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You know how sometimes you have dreams and they seem really, unbelievably real? Not in that way of dream logic, where it suddenly makes sense that you’re back in school and your mom is your math teacher, but, like… dreams where you move back to someplace you used to live, dreams where someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time gets back in touch, dreams where you finally go on that vacation you’ve been planning. Dreams where you wake up and it takes you more time than you’d like to admit to readjust to reality, dreams where for days afterward you have to remind yourself that none of it really happened.

How often do you think Steve Rogers has dreams where a Stark builds a time machine? And he gets to go back home in the way that heroes always get to go back home at the end of a storyline, like this is the story where Captain America sees the grim future and then has to fix it in his own time. How often do you think he dreams about going home and fixing everything, how often do you think he wakes up and takes too long to realize where he is?

today marks five years married to the most amazing human person i have ever known.

laughter, tears, hands held, stolen glances, kisses, ups & downs, unconditional support, & more love than i can express. so grateful every minute of everyday to be on this journey with my soul mate, my partner, my best friend.


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.↪︎ Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (bonus Prince Daniel)

Christmas, on the livefeeds: I will fucking rape his life and call him out for being an old man perv and wanting to fuck me. I will destroy his will to live.

Christmas, in front of Julie: Kevin, my house husband 😍😍😍


The Upper East Side Widow: A Saga

July 15th: The Upper East Side Widow En Route To The Funeral Of Her Late Husband, Richard. There Is An Ongoing Investigation Into His Death

July 18th: The Upper East Side Widow Poses For Pictures Outside The Courthouse After Being Found NOT Guilty For The Murder Of Her Late Husband, Richard.

July 28th: The Upper East Side Widow Announces Her Pregnancy At A Movie Premiere Thirteen Days After The Death Of Her Late Husband, Richard. 

Love and... love

You can really tell how much spare time I’ve has this week considering I went through all the episodes transcripts to find every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” and wow. It was certainly interesting. So here’s the list I put together undated to include all of season 12.

Note, this is every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” to the actual person, not to a third person.

I also decided to break this down into seasons and to see what kind of love we’re talking about. All under the cut:

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Cuck Sitter-A Story I Found

I held the mobile phone in my sweaty hand, the name Chris showed on the screen. My thumb rested on the green call button ready to press it. I looked from the phone to my wife sitting next to me, my heart beating so load I was sure she could hear it. Her blue eyes locked on mine, it was hard to tell what they were saying. All I knew was that if I pressed the call button my life would change for ever, and any self-respect I had would be gone for good. I had a choice, be a man, stand up to my wife and this new man in her life, or surrender to the fact I was losing her to him, but desperately try to keep myself in her life, and maybe live out the fantasy I had always had. To be a cuckold….
It had all started a mere two weeks ago. My wife Julie had sat down on our sofa, her face serious, and to be honest a little sad. For some reamister I was expecting the worst. We had been married and happy for seventeen years, we were good together, except for sex. Julie has always been very good looking, and blessed with a beautiful body. I knew I was very lucky to have such a sexy wife, and men would always love chatting her up, but she would have none of it. She was with me and that was that. She made it quite clear she was not interested in anyone else. I on the other hand loved it when she was chatted up. Loved the thought of another man having her. Making her cum. Slowly I began to share these thoughts with her. She didn`t understand them, but played along during sex talking about random people she would relax with if given the chance.
I knew she didn`t really like doing it, all she wanted was real sex with me, not seeing me as a wimp who would not stand up for his wife. Inevitably though, even though it was only talk and fantasy, she was slowly losing all respect for me, and no longer seeing me as real man, but as the permister I turned into during sex, apologising for having a small cock, telling her she deserved a real man, it wasn’t her fault I could not satisfy her. As time went on, she became put of sex with me altogether. I did nothing for her. This only fuelled my fantasy, I was not man enough to satisfy my wife, which it turn turned her off me even more!
In the end our sex life was me giving her a back massage, in return I would play with myself as she made up some encounter with men from work, or that she was going out for a girl night out whilst I stayed at home like a good boy. She really knew what buttons to press to get me shooting my load. But every time, I knew I was losing a little bit more of her respect for me.
I thought this would be how our life would go on, until the evening two weeks ago when she sat on the settee. She told me she was growing attached to someone at work, that even though they had not slept together yet she knew she wanted to be with him. She didn`t want to cheat on me, so thought it only fair to tell me she wanted a divorce. That she had no respect for me anymore, that she could not see me as a real man. I was devastated and begged her to change her mind. This was real, and I didn`t really want to lose my wife to another man.
We talked for the next couple of days and I could tell that even though she didn`t think of me as a man for her, a sex partner, she still had feelings for me, and it hurt her to see me so upset. I kept on begging her to change her mind. To stay with me. I would change. Stop my stupid fantasies. I thought I was getting somewhere, but every time she saw him at work she knew she wanted him more. To be treated like a woman by a strong man. On the third evening she came home and told me she wanted to be with him, that they were going out together for a take, and then booking themselves into a travel lodge.
All night I lay awake, crying, my cock as limp as it could be. Reality sucked. I was losing my wife and it was nothing like I thought it would be.
The next day we talked. She said that sex with him had been unbelievable. She never knew how unhappy she had been with me. I was desperate to keep her in my life, and so blurted out if its sex she wanted with him then just see him for sex, but stay with me. She told it was more than just sex; she had feelings for him too. I was desperate, I told her to see him when she wanted. Date him; relax with him, but not to leave me. Not yet anyway. Deep down I knew I would lose her to him in the end, but I wanted her in my life as long as possible.
Over the next few days she carried on seeing him, we never talked about what had been said, and I thought that she would be walking out soon. I played the part of the wimp husband to the letter. Never trying to stop her seeing him, and waiting at home for her to get back in the morning. It was like my fantasy, but without any of the excitement.
That all changed this night when she sat with me and told me she had discussed things with Chris, that they didn`t want to rush into anything, but he was afraid that I would beat him up, or worse for trying to take his wife, in fact he wanted to call the whole thing off. He didn`t want to break up our marrage. That`s when my wife had told him about me. About my fantasies. They I had told her she could see him, date him, fuck him, and just not leave me yet. He didn’t believe her. No man would do that he had laughed, thinking she was making it all up. That is when she came up with the idea of telling him I would call him and ask him to come over and pick up my wife and take her out for the night.
So now, here I was holding her phone, ready to call him and give him my blessing to begin taking my wife from me. I knew that once I pressed that button my life would be filled with real permanent offense. For some reamister that thought made my cock stir…..

