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The J's are really desperate today. Briana posted a pic of F and is using him to promo kids brands. And Tammi posted a throwback pic of B and Eli the chimp and used the hashtags #pregnancy#glow. Then posted another video of Austin and Freddie at the park yesterday (seriously is the park the new Calabasas Commons? They're there every two days!!) And said "my son and my grandson at the park yesterday" ALL IN THE SPAN OF 50 MINUTES!!!....damn their asses are itching!

lol looks like it. also are they really gonna continue to pretend they knew briana was pregnant TWO WEEKS IN? without actively trying to get pregnant? because.. you know.. the implications of knowing two weeks in are not good here lol. but what do we expect from this idiot family..


◆ Aesthetic /// Anthony, Benedict and Colin Bridgerton  

Anthony, Benedict, and Colin were still standing in the foyer.
Anthony was studying the ceiling, Benedict was pretending to inspect his fingernails, and Colin was staring quite shamelessly.

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i'm officially hooked!!! so great can we get a sneak peek of the next part???

“Hey Percy!” the brunette teenager at the register chirped. Annabeth arched an eyebrow; she’d started to think no one in New Rome used his first name. “Same as usual?”

“You got it, Julia,” he replied as the girl started to scribble his order on a cup. His hand settled on Annabeth’s lower back. “I’m paying for hers, too.”

Julia looked up from her cup in surprise and Annabeth scowled at him. “No, he’s not. I’m paying for my own.”

“Annabeth, I said I would — ”

“Sweet Vulcan, you’re her!” Julia exclaimed, dropping the cup in shock. “You’re the daughter of Athena!”

Julia’s voice wasn’t that loud, but her voice carried across the cafe and heads swiveled toward the register. Annabeth’s cheeks warmed in embarrassment.

“Yes,” she said warily. “That would be me.”

“You were amazing,” Julia gushed, a flush of her own rising to her cheeks. “I’ve never seen anyone fight like that, even Reyna, and she’s the best. The way you got him in the chokehold, you were so close — ”

Percy cleared his throat pointedly and Julia jumped. “Sorry, sorry - it’s just - wow!”

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Please tell me some of your tommy/gibson headcanons im falling for them

oh julia. you’ve opened up a can of worms. i’m tagging these two idiots because honestly, these are all their fault @zanesgarrett @henricavill
okay here we go (this is basically au where ‘gibson’ didn’t die obv) - also some of these hcs are theirs but i’ve basically adopted it as my own too 

  • tommy and gibson gets separated after the war
    • tommy has to go back to england and gibson has responsibilities in france
    • but they continued writing letters to one another - tommy in english and broken french and ‘gibson’ in french and broken english. 
      • because they don’t really understand each other’s language, they often miss the gravity of what was said on paper. 
      • the words ‘gibson’ writes in french is poetic and full of hidden meanings - whilst tommy’s are more straight forward but he does not dare put his real feelings on paper.
  • tommy unfortunately gets recalled into the army. he really doesn’t want to go, and he tried, oh how he tried to get away but he ends up on another beach in france - this time in normandy 
    • tommy was in london - after a nasty injury that ended his time in the war and left him hard of hearing in his left ear - when the news came that they’ve won
    • the first thing he did was write to gibson telling him that he’s coming to visit
  • gibson isn’t the best cook. tommy on the other hand, had been learning from his mother from when he was younger
    • on days where gibson isn’t feeling up to anything or if he is sick, tommy makes them soup that tastes exactly like how gibson remembers his mother used to make
  • they rent a house together in paris and adopted both a cat and a dog 
    • tommy wants a dog but gibson is more of a cat person - so why not both? 
  • some nights are hard for both of them - esp for tommy 
    • he always has to sleep on the right so that his good ear is nearer to the door, that way he can hear better when the door is opened 
    • cold and rainy nights are esp hard for tommy - sometimes there isn’t much for gibson to do except be there for him 
courtesy of @zanesgarrett
  • Both of them have a fear of water and like being submerged after everything they went through and, of course, it’s goes unspoken but they both know and 
    • one night in they’re little flat Gibson decides to try and take a bath just because he used to love them before and as a kid, 
    • so he ’s there and the tub is full in front of him and he can see the bottom of the bath but it’s still so hard to even step over the lip 
      • and then Tommy is there with a hand on his shoulder and that’s all it takes for Gibson to feel safer and they end up getting in together 
      • and although it takes almost ten minutes of them both just standing there in the water, they finally settle in- 
        • Gibson with his back against Tommy chest and the contact just makes them both feel so safe and stronger together  
      • and they just lay there with the window open listening to Paris at night outside without saying a word to each other but they both know they’re stronger, better, safer in each others arms
Deleted Scene

This scene wound up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. I ended up going a different route with how they meet but loved this enough to share it with you. ;)

August 2010; Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Nurse Katie Campbell

“Do you want your PB&J, sweetie?” I asked Julia, my head in the cooler. The sun was hot against my back and I tried to remember the last time I put sunscreen on her. She burned so easily that I should probably just do it again while I thought of it. I had hauled her out of the water for lunch just a moment before, and mentally braced myself for daunting task of drying her off and coating her in sunscreen.

