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Magnus forgets.

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It’s a relatively early year in their long, long, long journey. It becomes hard for all of them to keep track of the exact year. Sardonically celebrating their “birthdays” gets old after a while - at least to Magnus. It always seemed to amuse Lup.

It’s on one of those cycles that Magnus returns to the ship, bouncing a club he’s made himself against his shoulder. It’s not a dangerous world. It’s a peaceful world, a utopia of scientific research… done entirely by tiny mice people. He just made the club because he was bored. Science wasn’t really his thing.

“Yo,” he says, to Lucretia, seated at the table. She’s surrounded by journals, pages and pages and pages. Stores of pens, used and unused, sit around her like an army of tiny sentries.

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Part One, Chapter Nine: Calman Geal

Huzzah! We have come to the end of the Prologue! Now for the good stuffs.
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April 16th, 1746; Craigh na Dun

I stood at the outer edge of the circle of stones and could go no further.

Now that I had seen what love, what life, was truly like, how could I go to a time without it?

I couldn’t.

Turning on my heel, I blindly walked straight into Jamie. He pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear, “I dinna ken how I’ll let ye go either, Claire, but ye have to.”

Bloody man. He could always read my mind.

“For the sake of the bairn.” His hand traveled to my hips, coming to rest just above my womb. “He will be all that’s left of me. Ye, and the child ye carry.”

And there it was. The single, solitary reason why I could not stay.

Why now? My mind screamed. Why, when I had longed for so many months and years to be with child, must it be clear now? Why couldn’t it have been even a few weeks ago, when we might have had time to get away?

The logical and rational portion of my brain reminded me that even if I had, even if we had known of the child months ago, Jamie would not have left. He was destined for Culloden Moor, to stand with his men, to fall with the fate of Scotland.

Death didn’t frighten me.

I had watched too many people die to fear it. While, it was true, not all the deaths I had witnessed had been of the peaceful sort, I feared living without the people I loved far more than the end of my life.

Neither my husband nor my daughter would live to see the sunset. I couldn’t save either of them. I had tried. God, I had tried.

But I had failed. I couldn’t stop the rising tide of Scottish independence, the ebbing flow of Julia’s life. And so, here I stood: neck deep in waters I could never hope to swim in without something to grab hold of. About to return into the life I had left behind, the life I no longer wanted.

A life without either of them.

“Sassenach,” Jamie’s voice interrupted my thoughts, his hands echoing the desires of my heart.


Nestled in my arisaid as well as Jamie’s plaid, Julia was well protected from the wind and damp ground in her place beneath a nearby tree. Jamie stooped and gathered her into his arms, burrowing his face into the folds of wool beside hers. He rocked slowly back and forth as he spoke to her in Gaelic.

All the breath left my lungs as I caught some of what he was saying.

“Tha gaol agam ort, mo beag calman geal.”

I love you, my little white dove.

“I will be with her soon,” he swallowed hard as he placed her into my arms, “to watch over ye and the bairn.”

He made no attempt to stem his tears, only to be sure I understood his words.

“Name him after my father, aye?”

“I promise.” My voice sounded strange. Distant, almost detached.

The roar of the stones was growing louder by the second, shaking me to my very core. I knew Jamie was moving us slowly towards the center stone. My back was to it and I tried not to think of how close we were, how many more steps it would be.

I looked down at Julia. She lay motionless in my arms, save for a minuscule rise and fall of the blankets with her every breath. A sudden thought shattered what little semblance of self-possession I had left.

What if she couldn’t go thru with me?

“Promise me, Jamie.” I pushed at him, moving away from the stone. “Promise me you’ll stay with her. That you’ll lay her to rest somewhere safe. Promise me!”

Jamie’s eyes grew wide with shock, not at the suggestion he’d do anything but honor our daughter until the last, but with the idea that she might not be able to leave with me.

“She’ll go wi’ ye, Claire.” His voice was unwavering, sure of this as the only possible outcome.

“But what if she can’t,” I sobbed and pulled my daughter closer. “What if she can’t hear them like you, Jamie? Promise me!”

He straightened slightly, taking my face in his hands. “Then, aye, I promise ye, Claire. If she stays, she will be at rest beside my parents.”

“They’ll take care of her, won’t they? Your parents and mine.”

“Tha’ they will.” Jamie smiled wryly down at Julia, “It may take St Michael himself to keep her from turnin’ the place upside-down, though, aye?”