I pressed the call button and looked down at the dialling symbol on the screen and for a second wanted to press the cancel button, but instead lifted the phone to my ear, listening to its calling tone. I looked at my wife’s face, unable to distinguish the look it held, contempt, disgust, disbelief, sorrow? Or maybe all of them.
I flinched when the ringing tone stopped and a deep voice answered. “Hello?”
He would know it was Julie’s phone calling him, from the caller id, but would he really be expecting it to be me on the other end? Julie had told him that she would get me to ring him to ask him to take her out, to give their affair my blessing. To show I was no threat to him. But I doubted that he really thought I would do it? I mean, what man would?
“Hello, Chris,” my voice croaked, my throat and dry as sand. “It`s Paul speaking, Julies husband.”
There was a moment pause; I guess he was judging the situation. “Yes?” he finally said.
“Julie has asked me to phone you to see if you are free to come over this evening to take her out, please.” I don`t know why I said please, but I felt the sudden need to humiliate myself more. My eyes locked on Julies, and I could tell what she was thinking, all those sick pathetic fantasies you had, they were the real you. I have made the right choice getting a real man, and any doubt has instantly gone.
“Well I am free tonight,” his voice stammered a little. I don`t think he could really believe the situation. After all, he was a normal man, and a normal man would not be ok with asking another man to take his wife out on a date. “What time are you thinking?”
“What time would you like him to pick you up?” I asked Julie. Her sexy lips parted into a victorious smile. I was broken, and she had got what she wanted, her new man with my blessing. I was not going to be a thorn in her side. Not going to cause her any trouble. Confront her lover, hit him, make their affair a problem, and scare him off. I think she was finally glad I was as pathetic as I had always fantasied myself to be with her.
“9, 00,” she told me. “Tell him you are going to book us a room at the local Travel Lodge for later tonight.”
I felt my face flush as I repeated what she had told me.
“Ok,” was his simple reply before hanging up.
“Well I had better get a move on so I am ready for when he gets here to pick me up,” Julie said standing up. I am going to run a hot bath; would you bring me up a glass of wine please? Then book that travel Lodge?”
“Yes,” I croaked as I watched her sexy body leave the room. A body I had let another man take from under my nose, a body I had actually asked him to take from under my nose. With a sigh I knew why. I was not a real man, and she needed a real man in her life. With that thought my cock began to grow hard. I looked down at it pushing at my jeans. You really are pathetic, I told myself, and with that it grew even harder…..

Glass of wine in hand I found myself knocking on the bathroom door, I felt like It is was inappropriate for me to just walk in anymore, even though Julie was still my wife, in our own home. She looked up from shaving her legs, her firm breasts pocking out of the bubbles like two islands. He lips parted into a present smile, could have been my imagination, but it could have been a socking smile too.
“Thank you,” she purred. “Have you booked the Travel Lodge yet?”
“Yes,” I said, thinking back to the telephone call I had just made. My cock had been as hard as rock as I had spoken to the female receptionist. I decided to book the room under Chris`s surname, the thought seemed to add to my offense. After I had hung up I grabbed my cock and slowly began to wank it, not too much, I didn`t want to make myself cum. If I did I don`t think I could handle her going off out with him.
Even though I was so incredibly turned on, I began to think of the true implications of the whole situation. My wife wanted to be with another man. Instead of stopping her, I was assisting. Eventually she would leave me that I was sure off. There was no way Chris would put up with her living with me once their relationship took off. Once it became apparent what a total pathetic wimp I was who craved offense he would destroy me. What man wouldn`t?
This I could accept in my own twisted way. I was getting some sick perverse joy out of a bad situation. I was losing my wife, but it excited me. However, this was still a kind of fantasy situation between my wife, Chris, and me. Unfortunately I doubted it could stay that way. What about when her sister found out we were going to separate? She had always had a soft spot for me, even a bit flirty towards me. She would be angry and Julie for leaving me for another man. Surly to defend herself Julie would tell her about me. How I had blessed her affair. Humiliated myself. What would her sister think of me then?
These thoughts were still going through my mind as I looked at Julie in the bath. She locked eyes with me and snapped. “Stop staring, I don`t think it`s appropriate for you to be in here seeing me like this. Go down stairs and tidy the front room in case Chris comes in when he gets here.” Her blue eyes moved down to my erection, pointing towards her pretty face, which screwed up into a look of disgust. “Pathetic,” she stated.
I quickly left, my face glowing with shame as I began to tidy the front room. To be honest it was quite tidy anyway, but somehow dusting with a throbbing erection for another man’s benefit was terribly exciting, even though I really hoped that he wouldn’t step foot in our house…….

The living room was spotless. Never had I got such a thrill from doing house work before. I was very aroused, and could feel my heart beating with excitement. At that moment in time I loved the idea of being humiliated, demeaning myself. I was as Horney as Hell. Make the most of it I told myself, because when you have cum, you will be lost in self-loathing at the pathetic excuse of a man you are. Back will come flooding the realisation that you are losing your wife. That she will never look at you the same again. When she tells her sister about you, what about the rest of her family? Would be able to face them again once they knew? I rubbed my cock excitedly. At that moment that thought was so exciting. So humiliating. Her sister laughing at me. I wanted to cum there and then! Don`t, I told myself, this will turn out to be the worst night of your life. Keep yourself on the edge. Weak, humble, excited.
I heard Julie coming down stairs; I could smell her perfume even before she strolled into the lounge, mobile phone clutched to her ear. She took my breath away. She looked stunning. Dressed in black stilettos, short tight fitting black dress, low cut, and her ample firm breasts squeezing dangerously out of the top. She looked so hot. Her makeup and hair done to perfection. My wife, looking as sexy as could be, for another man. A man who was taking her from me. What once had been all mine I was slowly losing to another man. He was going to take my wife for himself and rub my nose in it, and all I could do was grow harder in my jeans. I felt so jealous, picturing them out together, takeing, clubbing, and then her in his arms, naked, wet, Horney for his cock. To be taken like a woman should by a real man. Like I had not been able to do for so long because of my sick fantasies. I had brought this all on myself.
“No, no,” she laughed into the phone. “don`t wait in the taxi when it gets here. Come to the door. I want him to answer it to you!” She shot me a mocking glance, and then turned away, listening to him saying something. “No, it will be ok. I have told you, he will put up no resistance. “
I felt myself redden as I listened to them discussing me.
“I know baby, it’s hard for you to comprehend a husband accepting the fact that another man is taking his wife from him without putting up a fight. That`s because you are a real man, Chris. He is not.” She turned and looked at me again. “Look, he is standing right here with me now, I will ask him. You will open the door to Chris when he get here won`t you?” She raised an eyebrow at me.
“Yes,” I mumred.
“Pardon?” she said.
“Yes I will,” I said more clearly.
“See, I told you,” she said looking down at my groin. “Guess what, he has a hard on.” She laughed at his reply. “I know, it is unbelievable. How long till you get her? That close? Great. Can`t wait. See you soon sexy hunk.” She blew him a kiss and hung up.
A few minutes later I heard a car pull up on the front, its engine still running. My heart skipped a beat when I realised it must be the taxi. Then the doorbell rang.
“Go and answer it then,” Julie told me, checking her lipstick in her makeup mirror.
“I don`t know if I can,” I croaked, suddenly I realised that I was going to humiliate, show my true weakness, to this man. This man who wanted my wife for himself.
She shot me a look. It said, this is what you have always fantasised about. This is what you made me talk about in bed. This is why I don`t see you as a man anymore. As a sexual permister. This is why you don`t turn me on. This is why I have no respect for you. Now live up to your sick perversion.
“Answer the door to him,” her voice was firm, commanding. The voice she knew I liked in our sex fantasies, where she would take charge.
I slowly eased myself off the settee and began to walk to the front door. My legs felt like lead. I felt like I was watching myself in a movie as I opened the front door to him. This was not real was it? Was I really allowing another man in on our secret? That I was I pathetic pervert who got turned on by another man fucking his wife? As I pulled the door open it hit me like a thunder bolt. This was not a fantasy anymore. This was real life.
He stood tall and handsome before me. I could tell he was a little apprehensive. Maybe he was expecting a confrontation. I don`t think he really thought I would just open the door to him without laying into him. Hitting and shouting. Defending my marriage, my honour, my wife. That`s what any man would expect from another real man.
Instead he had me. Looking at him with sheepish eyes. “Hello Chris, I will just call her for you.”
He could not hide to look of amazement and disbelief from his handsome features. “Thanks’,” was his simple reply.
“Julie, Chris is here for you,” I called.
“Thanks,” Julie said, walking out of the living room. She pushed past me and wrapped her bare arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. “Hi gorgeous,” she purred. “Let’s go.”
They walked off hand in hand towards the taxi without giving me a second’s glance. “Have a nice time,” I found myself saying, without even realising it. My body just was on automatic offense. The taxi sped off and I was left standing alone, hoping that none of the neighbours had seen……

