julia rubin

The debate seemed to have been sparked by Teen Vogue’s Julia Rubin, who aired her frustrations on Twitter, which were echoed by decent citizens of humanity and TheAwl.com. 

“This is the winter people decided snow umbrellas were a Thing.”
— Julia Rubin (@juliarubin) January 21, 2014

What do we need to protect ourselves from? Snow is light, fun, soft and can be brushed off. At least that was the case this morning, please alert me if things have changed. Rain, snow’s wet, heavy and uncomfortable cousin is a different story. Should the heavens be pouring down buckets of frigid water, hoist your umbrellas and hoist them high. Until then, use a hat for the snow. The umbrella question was the subject of an independent poll by Buzzfeed senior editor Michael Hayes. The results do not lie, 86 percent agree that it’s total bullshit.

–BY JOHN JANNUZZI - style editor for GQ