I gently placed a kiss atop of her head, another on each cheek, and the tip of her nose.  

Pressing my forehead to hers, I said goodbye to my daughter.


I woke face down in the grass, arms empty.

Scrambling to my feet, I desperately searched the base of every stone.

She was gone. I was alone.


Pretty Woman Trivia

-Edward (Richard Gere) snapping the necklace case down on Vivian’s (Julia Roberts) fingers, was improvised by Gere, and Roberts’s reaction (laughter) was totally natural. The filmmakers liked it so much, they decided to leave it in. 

-During the lovemaking scene, Julia Roberts got so nervous a visible vein popped out of her forehead. Director Garry Marshall got into bed with Julia and Richard Gere. Marshall and Gere massaged her forehead until the vein disappeared. Julia also broke into hives and was given calamine lotion until they were finally able to shoot the scene. 

-While shooting the scene where Vivian (Julia Roberts) is laying down on the floor of Edward’s penthouse watching old I Love Lucy (1951) re-runs, in order to achieve a genuine laughter Director Garry Marshall had to tickle Roberts’ feet (out of camera range) to get her to laugh so hysterically. 

-During the scene where Julia Roberts sings along to Prince in the bath tub sliding down and dunking her head under the bubbles, Julia came up and opened her eyes and saw that everyone had left even the cameraman (who got the shot). 

-Julia Roberts was far from the first choice for the role of Vivian. It was offered previously to many successful A-list actresses including “brat pack” member Molly Ringwald (who starred in Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986)). Ringwald turned it down because she felt uncomfortable with the content in the script, and did not like the idea of playing a prostitute. She has since stated in several interviews that she regrets turning the role down. 

-Richard Gere and Julia Roberts had obvious chemistry upon their first meeting. However, Richard was not planning on taking the role. He was on the phone ready to turn down the part when Julia she slid him a post-it note with the words “please say yes” written on it. Richard accepted the role right then. 

-Julia Roberts’s head was superimposed on Shelley Michelle’s body for the poster. Richard Gere’s hair is brown on the poster, but graying in the movie. 

-Vivian states that she was originally from Georgia and she has a mild Southern accent (notably in her “well, colour me happy!” line the first time she is in the elevator). Julia Roberts is originally from Smyrna, Georgia. The director was not entirely sure that her accent could be successfully hidden and the line about Vivian’s hometown was added to explain any slips. 

-Disney didn’t want Julia Roberts for the role of Vivian, instead they wanted Meg Ryan. Other actresses who were considered for the role of Vivian before Julia Roberts got the part were: Kim Basinger, Kathleen Turner, Debra Winger, Geena Davis, Carrie Fisher, Bo Derek, Kelly McGillis, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Thompson, Rosanna Arquette, Heather Locklear, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Cusack, Phoebe Cates, Elisabeth Shue, Tatum O'Neal, Bridget Fonda, Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane and Justine Bateman

-The bathtub in the scene where Vivian is singing had a lot of detergent in it to make a lot of thick bubbles. The detergent was so strong that it rinsed the red dye out of Julia Roberts’ hair. She had to have her hair re-dyed late that night. 

-Valeria Golino was originally offered the role of Vivian but turned it down. She was the finalist along with Julia Roberts.

-Steven Soderbergh directed both Julia Roberts and Laura San Giacomo in different films: Giacomo in Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989) and Roberts in Erin Brockovich (2000) and the “Ocean’s” trilogy. 

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Hello wonderful Gotham and imagine team! Can we have a moment about Jamie and Julia's bonding in Modern Glasgow AU? A wee moment when Julia having a nightmare and Jamie soothing her or a museum trip together? 😊

Modern Glasgow AU

Julia tugged on Jamie’s hand, the heels of her wee boots squeaking against the polished marble floor of the gallery.

“Come *on,* Da!” she exclaimed, breathless with excitement. “We have so much to see!”

Jamie gently brought Julia to a halt as he squinted at the museum map clutched in his free hand. “Wait a bit, *mo nighean oír,*” he mumbled, stepping toward a case displaying some rather uninspiring Roman stone carvings that had been found in the River Ness. “Ye’re not the only person who has things to see today.”

As if on cue, twelve-year-old William coughed and shoved his own museum map up toward his father’s face. “When will we see the dinosaurs, Da? Ye ken I dinna care much for this archaeology stuff.”