I was sitting in the kitchen with my hands cupping a now Luke warm coffee when I heard the key in the front door. The wall clock read 9.50am. My mobile lay beside my coffee. I had half expected it to call, Julie telling me to pick her up. I had read and fantasied about that often. Maybe that offense was to come. Or maybe Julie didn`t want to play my perverse games. After all, that is what had driven her from my arms into this mans, Chris. This was not a fantasy situation, one I had often made Julie play out. This was for real. My wife had just spent the night with another man. Most likely fucked another man. A man she was going to leave me for. I felt shame as my cock twitched. She was going to leave me for a real man.
I heard her go upstairs and the shower come on. I carried on takeing my coffee and waited a bit longer for her. 30 minutes later she entered the kitchen, a thick white dressing gown hugging her slender figure. My mouth felt dry as I watched her turn on the kettle. This could have been any Saturday morning. But in truth, this was the first day of my new life. A life Julie didn`t want to spend with me anymore. Would she really leave me though? I mean, breaking up a marriage was not an easy thing to do? Was it?
“You ok?” I asked, breaking the ice.
Sitting opposite me, her blue eyes studied me. “Defiantly,” she said at last. “You finally have your fantasy, is it what you thought it would be like?”
That was a good question. To my pulsating cock it was the best thing ever as I looked at my wife sitting before me. A wife, who had made me greet her lover at the door the night before, made me humiliate and belittle myself. My mind however knew this was all wrong. This is the beautiful woman I had married. Committed to spend the rest of my life with. Grow old with. So why was my cock making me so twisted that I wanted another man to take her from me? Why did my cock want to humiliate me by making me offer her to this man Chris on a plate? Why had my cock made me tell her all my deep dark fantasies, so much so that she could no longer see me as a man? As a sexual partner. My cock had made her lose all respect for me; I mean if she respected me as a man would she really be rubbing my nose in it like this? My cock had made me lose my wife, and it loved it. My mind tried to fight it with logic but my cock was the true master of me.
“Yes, I guess so,” my cock made me say.
“Good,” she said. Chris still can`t get his head around the fact that you know he is seeing your wife and you don`t try to stop him. To man up to him!” She let out a little laugh at her joke, my cock jerked. “I keep telling him that you not going to be a problem to him. But I guess with him really being a man he cannot get his head around the whole situation. I don`t want him to get cold feet, so I think it would be a good idea to write him a letter.”
“A letter?” I felt the hairs prick on the back of my neck. “somehow I didn`t think my mind was going to like this idea, but already I could tell my cock loved what it thought was going to come next.
“Yes, a letter, explaining to Chris why you are ok with him taking him from you. Why you make my skin crawl. Why I cannot see you as a man,” she sipped her coffee, her eyes smiling at me. “Well, it’s your letter; those are just a few suggestions. I want it ready to give him tonight when I see again.
“Are you serious?” I exclaimed. I hadn`t expected this. I was going to give the man who was relaxing with my wife something in writing that was giving him my blessing. Something that he could show anyone at any time. Her family, my family. Friends! Something they could hold over me when divorce settlements came into play. My mind told me I would be insane to go through with this. My cock on the other hand loved the idea, and I could feel it begin to cry with excitement through its bulging red eye and it began to think where the writing pad was……..

I put pen to paper later that morning hand began drafting a letter to Chris. My cock was so hard it thought it was going to explode. This was probably how hard his cock gets before he fucks my wife. It only gets this hard for me at the thought of him fucking my wife. The thought of my own pathetic nature made it twitch even more. The harder it got, the more I wanted to humiliate myself to Chris.
It was early afternoon when Julie got home. She had been to see her sister, Amy. She put down some shopping in the hall, slipping off her high heels and looked at me standing in the kitchen doorway. “A coffee would be nice,” she said. My feet are *******ing walking around all those shops with Amy. We have been looking for something sexy for me to wear tonight when Chris takes me out.” Her eyes lit up with mischief when she saw the alarmed look on my face. “No don’t worry, Amy doesn’t know. Yet. She thinks we are going out together. However, I will be confiding in her in the next few days. Discussing with her the best way to tell my parents etc.” Her eyes flicked to my erection, pushing out against my jeans. “ Unbelievable,” she muttered. “Bring me a coffee into the lounge, and then I can read your nice letter to Chris.”
She looked stunning standing before me, in her black pencil skirt, cut lust above the knee, sexy but not slutty, her white blouse open at the top just enough to show her ample firm cleavage. She was a woman to make any man proud to have. To keep. Yet her I was dashing off into the kitchen to make her a coffee and hand over a letter literally begging another man to take her from me.
She was texting on her phone when I took her coffee in. I stood in front of her like some naughty school boy patently waiting to hand her the letter. She had a happy glow to her face as she laughed reading her text. Finally she shut her phone and looked up at me. “He`s such a randy man,” she informed me as if I might have been one of her girlfriends. “Oh good, the letter, let me see.”
I stood waiting as she read the letter, somehow feeling it would be inappropriate for me to sit down till she was happy with what she read. “Very good,” she said at large. “ I am sure when he has read this there will be no doubt in his mind what kind of sick pathetic permister you are. To be honest, you have gone far further in this letter then I had expected. It’s almost like you are praising him like a God. I don’t know what Amy will make of it when I show her! She has always had a soft spot for you. A bit of a crush to be honest. But once she has read this…..well….” she locked eyes with me. “You don’t mind Amy seeing this do you? It will just make her except the fact that I am leaving you more acceptable to her.”
I felt my legs weaken. Please, please don’t my mind begged. My cock was yelling oh please do please do. I swallowed what felt like a golf ball before replying. “It’s your sister, you do what you think is best,”
This obviously pleases her. “Good boy,” she grinned.

