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Consider: Magnus is crying because Taako got Kravitz to get The Raven Queen to permit Julia back to the mortal realm for a while- so Magnus could be with his wife for one of his best friend's weddings. Julia's crying too.

I love this can it be canon please???

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First, I'd like to say a big thank you for the amazing work that you do! Almost all the fics that I've read on this ship came from here, so thanks for the effort of doing all of this! Second, could you recommend me your personal favorite A/B/O fic? I have the impression I've read them all. Thanks again!!

my time has come

take my hand (and my whole life too) by portraitofemmy, rainbow_marbles

First and foremost this is a story about love. It’s about two people who, for different reasons of their own, have become comfortable with the idea of being alone. But when chance or fate (or the will of a stubborn little Alpha unwilling to let injustice stand) puts them in each other’s path, the courage to try to make a good thing work is easy to find.

This is a story about love. It’s story about partnership. It’s a story about the work you have to do, and how very worthwhile loving and being loved can be.

Betrothed Before Birth by cleo4u2, xantissa

To say Steve was anxious on his wedding night didn’t quite paint the right picture. It didn’t explain the overwhelming pressure to be a dutiful son, a dutiful Prince. The overwhelming responsibility to be a good match, to bring prosperity and safety to his lands. They’d promised him to Prince James if he was an Omega, as the Princeling was an Alpha. There was another deal with another family if he was an Alpha, but… here they were. This union, this chance of providing military power to their small country was a unique chance, and Steve wasn’t going to fuck it up.

It’s Just the Nearness of You by fiasco_sauce

Feral alpha Bucky catches up on gentle skin contact, courtesy of omega Steve. Hurt/comfort with a lot of cuddling and soft things.

Season of all things by Claudia_flies

Steve really isn’t sure about sharing with an Alpha but he is starting to run out of options. There are only six Omega boarding houses in the city and Steve has been kicked out of four of them.

Or: A small town a/o/b AU that nobody asked for.

It’s Gettin Hot In Herre by 74days

Bucky Barnes is so over being hit on my every single Alpha in New York City, so when a friend gives him a number for CAP he jumps at the chance to get a fake Alpha boyfriend - and Steve Rogers might not be what he was expecting but he sure does the job - but one persistent Alpha doesn’t seem to care… 

EDIT: Someone wrote in to recommend:

how it goes by radialarch

People assume. They’re not always right.

call out post to those people who you show your art to cause you trust them and the first thing they say is “ why is the ______ this way” like?? do you get some weird power trip by bringing the artist down and having them face their mistakes so harshly, i dont get it, its not even constructive at this point its just rude

Spider Women?

An idea struck me today. Okay, this wouldn’t necessarily be feasible right now since we have three female led Spider books on the shelves right now but given the up and down long term success of distaff Spider characters with Marvel…what if we Voltron them together.

What if we basically do the Marvel equivalent of the early Birds of Prey series with Spider ladies?

We take Jessica Drew as Spider Woman, Julia Carpenter as Arachne, Cindy Moon as Silk, Anya Corazon as Arana and Mattie Franklin as…er…well we’ll think of a cool identity for her later.

And Cassandra Webb as Madame Web as their version of Oracle/Zordon who’d send them out on missions and help co-ordinate them around and stuff, actually making her, you know…relevant to something which is rarely the case.

The advantage of this approach is that all the characters have fandoms of some degree and hopefully they’d kind of merge together into this book, and from that these characters, most of whom have struggled to maintain long term success, would help prop one another up.

They also offer some potentially unique dynamics. Jess is the most experienced by far so it’d make sense she act as leader.

Julia is notably a single mother so she could kind of be a part time member/the parent of the team. This would be really appropriate given how Cindy, Mattie and Anya are either people lacking parents, are young enough to where they’d need a parental influence.

Cindy would be the kind of Captain America in so far as being time displaced, but she’d also be the inexperienced one who’s learning the ropes.

It’d be something she’d share with Anya but annoyingly Anya despite being younger is actually much more experienced than her at, potentially leading to a bit of a sibling relationship/rivalry.

Mattie meanwhile could be like a dark reflection of Anya and Cindy. Like Cindy she has a fondness for Spider-Man and like both Cindy and Anya she’s had some kind of mentor relationship with Jessica. She is also a young hero, actually in between Cindy and Anya’s ages and she began as a wide eyed often happy-go-lucky Spider superheroine with a fair amount of fangirl tendencies too. But Mattie has canonically experienced some seriously dark shit in her time, and gone through stuff no one her age really should have. I guess you could kind of draw comparisons to her and Jason Todd or Cassandra Caine. So she’s kind of what Anya or Cindy could’ve been if they went through really, really, really bad stuff. So she’d be someone trying to regain her bright optimism despite the cynicism she’s developed due to her experiences.

Which would actually be part of how I’d start off the book. Mattie and Cassandra are dead due to the events of Grim Hunt in 2010 and Julia is Madame Web. We should fix that.

