accuracy/we will talk about it in class and have a chance to correct it some