I waited in the bedroom whilst she showered that evening, then watched excitedly as she came into the bedroom and began to apply her make up. Her thick dressing gown hiding her nakedness from me.
“I have been thinking,” she said at large, looking at me through the reflection of the makeup mirror. “I think you should give Chris the letter yourself tonight.”
My heart skipped a beat. I opened my mouth to respond, but she carried on before I had chance.
“You can invite him in and let him read it in comfort. The sooner he realises what a pathetic wimp you are, the sooner our relationship can develop. I want him to see me as a free agent with no ties. I want you to make that happen for me, understand?”
I found myself nodding dumbly.
“Pardon?” she raised an eyebrow.
“Yes what?” she sounded irritable, though I think it was just an act.
“Yes I will give Chris the letter in permister so he can read it in our house,” I humred myself.
“Good boy,” she said in a patronising voice. “talking of you being a boy, because I am being taken out tonight by a man, and you are staying at home like a little boy, I want you in pyjamas when Chris get here so you are ready for bed, which incidentally will be nine o’clock.”
I felt a cold sweat break out all over me. This is the kind of thing I had always talked about in bed with her has she slowly, and in a bored way, wanked me off. She had obviously stored up all my sick, humiliating fantasies to use against me now. Was she trying to make the fact that I was losing her a bit easier on me by letting me have what I had always fantasised about? Was this her one last act of kindness? Or was she really being a sadistic bitch with no respect for me at all…….

Seven o’clock arrived and I sat on the edge of the settee, peering out of the window waiting with sweating palm for Chris`s silver car to pull up. Julie sat next to me, flicking through a magazine, or at least pretending to. Secretly I think she was studying me. Maybe deep down she thought I would not go through with this. Maybe deep down she wanted me to man up. Tell her there was no way she was going out with this Chris guy. How dare he pull up on our drive in front of our neighbours to take you out? How dare he think he can humiliate me like that! Maybe deep down this is what she wanted. Me to be a man. A man she could respect. A man who could protect her. A man who could fuck her.
If all that is what she wanted from me deep down, she must have been deeply disappointed as she studied me sitting in my blue pyjamas, clutching a letter begging another man to fuck her, take her from me, which I was going to hand over in permister.
The silver car pulling up onto out drive broke into my thoughts.
“Oh, at last,” Julie breathed. “Well go and let him in!” she ordered.
I gave her a startled look. My joints suddenly turning to lead.
She raised an inquisitive eyebrow. “Problem?”
“No,” I croaked. This was it then, I thought as I slowly stood up and made my way to the front door. I opened the door to him in a dreamlike state.
The look of shock and amazement that swept across his rugged face will remain etched on my mind to the day I die. What must be going through his mind I wondered? Seeing the husband of the woman you are fucking answering the door to you at seven o clock in his blue pyjamas!
“Come is please,” my voice didn’t sound like my own.
He hesitated for a second. Maybe he thought he was walking into a trap, that once inside I would beat the crap out of him. If only.
“Hi Baby,” Julie called from the living room.
That relaxed him and he sauntered past me. She leapt up and hugged him, giving him a long loving kiss. I simply stood in the doorway, head bowed.
“Sit down, baby,” she invited him. “Mark has something for you.” She looked up at me.
I stepped forward and handed him my letter. He took it from me, looked at Julie, who smiled reassuringly, and then he sat down and began to read the carefully crafted letter I had written earlier. A look of disbelief washed over his as he read my words. Every so often his eyes would glance up at me. My cock began to swell, I tried to stop it, but the more I tried the more erect it became, and before long it was sticking out the open fly, pointing at him, red and angry.
The next time he looked up he caught site of it. “Bloody Hell! Disgusting! Face the wall!”
I was startled by his sudden outburst, but quickly turned towards the wall. He seemed to settling into his new role very quickly.
“Is this all for real?” He asked Julie.
“Yes,” she reassured, and I could hear her kiss him.
“Why is he dressed in pyjamas?”
“Because he is not a real man, and his new bedtime is nine o clocks. A little boy’s bedtime, whilst we adults are out having grown up fun,” she giggled.
Why was she so intent on humiliating me so? Why was I so intent on wanting her to?
“No, I just don`t think that`s right Julie,” he said.
My ears pricked. He was objecting. Maybe this was all too much for him to take in.

“Really?” Julie sounded puzzled too.
“No. Nine o clocks is not a little boy’s bedtime. Eight o clocks is. From now on that will be his new bedtime.”
A shiver ran down my spine. I didn’t like the sound of the way he was adapting to this bizarre situation he had found himself in!
“OOhhh,” Julie cooed. “You’re so masterful!” I heard them kiss again. “You might as well get off to bed now Mark. We grownups need a bit of grown up time together. We will check on you before we go out.”
My face burned with offense as I slowly walked from the room. My cock pointing the way.
“And no playing with yourself,” Chris ordered.
I gave him a shocked look, just in time to see his hand cupping her firm breast. He was turning into a right bastard! Why did that excite me so…..

I lay awake in bed; the sun was still out shinning the curtains of the spare bedroom I was in. I could her next doors kids out playing in the garden. They were up later then me, a fully grown adult. Downstairs I could hear Julie’s laughter every now and again, and mumred talking. Then the television came on and I realised that they were watching something like a real couple whilst I was in bed like their little boy.
My cock ached so much I wanted to grab it and wank myself silly, but Chris’s words rang out in my ears. “Don`t play with yourself!” He never said I could not play with my nipples though. So I got some pleasure from that.
My bedside clock read 9.40 when the bedroom door swung open and my pretty wife stood in the doorway, her face glowing with contentment. “We are off out now, you be a good boy and stay in bed. We are going Fever Club in town, you had better hope we don`t bump into anyone you know. Be quite humiliating for you if they ask where you are and I tell them you are at home in bed!”
I whimpered, my hand inadvertently reaching under the bed covers for my cock. I grabbed it and began to slowly wank. Julie shot forward yanking back the bed cover. “What the Hell do you think you are doing?” the exclaimed. “I thought Chris clearly told you not to play with you tiny little boy cock!”
“Sorry!” I said, my hand shooting away from my cock like it was a red hot poker.
Julie sighed, shaking her head. “I think what Chris suggested might be a good idea after all.”
My eyes studded her beautiful face waiting for her to continue, when she never I decided to prompt her. “What has Chris suggested?”
A smile spread across her face, and her eyes shone with mischief. “That you need a babysitter when we go out.”
“A baby sitter?” I blurted. “You’re not serious?”
“Well, I was against the idea; I told him you were a good boy who could be trusted. But now…. Well I think the suggestion needs looking into more.”
“Please Julie, no…” I began to beg. This was too much.
“Shush, we are going out now, you be a good boy and we will talk to Chris about it in the morning.”
“In the morning? You mean Chris is staying over?”
“Yes of course. He is the Man of the house now isn`t he?” With that she giggled and left the room.
I heard footsteps on the stairs, hushed chatter, and then the front door slam.
I was left alone in bed, with a burning hard-on I dared not touch whilst another man was taking my wife out, and later would bring her home to fuck in what used to be our marital bed…….