“Weel, it’s verra important to yer wee sister, ken? So we’ll tour the archaeology galleries first and then we can make our way toward the natural history galleries.” Julia sighed theatrically at his hip, and he tore his eyes away from the map to glare down at his youngest – whose lip was thrust out in an exaggerated frown.

“Ye’ll have to be patient, Julia. All right?”

She heaved a tiny huff, but nodded. “Aye. Can we go now, please? We still need to see the chessmen and the golden treasures and – ”

“Do ye ken how to get there, then? Can ye lead the way?”

Julia beamed – irritation at her father and brother forgotten. She strode purposefully forward, tugging once more on Jamie’s hand, twin blonde braids bobbing on her wee shoulders. “Come on! This way!”

Jamie shook his head but let his daughter lead – making sure that his scowling son also followed.

The Frasers had jumped at the opportunity to visit Edinburgh while Claire presented at a medical conference. It was a rare treat to spend a few days in a big city, especially since they hadn’t spent much time in any city since moving permanently to Lallybroch when Julia was a baby. Claire had presented on the Thursday and Friday, and the six Frasers (missing Fergus, who was away at university, but kept in constant contact through text and video chat) had had a lot of fun touring the city sights.

They had left the National Museum of Scotland for Saturday – and knowing that they’d likely spend most of a day there, Jamie had taken William and Julia to the archaeology and natural history wings while Claire had taken Faith and Brianna to the World Cultures galleries.

Brianna had been helping Julia research the museum, and the youngest Fraser had had a hard time getting to bed the previous night. Her excited babble about Roman hoards and Pictish ruins had elicited many groans of irritation from her older siblings – but prideful smiles from her parents.

Jamie, Julia, and William turned a corner and stepped into a small, dimly lit gallery. Quickly the children stepped toward the display case, Jamie hoisting Julia up on his hip so that she could get a better look.

“Is that – ” William swallowed – half eager, half terrified.

“Aye, it’s a bog body.” Jamie squinted at the tag beside the case. “Gunnister Man. Found in the Shetlands.”

Julia clutched to her father’s side, trembling a bit. “Is that a real person, Da?”

“Aye, *a nighean.* It is.”

“Then why is he in the museum?”

“Weel – it’s like the ancient Egyptian mummies, ken? He was found by a farmer in the 1950s, and they decided to put him here in the museum. The scientists were able to study his body and his clothes and then learn all about the people of his time.”

“But his skin looks so dark! How did it get to be like that?” William pressed one awed hand against the glass.

“It’s because he was buried in a peat bog. The chemicals in the bog affected his skin.”

“And it also made sure that he was preserved,” Julia murmured, still half-frightened, from safe in Jamie’s arms. “Murtagh and I read about it once.”

William stepped back a bit to stand right next to his Da and sister. “Do ye think he ever imagined he’d end up in a museum, Da?”

“I’d imagine not,” Jamie sighed, Julia turned her face into his neck – clearly she was ready to move on.

“Come on, you wee fiends,” he smiled at his two youngest children, quickly stepping into the next, brighter gallery full of half-decayed baskets and textiles dating back about fifteen centuries. “Let’s find the funny chessmen, aye? And then we can find William’s T-Rex!”

Jamie reached over Claire to turn off the bedside lamp, and couldn’t resist kissing her forehead as he did so.

As the room plunged into darkness she scooted closer to him on their shared pillow, hooked one leg around his hip, and drew closer for a proper kiss.

It went on for a long while. Christ, he had *missed* her today – even though they’d very quietly shared each other in the dark predawn while their bairns were still abed. Seventeen years married – and she still made him feel like he was twenty-two.

“Do you think John will mind us making love in his bed?” she murmured in between kisses. Lord John Grey – Jamie’s former client from his publishing days, and now a close family friend – had graciously let them use his spacious Edinburgh flat during their visit. Through his family, the man had a house or flat in practically all major UK cities. They hadn’t seen him on this visit, as he was on vacation somewhere in Africa with his partner Hector – but they had arrived to a nice bottle of wine waiting on the kitchen countertop, and a new plush toy for each child waiting on their beds. Even fourteen-year-old Faith had smiled, clearly not yet too old for a new lovie.

Jamie kissed his wife’s smile. “It’s a bit too late for that – ye should have asked me last night. Or this morning.” He seized her mouth then, and gently wormed his hand down the front of her sleep pants.

