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Julia Lipnitskaya: “The page is turned, I have a new life and new plans”

Olympic champion in team competitions Julia Lipnitskaya after the official completion of the sports career gave the only interview to the site FFKKR, which summed up the dialogue with journalists on this topic. In an interview, the athlete debunked the myths that appeared about her in recent times, and she talked about further plans. 

Julia, how conscious was your decision to finish your sports career?

“This time it was my 100% decision. I devoted this not one and two or three months, that is, I thought for a long time, weighed all the pros and cons. When I left for the winter in the clinic to be treated and stayed there for a long time, believe me, I had enough time to think about everything. It was unrealistic to come to a decision to finish a sports career. Seriously, every day I fell asleep and woke up with one thought of what would happen. While lying in the clinic, we worked very hard with psychologists, there are strong psychologists, and they helped me to make life priorities that concerned health, for example. I had to seriously think about many questions, because I was sure that I would recover and return to figure skating. In this I was sure, and everyone was sure! Mom, coach, everything …

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Figure Skating Elements: Upright and Layback Spins

There are four main categories of spins in figure skating: upright spins, layback spins, camel spins, and sit spins. This post will cover upright and layback spins. Upright spins are defined as spins with at least one extended leg on the ice and the body in a more-or-less upright position. Laybacks are scored as a separate element from upright spins; they appear as LSp on protocols while general upright spins appear as USp.

There are many, many, many variations on spin positions in skating; in fact, coming up with interesting positions and combinations is one way to get higher levels on spins. (A common criticism of the judging system is that it encourages weird or ugly spin positions in the name of difficulty and gaining points.) It’s impossible to account for all of the variations out there, so I’ve only gifed some common positions and famous variations.

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Plushenko told the R-Sport agency that he was ready to give Lipnitskaya a job after she announced her retirement. “I called Yulia, but her phone is turned off. One of these days I will contact her and talk to her agent. I want to invite her to my show and I want her to skate in my team. As part of the show - “The Snow King” and “The Nutcracker”, I wanted to invite her to my anniversary. The life after the termination of career does not come to an end, it is necessary to train further, to go for a drive “. ❤

Thank you for believing in Sunny 🌞