I lay awake in bed, my tiny cock begging for release, but I dared not touch it again. Even though my wife and Chris were not home, like a young I dared not disobey their instructions again. With my cock pocking through the fly of my pyjamas, the sensation when I moved against the bed covers was heven, almost enough to make it shoot all over the covers. What kind of trouble would I be in if that happened I pondered?
What kind of trouble? My God, I was beginning to think of myself as a young now!
Then again, looking back on the evening who could blame me for thinking such a thing? How had this come to this so fast? Being sent to bed so my wife and her boyfriend could have some grown up time together? How he had taken to this bizarre situation so quickly too. Bet he just can`t believe his luck. Fucking a married fit woman, without having to do it behind her husband’s back. With his full knowledge, and presentation. Well, more than presentation. Treating the husband of the wife you are fucking like a submissive wimp must be a huge turn on to him.
So I lay awake in the darkness, thinking what they might be out doing. At a club, dancing, or sitting in the corner, chatting, holding hands, kissing. My wife and him. Her new man.
My eyes shot to the clock when I heard the front door open, quickly followed by takesen giggling from Julie. The clock read 2.15. Footsteps on the stairs followed by hushed voice outside my bedroom. Then the handle turned and the door slowly began to open. I panicked. Should I pretend to be arelax, or let them see me awake, patently waiting for their return? Before I had time to decide the light from the hall shone on my face.
“Oh, he is still awake!” Julie exclaimed turning to Chris who pocked his head in the room too. “Poor baby, have you been awake all night waiting for us to get home? You must be tied out!” her voice had a takesen sexy tone to it. Walking over to the bed, she leaned forward, exposing her firm cleavage to my view. A cleavage that no doubt Chris would soon be handling. A cleavage that used to be mine to play with. Her lips gently kissed my cheek. “You must try to get some relax, we don`t want a grumpy boy in the morning do we?”
My face burned with offense.
Chris stepped forward and gently took of her arm, kissing her neck, she held her head back so he could kiss lower, a gasp of appreciation escaped her lips. “Go and get ready for bed, I will be there in a moment,” he said. Obediently she left the room, obviously Horney for a good fuck. Something I was no good for anymore, or ever had been for that matter!
With her out of the room Chris sat on the edge of my bed. His eyes had a look of sternness and contempt in them. “Your wife and I had a good evening tonight. It`s nice not having to sneak around behind your back.”
I swallowed hard but did not reply. My cock twitched though.
“Julie is so sexy, can`t believe I have taken her from you so easily! “His lip curled back into a cruel snarl. “Say thank you for taking my wife from me,” he said.
I felt a cold sweet break out on my forehead. This was offense beyond my wildest fantasy. This was real. If I repeated the words I would finally be admitting that this man before me was my superior in every way. The master of me, my wife, and my house. Was he really expecting me to thank him? I mean, who the Hell would humiliate and belittle themselves that much?
Apparently I would. “Thank you for taking my wife from me,” my voice crocked.
He looked little shocked for a second. I doubt he really expected me to say it. He was just pushing me. He tilted his head. “Say, Thank you for taking my wife, Sir,”
“Thank you for taking my wife, Sir,” I said, my cock was going to cum without me even touching it I was sure.
As if reading my mind he pulled back the covers and looked at my tiny cock.
“Pathetic,” he stated. I am going to go and fuck your wife now. But because you have been a good boy tonight, you may cum, once only, as soon as you hear Julie cum on my cock for the first time. You will then lick your hand clean and go to relax. In the morning I don`t want you to leave this room until one of us come in to get you, we will want a bit of time together over breakfast. Whilst you wait in here, you can write me a thank you letter for fucking and Julie and letting you cum. Understand?”
“Yes,” I mumred.
“Yes what?” he snapped.
“Yes Sir,” I quickly repeated.
“Good boy,” he spoke to me like he would a small young as he left the room.
It wasn`t long before I heard the soft moans from my wife in the room next to mine. They slowly became loader and more urgent. I could hear the bed creaking and gather speed. My hand took hold of my cock. I barley dared touch it in case it came before she did. I had never heard her in such a sexual peak before. Then came the undisputed sound of her orgasm. Her urgent little pants and a long moan of ecstasy.
My own orgasm was possibly the most intense I have ever had. My heart pounding in my chest and I shot thick wads of cum over my stomach. I was left shuddering and completely drained. It was then I looked at my hand. Suddenly the thought of licking my cum from fingers no longer appealing. The sound of my wife being fucked in the next room no longer excited me so much. What the Hell was I doing? What kind of man was I? I was not a man, I realised, and that is why they had started treating me like a young. With that thought going through my mind I put my finger to my mouth and began to lick, at the same time I head Chris grunt as he emptied his lead into my wife’s tight pussy……

My relax that night was very disturbed. I am not sure what time Julie and Chris went to relax, after their lovemaking, I could hear talking and occasional laughter, then more love making. At first I was close to tears with frustration and offense. What was I doing? Did I really want my sick fantasy ruin my marriage? My cock was ruining my life! Sadly, with my actions so far I knew that there was no turning back. How could I expect my beautiful wife to respect me ever again? She would never see me as a man again. A woman wants a strong, confident man. Someone they can look up to. I had proved I was none of those things. It was not long before my cock began to awaken again, recovering from its blissful orgasm, and with it my thoughts turned from one of disgust with myself, to ones of self-offense once more.
I was surprised I had fallen arelax at all, but awoke with a start in the morning. At first not quite sure where I was. In the spare bedroom? Then it all came flooding back. I strained my ears, listening for any sound from the bedroom next to mine. Silence. My bed clock read 7.30. Remembering my instructions, and with a raging hard on, I pulled back the covers and went over to the dressing table to get out some paper and a pen and began to write a thank you letter to Chris. Just the thought of doing it made me want to cum on the spot. I took the top off the pen and began to write, all the time resisting the urge to grab my pulsating cock. This is what I wrote.
Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for taking Julie from me, she deserves a man like you. I do not deserve a sexy woman like Julie, I am just a boy compared to yourself, and deserve to be treated as such. Thank you so much for making her cum for me. She deserves sexual happiness that my tiny cock just cannot give her, or any woman. Please, please fuck her as often as you wish.
Thank you so very much for allowing me to cum last night. It was very kind of you, Sir.
I was about to add more when the bedroom door swung open and there stood Julie, dresses in tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt that hugged her ample firm bust to perfection. A wave of jealousy washed over me. That was my wife, my sexy woman, and I had given her away. Given her to real man. How I had ever managed to have her in the first place was a miracle. I guess it’s because when we met she never knew what a wimp and pathetic excuse for a man I would turn out to be.
“Glad you are awake,” she smiled perfect white teeth at me. “Chris is about to go home now, but he says you should have something to give him before he leaves?”
I swallow hard, and nod, passing her the folded letter.
“No silly, he wants you to give it to him!”
I feel drained with offense once more. Her eyes are locked on mine, and I am sure I can see something hidden behind them. Perhaps hope. Hope that I will refuse to obey. Hope that I will Man Up and storm downstairs and through this man out. Forbid him from seeing my wife again. Fight for her honour.
“Ok,” I mumble. “I`ll get dressed.”
The hidden look behind her eyes vanishes at once, and is replaced with one I recognise at once. Disgust.
“No,” she snapped. “Come down in your pyjamas. We don`t want to keep him waiting do we?”
“No,” I reply.
As I walk downstairs, with Julie following I see Chris standing at the door, checking out his appearance in the hall mirror. He turns and looks at me, smiling when he sees me still in pyjamas. I hand the letter out to him.
“No, you read it to me,” he tells me, pulling Julie to his side, hugging her in front of him, he fair hair resting on his shoulder, her head tilted slightly, a belittling smile in her pretty face.
My cheeks burn with offense, but I know better than to protest. I open the letter and began to read it out aloud, as they both chuckle.
“Not bad,” Chris says when I have finished. “I expect better next time.”
I nod, “yes Sir,” I say automatically without even realising it. I can see they are both startled by my voluntary act of subservice.
“Good boy,” Chris says as he would to a small boy. He turns to Julie and gives her a passionate kiss, her wrapping her arm around his neck. “I will see you Saturday then?”
“Yes,” she replies, looking up into his eyes. “Are you sure about Sophie?”
“Sure,” he says. “She is always short of some pocket money, so a bit of babysitting will come in handy to her.”
Julie smiles, looking over at me. “Well I guess it is the only way we can be sure he is a good boy.”
I feel like the ground has just opened up and I am falling into a black pit. A babysitter? Where they serious? One who still eared pocked money! Please let this be a sick joke I thought as I watched Chris turn and leave……..