“What have we here, Dr. Fraser?” he murmured in surprise, a few moments later. “It’s a bit smoother than I remember this morning – ”

Claire’s reply was cut off with the sound of tiny feet pounding down the carpeted hallway before the bedroom door flung open.

Jamie and Claire sat bolt upright – Jamie automatically reaching across Claire’s body to shield her.

Then a small blonde blur, clutching her stuffed Scottie dog, landed on their knees, sniffing loudly.

“Julia?” Jamie croaked, heart pounding as adrenaline flooded through his limbs. “What’s wrong?”

She scooted up his legs and crashed into his warm chest, clutching to his sides like a small monkey, burying her face in his sleep shirt. Safe.

Claire lay a gentle hand on her daughter’s heaving back. “Tell Mama and Da, love. What’s wrong?”

Julia gulped. “I had – a nightmare, Da.”

Jamie gently wrapped his arms around his youngest, precious daughter. “It’s all right. It was just a dream, *a nighean.*”

Still she shook with terror in his arms. He felt Claire look at him, gently prompting him to ask her more.

“Can ye tell me about it?”

Julia drew in a deep breath. “I dreamed the bog man took me away from you and Mama.”

Claire sighed – she’d known as soon as Jamie told her what he had taken Julia and William to see at the museum that the bog body would have had a deep effect on them. But definitely not this much.

“And ye ken that it’s only a dream, aye? Because ye ken that I’ll never, *ever,* let anything take ye away from us?”

Jamie hoisted up Julia so that her head curled into his neck. He ran one big hand up and down her back, soothing her. Feeling her breath even out.

“Aye,” she said softly. “I kent it was a dream – but it was so real!”

“That’s what happens sometimes,” Claire said softly, kissing Julia’s warm brow. “But when we have bad dreams, we also know that we’re dreaming. So it makes it easier for us to wake up.”

Julia nodded against Jamie’s shoulder. “Aye, Mama. But then I woke up and I didna remember where I was, so I wanted to sleep with ye and Da.”

Jamie gently lay Julia between himself and Claire, bringing the sheets up to Julia’s chin. “Rest now, *mo chridhe.* No one will harm ye. I’m here. Yer Mam’s here.”

Julia clutched her wee dog closer to her chest and settled onto her side. “I love you,” she whispered.

Claire settled on her side, one arm draped over Julia’s chest – and her fingers tangling with Jamie’s.

“Oh, Julia. You have no idea how much we love you.”

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"Love! I got your craving snacks!"

Julia was laying on the couch when she heard Nat’s voice. She opened her eyes and saw him standing there with all that she had asked for. “You are incredible…!” she beamed as she tried to sit up.

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"Happy Valentine's Day," Nat said as he walked into the bedroom with heart shaped red velvet pancakes. "I made breakfast."

Julia smiled as she lay in bed with her hand on her belly. Seeing Nat come in; Julia beamed, “Aww baby…thank you!”

At Three AM I  Miss The Little Things

can you do another Tyler Joseph imagine? where he comes home from tour and him and y/n (my name is Julia) are laying in bed after waking up and there are snuggles and he tells her everything he loves about her? like all the little things?

I do not own or claim to own the pictures, anyone or anything mentioned, I only edited them together.

Not gonna lie for some reason I really dont like the way I wrote this one? Please if youd like me to redo it let me know!!! As well I left out the name Im sorry! I felt like I wanted it to be useable to everyone, maybe Il do personal ones as giveaways?

I was shocked awake by the feeling of something moving on my arm. I flinched and went to brush off what I thought was a bug when I saw it was a hand running up and down my arm.

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Nat sat next to her as they waited in the hospital, her in a bed. He never thought he'd be here, considering she just wanted to meet her again last night.

Julia lay in the hospital bed, moving her hands around her belly.  She was scared and just wanted to know what was wrong.  She felt bad that Nat had to go through this with her since he just came over to talk to her.  She knew that was probably going to end up on bedrest with what is going on and in her head was trying to figure out how to take care of everything. Julia looked at Nat and reached for his hand.

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Nat gently rubbed her belly, trying to calm her down. She'd been worried about the babies, because they were overdue

Julia lay in bed; crying.  She was tired and now a week past her due date.  She felt Nat rubbing her belly as she cried and she shook her head, “I…I’m scared…I don’t under…understand.” she cried.  She had always had the babies early; these were late.  She looked up at Nat, “I don’t know how to handle this…” she cried.