julia ellsworth ford

Snickerty Nick, by Julia Ellsworth Ford.
Rhymes by Witter Bynner.
Illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
New York,
Moffat, Yard & Co.

“Dance of Winter and Gnomes”

[As they dance]

We’ll make you say, Ooh ! and we’ll make you
say, Ow !
But it’s cold, cold, cold !
We’ve a wonderful game for those that know
how -
You don’t, for you’ve never been told,
We plant little icicles neatly in rows,
So small you can’t see them, then each of us goes
And picks one and tickles the end of your nose,
Another one prickles the tips of your toes
And you run saying, Ooh ! and you run saying
Ow !
But it’s cold, cold, cold !