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Some things I love about Grace and Frankie. The show has it’s problems (overwhelming upper class whiteness comes to mind) but there are some things it just does really well.

- Robert and Sol aren’t excused for their affair, but aren’t made out to be the bad guys either. It’s so easy to demonise one side of a divorce, but this show doesn’t. It explores how both sides feel in a really touching way.

- How society treats older people, especially women. I know other shows have done this but I’ve never seen it done so well.

- The struggles of gay people who came out later in life. Robert and Sol honestly make me want to cry sometimes when I think about this.

- It’s also good to see coming out plots that aren’t teenagers or young people.

- They treat the older couples like cute, young romances, and it’s beautiful.

- Women’s sexuality is talked about openly. Obviously with the lube/vibrator plotlines but also with Brianna and the male prosititute, etc.

- Coyote isn’t demonised for being an addict. There are jokes about it but they’re never mean or cruel. The family coming together to support him as he reaches his landmarks is really nice. And the casual ways they try to help him, or when Bud says, “I sense a trigger”, it’s just so nice for addiction to be handled like the illness it is.

- Brianna not wanting to settle down and have kids isn’t necessarily seen as a bad thing. She’s not some ice queen. Yes she can be bitchy, but she’s also really caring and loving and has her own struggles that are explored.

- How Grace, Frankie, Robert and Sol all become parents to all the kids. Coyote calls Grace and Frankie his “moms”. The kids were already like siblings but they way they’re all a family is so beautiful. And especially in season 3 when Robert and Sol can spend time with their ex wives and it’s not weird… I just adore the dynamic.

- I just love this show okay.


fanfic appreciation: one year by @apirateslifeforme123

“one year, miss swann.”

“one year, what?” she asked suspiciously.

“i will let you and will stay on the pearl and live the pirate life for as long as you like, if you will agree to delay your marriage to will for one year.”

elizabeth’s lips parted, and she told herself it was with surprise, and not anticipation.

“why?” she asked, though she already knew the answer.

“you know why.”

“say it, or you’ll get nothing from me,” she snapped, more annoyed by her own interest than jack’s brazen demands.

jack pursed his lips, an infuriating smirk pulling at the corner of them. “as you like. i wish the chance to woo you, lizzy.” he neared closer once more, the click of his boot heels upon the decking beating in time to her thundering heart. 


Julia wrote, co-directed and produced this very useful video for models.com about calling your state representative and make your voice heard! 

Starring Grace Hartzel, Veronika Vilim, Diana Veras, Lili Sumner, Alice Metza and Lida Fox. 


hippo campus pictures as ads (thank u @ the bippo cambus gc for making me laugh at the idea of nathan as a model. and then this happened.)

featuring Levi’s (Go Forth campaign), Converse (Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign), Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

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Alice and Julia are the kind of Ravenclaws who get bored in class and pass each other notes about how they could improve upon the spell being taught.  They regularly pull all-nighters working on potions or spells way past their level.  They ace their tests, of course, but they’ve almost stopped caring about tests at this point.  They’re not in this for the grades, they’re in this for the knowledge.

AU | Imagine: She wearing his shirt | Tiva / Mote (whatever you want it to be)

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  Build me a city and call it Jerusalem. Build me another and call it 


                            We have come back from Jerusalem where we found not 

what we sought, so do it over, give me another version, 

             a different room, another hallway, the kitchen painted over 

and over, 

             another bowl of soup. 

The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. 

             Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time. 

—  Richard Siken, “Litany In Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out”

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Jarbie ambulance scenes or first kiss in the rain


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Talk to me about history!

What are you favorite historical figures/eras/etc? I love Hatshepsut, Zenobia, the Gracchi, and Julius Caesar, and my absolute favourite period to study is republican Rome. But I love anything with an interesting political system… They’re just so good. I am also OBSESSED with the archaeological site Çatalhöyük. And my man Otzi.