Saturday night came and I was once again sitting on the settee next to Julie, in my pyjamas. Tonight, my mind not on the fact that Chris was coming over to have my wife like I never could. To take her out, flaunt her, fuck her. Under normal circumstances that would have been dreadful. But no, tonight my heart was pounding with anticipation and dread about the arrival of Sophie. My babysitter. The thought of a grown man having a babysitter seamed laughable. That was the problem though, as Julie had pointed out all week. I was not a man. What man would put up with what I was? How could I argue with that?
Dead on seven Chris pulled up in his silver car. My legs literally began to shake with dread. Julie patted my thigh and I turned to look at her beaming face. “They are here! Go and let them in!”
I knew better then to protest, but slowly stood up and made my way to the front door. I could hear Chris and Sophie chatting, and her giggle through the wood, and for the first time thought about the neighbours, and what they would be thinking seeing this silver car and strange man arrive again, this time accompanied by a young girl.
I gripped the door handle and counted to ten before pulling it open. “Good boy,” Chris said, and Sophie looked up at him, with a hint of amusement and amazement in her pretty eyes that he was able to talk to me like that.
I stepped aside so they both could walk in.
Sophie was the niece of one of Chris`s friends, whom he had confided in about his strange affair. She was sixteen years old, with shoulder length black hair, and as I noted extremely pretty, dressed in skin tight jeans, and a tight white t-shirt. Her eyes gave me the once over as she followed Chris into the living room to be introduced to my wife. I shut the door and followed.
Julie introduced herself to Sophie, before looking at me angrily. “Have you offered Chris a take yet?” she snapped.
I quickly asked what he wanted a cold beer and hurried to fetch it, all the time feeling Sophie’s young eyes studying me with amazement. When I returned with the beer, the three of them were sitting on the settee as I handed Chris his beer. I decided that it was probably best for me to just stand in front of them as they sat and chatted, which happened to be about me and my bedtime.
“So his bedtime is eight, unless he annoys you, then send him up when you like. Don’t put up with any back chat from him, and once he is in bed can you check on him every half an hour. I do expect him to be arelax by ten though, please let me know if he wasn’t won’t you?”
Sophie nodded, her eyes darting from my wife to me. Already I could see the contempt my wife held for me as a man hidden begin the young girls. As they talked I found myself taking in the young girls figure. She must have many a young lad chasing her, I decided.
“Stop staring at Sophie! “ Julie’s sharp voice cut into my thoughts like a knife. “Are you getting hard looking at the babysitter?”
That was all it took, the three sets of eyes on my cock, and the utter offense on it all for my tiny cock to start growing before them all.
I gasped with embarrassment, and quickly cupped my hands over my swelling member before running from the room like a naughty boy, with their laughter ringing in my ears……..

I sat on my bed in the spare room with my head in my hands, cringing with embarrassment when Chris marched in. I looked up at his stern face like a frightened naughty little school boy.
“How embarrassing for poor Sophie!” he snapped, looking down at my semi erect cock in the pyjamas. “Can’t you control that little thing?”
“So sorry,” I mumred, my eyes averting his gaze.
“I don`t think you should be apologising to me. I think it`s Sophie that deserves the apology don`t you!”
Oh, no, please, I thought. Don`t make me do this. I don`t think I can ever face that poor girl again.
“Well?” he snapped angrily.
I looked up at him, no longer seeing him as an equal, but as my superior. “Yes,” I mumred.
“Yes what?” he was growing angry with me now.
“Yes Sir, I quickly added.
“Good boy. Come on then, get to it!”
I slowly stood up and walked from the bedroom, my legs weak with trepidation. Descending the stairs with Chris behind me I could hear Julie and Sophie talking. I studded at the closed door, and decided it would be polite to knock.
“Come in,” my wife said.
I opened the door and stepped into the lounge. Both women looking at me. I just prayed my little cock would not grow hard again, but the more I thought about it, the more trouble I had in stopping it.
I looked into Sophie’s eyes and cleared my throat. “I am so sorry for disrespecting you Sophie, by getting an erection. I am sorry if I have offended you.”
I hung my head as she looked from my wife to her lover, and then back to me, a hint of mischief on her face as my wife nodded her approval to her, obviously about something they had discussed in my absence.
“I will let you off this once,” Sophie said, looking right into my eyes, “but I do expect respect from you. “From now on you will address me as Miss Hawley, understand?”
I looked into her stern young face and felt my cock twitch. Oh no, please I thought. The offense of the situation was making my cock grow again! I tried not to think of it as I said. “Yes Miss Hawley.”
“Good boy,” she smiled looking me straight in the eye. Good boy, I was over twice her age, and she was calling me a boy! My cock throbbed again.
“Now, we expect you to be a good boy for Sophie, my wife told me. She has our number if she needs to contact us about you. We hope that doesn’t happen don’t we baby,” she said, looking over at Chris.
“That`s right. If you ruin our night you will be punished when we get back,” Chris told me. I looked at Sophie’s beaming face and suddenly felt a wave of foreboding sweep over me. How had thing come to this? I thought. My life was turning into a living nightmare. What man would put up with this! Then I realised that that was the point I guess. I was not really a man.
Julie and Chris mad their way to the front door, Chris turned to Sophie on the way out. “Don’t forget his bedtime is 8.30,” he said to her.
“I won`t” she smiled as she waved them off. I felt like I young seeing his Mum and Dad off with the baby sitter, not a grown man watching another man taking his wife away from him for the evening. I really was losing my wife, and my self respect.
I turned from the door and looked into the young mischievous face of my baby sitter……..

