julia harrow


Just everything about this scene: Emma with her baby, Hubert, Tommy, Julia, and Paul on the porch.  

The way Richard looks at Julia as she walks towards him. 

The way Julia looks to her father as she steps off the porch, and Paul nods at her to go to Richard. 

The smile on Julia’s face as she walks toward Richard. 

And then we see Richard’s face, whole and unmarred, filled with love for his wife and family.

The last time Richard dreamed and saw himself unscarred, he dreamt of Odette. We later learned that he filled a scrapbook with dreams of a family he never thought he would or could have. It is notable that the next time Richard allows himself to dream, he sees his family. His dream came true, however brief it was. He kept his promise to Jimmy to come home, and Jimmy’s prediction of Richard settling down with a wife and a kid came true.  

This was probably the happiest of endings a man who has killed 60+ people could ever get. I’m devastated that Richard is gone, but I’m grateful he was given a beautiful ending.


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