julia and her cats

BULLYING CELEBRITIES (The Case of Yeng Constantino)

Very recently, Yeng Constantino got attacked on her Instagram page for showing so much care for a pet she dearly loves, Julia the kitten.

Those who follow her would know that she is a cat person.  But, only recently did she really get a cat to personally take care of.  

Yeng treats it like how a Mom would treat her own kid.  (Yes, she even video chats with it.)

Why am I even spending time to do this?  To answer the attacks being thrown at her because:

1)  She is a FRIEND, a true one.  She helped me when I was battling CANCER in more ways than one. 

2)  She may not be perfect but she is a GOOD PERSON with a BEAUTIFUL HEART.  She AGREED to work on a project to help an 8-YEAR OLD BOY fighting a RARE BONE MARROW DISEASE for FREE.  She doesn’t even know the boy.

3)  She is an EXAMPLE of how it is to be a PET OWNER.  While some would only go as far as buying them and have someone else do the rest, she personally makes time for her own.

I’ve known Yeng, since Pinoy Dream Academy.  Her looks and style might have changed a lot, but her head, heart and soul have remained grounded and humble.

I might be older than her, but I am not even a bit embarrassed to say that I look up to her.  I continue to learn from her - from the way she moves on-stage to how she keeps herself passionate and make sure she’s excellent with her craft; the way she helped and took care of her family at a very young age; the way she treats her fans; and the way she’s grown with God.

And to reiterate, no, she is not perfect.  But she finds ways everyday to be a better person.

This blog doesn’t just go out to Yeng, but for all the celebrities out there.  At times, we fans are quick to judge without really knowing the person inside because all we see are the things showbiz reveal about them.  

And let me end with this, before you say anything bad about anyone, showbiz or not, THINK. If that’s not enough, look for the word, “RESPECT” in the dictionary.  Maybe that would help.

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