Julia hadn’t responded in any way to my question and I turned to see what she was up to. No longer beside me, I caught a flash of her red hair and blue swimsuit just as a wave knocked her over. I shouted her name as I sprinted towards the water.

A tall, muscular man got to her before I did and pulled her up out of the sea. He set her upright on her feet, kneeling in front of her to make sure she was ok. Julia let out a high pitched shriek, ending in a definite “Mum!”

I reached her moments after and she threw her arms about my waist, nearly knocking me over. The man steadied me with a hand to my shoulder. His grip was strong and warm, oddly reassuring.

“Thank you!” I gushed as I held Julia tight.

“No trouble,” His voice came from somewhere above me, deep and rich. “I think it just scared her, she wasn’t under very long.”

Straightening up to thank the stranger, I found myself a good deal shorter than him and face to face with an amazing set of pectorals. He was wet from the sea, the water droplets only enhancing his overall look of finely chiseled athleticism. I tipped my head back to see his face and was met with a warm, concerned gaze.

Damn, he had beautiful eyes too.

“Ah,” I stammered like an idiot, “yes, I think you’re right.”

Julia coughed and I tried to shake myself from the trance the man had seemed to put me in. With effort, I focused on my daughter. She, too, was taking in her rescuer with wide eyes.

“Are you Prince Charming?” She asked, her clear soprano voice coming out a little husky from the salt water.

Out of the mouth of babes.

I hoisted her into my arms before she could say anything else, hoping he’d make the connection with the huge image of Cinderella on the front of her swimsuit and not be offended. Julia was completely enamored with the world of Disney Princesses and had the entire Cinderella movie memorized.

He laughed, his teeth brilliant white and even.

Prince Charming, indeed.

A boy about eleven or twelve came up beside him. He had the same brown eyes as Prince Charming, but his hair was shaggier than the Prince’s close cut. “No, but this guy calls me Dad. I’m Luke, by the way, and this is my son Max.”

My heart sank as I realized he might be married, then soared when I noticed he wasn’t wearing a ring.

“I’m Julia,” she informed the pair with a smile. “It’s my birthday today. You can come to dinner since you’re my knight in shining armor now.

“I’m sure they have plans for the evening, darling,” I quickly tried to downplay her invitation, not that I would have minded having Prince Charming over for dinner. Then, realizing I hadn’t given him my name, I added rather lamely, “I’m Katie.”

He gave Julia a kind smile and a flock of butterflies broke loose in my stomach. “Max and I would love to come, maybe not tonight since it’s your birthday, but sometime before you leave would be fun.”

“How about tomorrow?” She asked in complete seriousness.

Luke looked to me, questioning the validity of Julia’s invitation. “We’re grilling tomorrow night, you’re welcome to join us if you’d like,” I assured him. “Or a different evening works too, if that’s better for your schedule.

“We’d be honored,” Prince Charming winked at Julia and she giggled. “As for schedules, we don’t really have any. We’re here until the end of the month.”

Two weeks. That’s plenty of time to run into him again, right?

She squirmed to get down and I obliged. The instant her feet hit the sand, she had Max by the hand and was pulling him towards her sandcastle.

“Why don’t I give you my number and you can let me know when works well for you.”

I can’t believe my five year old just landed me a date with the hottest man on the beach.


Peggy likes to remind the world that she’s a raging lesbian. It leads to some interesting mornings on Twitter.
ie Alex is weird, Laf looks for any excuse to see his husband naked, Eliza is embarrassed to know AHam, let alone have dated him, and Ames is just done with all their shit

Somewhere in Neverland

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Part 17 - Concern

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,156
Warnings: language, mentions of relapse, i think thats it
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: BAZINGA! I know I said I wasn’t going to post anything until Tuesday but I managed to get out of doing my family’s hair today and sat down at my computer to do some stuff and this happened so here you all go! SURPRISE UPDATE! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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