For the first 20 minutes after Julie and Chris had left I sat in silence on the settee next to Sophie who was busy playing on her phone, texting probably, with a cold shiver of dread I hoped that she was not telling all her young friends about me, though with annoying self-loathing my tiny cock hoped she was!
The telly played quietly in the background and I tried to concentrate on that. Trying to forget that I was a grown man sitting in his pyjamas being next to a pretty sixteen year old girl who was there to babysit me.
Sophie finally looked up from her phone, glancing at me. “Be a good boy and go and fetch me a glass of Coke,” she smiled politely.
I stared at her blankly for a moment, for a moment contemplating being defiant and holding my ground, putting a stop to this crazy situation. I mean I was a grown man, she was a young girl, and the whole situation was in reverse. It should be me asking her to be a good girl and fetch me a take of beer! That is how it should be, but then, it should be me out with my wife now, not Chris. It should be me fucking her later, not Chris. If I was to follow Chris`s orders, I was to be in bed arelax by ten that night. Letting out an exaggerated sigh I decided it best to do as she asked, “OK,” I said standing up.
“Not so fast, Mister!” she snapped as I headed for the door.
I turned and looked at her annoyed face. “Is that an attitude you have?” She began playing with her phone again, and with dread I realised she was dialling a number. “Julie and Chris are going to be pissed that I have had to phone them already! I doubt they have even reached the restaurant yet!”
Panic set in. “Sorry Sophie,” I grovelled.
She glanced up from the phone at me. “What did you call me?”
“Sorry Miss Hawley,” I quickly corrected.
She stopped dialling; a small frown creased her smooth young skin. “What are you sorry for?”
“I am sorry for having an attitude, Miss Hawley. Please don`t phone Julie and Chris.”
Her eyes flicked from me to the phone in her hand and then back to me again. “If I don`t phone are you going to be a good boy from now on for me?”
“Yes,” I told her, my heart beating with fear and excitement. The whole situation of being dominated by a teenage girl was fuelling my offense fantasies as much as my wife relaxing openly with another man.
She took a long deep breath, making her chest swell, pushing her ample young breasts against her tight white top. Oh no, I felt my cock stir! “That`s not a very good start is it!” She snapped.
Realising my error I quickly said, “Yes Miss Hawley I am going to be a good boy for you.” I could hardly believe I was saying the words.
She looked thoughtful for a moment, the at last said. “Ok Paul, I am going to let you off this once, though I will still have to tell Julie and Chris when they get home, but I don`t see the need to spoil their nice evening together. But I do want complete obedience from you from now on. Understand?”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I told her.
“Go and fetch my Coke then.”
I began to walk off.
“Crawl,” she said matter of factually.
I turned to her startled, her stern eyes locked on mine. As if in a trance I sank to my knees. “Yes Miss Hawley,” as I crawled from the room.
I decide it best to walk back with the take, as if crawling I might spill some. I thought I might get told off, but she sat lazily flicking through the TV stations and didn’t seem to notice. I stood holding the take out to her for several moments before she suddenly appeared to be aware that I was even there. She took the take from me without a word, and I turned to sit down, that`s when she finally acknowledged me.
“I think you should thank me for not phoning Julie and Chris about your attitude,” she said, taking a sip of Coke.
I cleared my throat. “Thank you Miss Hawley.”
She shook her pretty head. “No, thank me by kissing my feet.”
I looked down at her bare feet startled.
“Do it!” she said sternly.
I dropped to my knees before this teenage girl, and lowed my lips to her petite feet and began to kiss. But then I found myself actually wanting to worship them. Mt cock began to swell as I really wanted to worship this young goddess who had been left in charge of me. I kissed and a sucked on her toes for several minutes before she finally told me to stop and stand up. When I did there was nothing I could do to hide my erection pocking out of the fly of my pyjamas at her shocked young face.
“Oh my God! You have got an erection from kissing a sixteen year olds feet!” she exclaimed in disgust. “What kind of man dose that! Then again, I guess that is why your wife is out with Chris, and will be bringing him back here to fuck later when you are tucked up in bed like a good boy. Because you are not a man at all are you?”
I swallowed hard, my face flush with offense, but somehow my cock throbbed harder from it. I shook my head.
“Say it!”
“I am not a man, Miss Hawley,” I said, my mouth as dry as ash.
The corners of her mouth turned up, giving her face a mischievous look. “Go stand in the corner, nose pushed against the wall, hands on head whilst you reflect on you bad, and disgusting behaviour this evening. I was expecting to be looking after a good boy, not this!” She pointed to the corner, her eyes locking on mine daring me to object.
I quickly turned and marched to the corner, pushing my nose against the plaster, interlocking my fingers behind my head.
“Good boy, now stay like that till I tell you can move, which will probably be your bedtime.”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I found myself saying.
I could hear her behind me, flicking through the TV stations, and laughing at some comedy, and she played on her phone. My legs and arms began to ach, but my cock till throbbed and angry red, I was willing it to go down, but the more I tried the harder it got. The thought of being bossed around and humiliated by this beautiful sixteen year old girl, my babysitter, whilst my wife was out with her lover, her real man, was too much. There was no way it was going to go down at the moment.”
“Ok, young man,” Sophie said at last. “Time for your bed. Go do your teeth and get in bed, and I’ll be up to check on you in a few minutes.”
My head was spinning. This was just ridicules. Being sent to bed by a young girl, whilst she stayed up like the adult! But when I turned, my cock was giving away my true offense desires. We locked eyes for a moment, then hers slid down to my angry red erection, and she simply shook her head slowly. I quickly left the room and hurried upstairs to do my teeth and climb into my single bed in the spare bedroom. The master bedroom was obviously for Julie and Chris later that evening.
I waited patiently for Sophie to come up and check on me, once again the evening sun was shining through the gaps in my curtains, and I could hear people outside laughing and talking, enjoying the summer evening, even youngren playing in gardens, and yet here I was, a fully grown adult, sent to bed by a sixteen year old girl.
My bedroom door creaked open and Sophie stepped inside, looking pleased that I was in bed as instructed. She stood by the side of my bed with her hands on her hips, showing off the full swell of her breasts against her white tight top. “Now remember what Chris said to you. When I check on you at ten, you had better be arelax, you’re in enough trouble for one evening young man,” she smiled at my bewildered face, showing off her perfect white teeth. “Close those eyes and get to relax like a good boy.” With that she turned, stopping at the doorway and looking back at me. “And wont betide you if you play with that little boy cock of yours!” and with that she left me alone with my thoughts and aching erection.
When my bedside clock read ten pm I could hear Sophie climbing the stairs, chatting to a friend on her mobile phone. “Ok, Amie, nice chatting, got to go now,” she said as she reached the landing. I closed my eyes tight. I would pretend to be arelax. Chris had been quite firm about the fact I must be arelax by ten pm.
My bedroom door opened and Sophie silently entered the room, I could sense her standing by the side of my bed, her young eyes studying me.
I kept my breathing even, mimicking relax. This was easy, fooling a young, I thought.
Suddenly the bedcover was yanked back, revealing my rock hard erection pocking up into the air. An erection that had just not gone down for hours now, and just needed to cum so bad.
“As if you’re arelax with that tiny thing pocking up!” She snapped.
My eyes shot open in shock, I tried to grab the cover to hide myself.
“Hands off!” her young face was tight with annoyance. “So, not only are you still awake, but trying to trick me into thinking your arelax too. You have showed total disrespect for me tonight, and I will be telling Julie and Chris as much when they get home. When I tell them off you behaviour it will spoil the end to a perfect evening for them. I hope your happy now!”
I`m sorry….” I began
“Don`t answer me back!” She took a calming breath, and then looked at my straining cock, studying it for the first time. “My God, no wonder Julie needs a real cock. That is so small, like a model of a real one.”
Her words of scorn made my heart race with offense, and my cock twitch, a thin trickle a pr cum began to edge its way down its angry head.
“Bloody Hell,” Sophie gasped. “Are you trying to cum? You really are a pathetic dirty little boy. You’re going to be punished so badly when Julie and Chris get home! “She pulled the cover back over me. She left the room in exaggerated disgust, leaving me lying there with a sinking feeling creeping over me like an incoming tide. I finally dawned on me that I really was going to get punished when my wife and her lover, her man, got home. But even with that revelation, my cock stayed had, desperate to cum. As I lay there, I wondered if Sophie was going to stay and watch my punishment……..