In the late 1990s and in Spider-Girl (the Mayday Parker one) there was a villainous crime lord called the Black Tarantula. His backstory was kind of vague and mysterious though his base of operations was in Argentina and he had ties with Japanese criminals including an offshoot of the ninja clan, the Hand. In fact these ninjas were responsible for resurrecting Doc Ock after Kaine killed him in the Clone Saga; they used a similar method to what the Hand could do in Frank Miller’s Daredevil run.

Black Tarantula’s backstory in the MC2 universe was tied in a bit with the Ezekiel Spider-Totem stuff, which itself was tied into Anya who is also of Spanish decent like the Black Tarantula was hinted as being.

My idea is that Black Tarantula and his ninja friends want to do something with the same Spider-Totem forces which made Anya a Hunter and to do that they need to resurrect Madame Web and Mattie Franklin. Upon resurrecting Cassandra, the Madame Web powers of foresight and telepathy and stuff pass back to her from Julia Carpenter, who also gets her old powers back.

This would be enough to get Julia to ask for Jessica Drew’s help as when she lost her powers she got a vision of Mattie Franklin and Cassandra. Remember Mattie was Jessica’s protégé for a little while and Jessica and Cassandra also interacted a lot during that time. Jessica Drew has to my knowledge given zero shits about Mattie’s death since it happened so this could both address that and give her adequate motivation to try and help Mattie.

Problem is they’ve got no way of finding Mattie but they know Madame Web’s powers have something to do with the mystical cosmic web spider-totem mumbo jumbo. So they contact Silk and Anya whom both have strong connections with that stuff. With their help they are able to locate Cassandra and Mattie, rescue them and thwart Black Tarantula’s plans for now.

Not knowing what precisely Black Tarantula had planned with Mattie or Cassandra, but knowing it had something to do with the cosmic web somethingsomething, Mattie, Cassandra, Julia, Cindy and Anya opt to work together to stop him. Jessica feeling responsibility for most of them decides she’ll stick around too since she knows what she’s doing better than any of them.

And that’s our team.

From there you could do all sorts of stuff with them fighting Black Tarantula, tying him in more directly to Anya, bringing in Jessica’s HYDRA history, having them confront the evil Spider Woman Doc Ock created (who was also Madame Web’s granddaughter), having them fight Madame Web’s old nemesis the Juggernaut, having Mattie confront Phil Urich who like her has gone through some bad stuff.

P.S. Now that I think about it there is another connection between Cindy and Mattie. Jameson looked after Mattie and he’s now Cindy’s boss. Maybe Mattie could work with Cindy at the FACT channel.

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Kaiba's very much like a role model to me. I too one day wish to be adopted into a wealthy family, stop loving my little brother, take over that company angrily, and develop a rivalry with a short highschooler. It would be a dream come true.

Live hard, live your dream, bro.

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Well usually those people with university probably have jobs and are able to support themseves more or less They do not rely on the financial support of living with their grandparents.

Alright, you want to know what makes an adult? Experience, wisdom, and maturity. Those come with age, so of course age is a factor. Now, I’m 20 years old. That’s not very old, I’m sure you’ll agree. But I’ve got my fair share of experience, and no one can ever tell me I’m immature and have me believe them.

I practically raised my two youngest sisters, I’ve always taken my future very seriously, and I didn’t come to Finland on a fucking whim to get away from any kind of responsibility. My family in Canada is struggling to make ends meet. There is no way I would have gone to university there and NOT been drowning in debt. So I came here, to my native country, where I have a chance at free education.

Now, I was smart. I thought, my Finnish isn’t very good. It’d be pointless to apply to university right away. I wouldn’t understand half of what was being said, and the whole thing would be a waste. So I decided, I’ll take classes in university, get to know the country and its systems, THEN I’ll apply to university.

Only whoa, it didn’t exactly work out. Because guess what? Mental illnesses don’t fucking care what plans you’ve made and what you want in life. They just happen.

I was in a psychiatric hospital for a month and a half. Once I got out, it was pointless to go back to school. School is over here in Finland at the end of May, you see. What was I in the hospital for? Crippling anxiety and depression. Now I’m out, but on what’s called “sairausloma”, meaning sick leave. It’s been extended until August, and might even be extended past that if I cannot handle work or school even at that point.

Benefits of living in Finland - they take care of their own. ;)

So, after all of this, if you still think I’m relying on the financial support of my grandparents just for fun and fucking games, think again. And maybe don’t send a rude anonymous message to a person before you understand what’s going on in their life and what they have gone through.

Furthermore, being able to support yourself financially has little to do with adulthood, in my humble opinion. Any fool can get a job and find a cheap apartment. One of my ex boyfriends had a stoner mother who worked at a Dollar Store. She financed herself, and her daughter, just barely. She is one of the most immature women I have ever met in my life and I feel sorry for her children.

And hey, if you want to know why I made that post about treating me as a child, feel free to ask. It’s a fun one, I’m sure you’ll love it. :)