It was one in the morning when my bedroom door opened next. Julie marched over to my bed, yanking back the covers, her face tight with anger. “You pervert!” she exclaimed. “ Flashing your tiny cock at a sixteen year old girl!”

“I didn`t, it’s not like that…” I protested
“Silence! Not another word. Chris is livid downstairs, you have managed to ruin our perfect evening with your sick perversions!” Grabbing my arm she pulled me from the bed. “You had better come down and face the music. God help you though, Chris is really pissed!”
With my heart pounding with fear and offense I let her lead me downstairs by the hand like the naughty young they all took me to be. Upon entering the living room I found Chris and Sophie sitting on the settee, both with stern looks and I was led by my wife to the centre of the room, facing them. Julie then sat herself down on the arm chair, crossing her perfect legs. She still looked and smelt good from her night out.
“You are unbelievable!” Chris reprimanded me. “Your wife and I go out for a nice evening, and all we ask is for you to be good for Sophie. And what do you do, she her disrespect, and then flash at her!”
I opened my mouth to protest my innocence, but upon looking at annoyance written across his face, decided better off it, and simply hung my heads in shame. Turning into the scolded young they were making me.
“Well, your behaviour will not be tolerated. Sophie is hardly going to want to come over to babysit you whilst I enjoy the company of your wife if she thinks you are going to be trouble is she?”
I continued to look at my bare feet on the carpet.
“Is she!” she shouted load enough for the neighbours to hear. I literally jumped in my skin. “No, Sir,” I quickly acknowledged.
Chris stood up and began to unfasten his belt. I looked at him in horror.
Turn around and bend over facing your wife, rest your hands on the chair arms. I want you looking into her eyes as I thrash your backside.”
I turned towards Julie.
“No, wait. Think you can strip first,” he said.
I looked at him pleadingly, but saw the look on his face and decided it was best not to argue.
“I hope his little cock isn’t hard again!” Sophie put it, her voice all exaggerated sweet and innocent.
My eyes darted to her mischievous face, her eyes flicking from mine to my cock and back again. Shit. I could feel it growing!
I took off my top first, and then pulled down my pyjama bottoms; my little cock was semi hard.
“You’re disgusting!” Sophie sighed.
Now naked, I turned and took the position Chris had requested earlier.
I looked into my wife’s eyes, and I could see both pity and contempt there. Any shred of dignity I once had was slowly being stripped from me. Any shred of respect she had for me, long gone.
The first strike of the belt caught me off guard, I yelped, jumping up and cupping my stinging buttocks.
“Back in position!” Chris shouted. “Julie, baby, I think you are going to have to hold onto his wrists to stop him jumping around the room.”
She smiled at him as she took hold of my wrists.
The second blow was even harder. I cried out again.
“Count them, and thank me,” he told me.
“Two, thank you sir,” I gasped. I could hear Sophie giggle.
By the time he had reached, and I had counted and thanked him for the twelfth, tears were running freely down my face. All the time Julie held my eye.
“There, I have had enough, wasting my time on you,” he said at last. Thank God, I thought. The pain and offense of being punished in front of my wife and a sixteen year old girl was finally over. That`s when he said, “your turn, Sophie,”
My heart skipped a beat again. No please, don`t let her punish me! I cried out in my head.
“I don’t know if I can do it right,” I heard her say.
“It`s easy, you`ll soon get the hang of it, besides, you need to learn so you can punish him yourself next time if he misbehaves whilst Julie and I are out,”
“Ok,” she said, taking the belt from him. Her first stroke was a bit off target, catching the backs of my thighs. I cried out, fresh tears mixing with old. “One, thank you Miss,” I chocked.
As each stoke preceded, her strength and aim got better. Chris told her she could stop when she liked, but she went on to deliver a shocking 25 strokes by the time she had finished, my legs were trembling, and my face a mass of red blotches.
“Turn around,” Chris said when Sophie had passed his belt back. “Thank Sophie for your punishment and apologies for your behaviour this evening before you go back to bed.”
I looked at her flushed face, not sure if it was flushed through exertion, or excitement, probably both. “Thank you for punishing me Miss Hawley. Sorry I was bad,” my voice sounded weak and pathetic.
“If you’re sorry, why are you hard?” she raised a pretty eyebrow.
I looked down at my cock, pointing at her like a wagging finger.
“Pathetic,” she shook her head.
“Right, off you go to bed, the grownups need some time together. Don`t you dare touch yourself either, Julie doesn’t want to find your mess all over the bed sheets in the morning.”
I hurried from the room, my face burning as Julie and Sophie’s laughter rand in my ears.
Shortly after I was in my bed, I heard Julie and Chris say good night to Sophie as she got in a taxi home. Then shortly after that I could hear the bed creaking in the next room, my wife’s pants of pleasure getting loader as she reached her first orgasm of the night. I heard him grunt too as he emptied his seed into her tight pussy. I wanted to grab my cock, but dared not, one touch could set it off, and I dared not risk that happening. The punishment I was sure would be too great

I didn’t relax very well that night for obvious reamisters. Being beaten with a belt by my wife`s boyfriend, and a sixteen year old girl in front of my wife had a surreal feeling to it, no matter how aroused it appeared to make me.
The sound of my wife’s soft moans finally drifted into my dreams, waking me up the following morning. Her moans growing loader and more urgent, the sound of the bed creaking at a faster pace, as Chris pounder into her. A better man enjoying the pleasure of my wife. A pleasure I was certain I would never, ever get again.
When they both floated down from their orgasms, I could hear them chatting and laughing together. I think that that is the hardest thing for me. The sex is sex, but the chatting and laughing, well, that`s a couple. A real couple.
A sudden thought accrued to me. I had left my pyjamas downstairs the night before, and my new bedroom had no clothes in yet. With a feeling of dread I realised this meant I would have to go down stairs naked.
A tap at my bedroom door, and my wife’s soft voice. “Come on down for your breakfast. And be quick about it.”
“But I have nothing to wear,” I protested.
“So?” was her simple response.
I quickly climbed out of bed, went to the bathroom, having to sit down to pee as my cock was still like a rod. I had never seen it look so red and desperate. The thought of going downstairs to the kitchen naked before my wife and her boyfriend was both humiliating and stimulating, as it only could be to a cuckold.
When I entered the kitchen they were both sitting their eating toast. Chris looked me up and down with a mocking expression on his face.
“Your breakfast is on the side,” Julie pointed towards a bowl of cereal in a plastic kids bowl.
As I sat at the table I noted that Julie was wearing her tight short denim skirt, showing her smooth firm thighs, and her low cut black top, which her ample firm breasts struggled to stay in.
“You owe Chris £20 by the way,” Julie said.
I looked up puzzled.
“Well Chris had to pay Sophie last night with you running off upstairs like that! And you can’t expect Chris to pay for your babysitter, can you?” she smirked. “Well?” she added when I never replied.
“No,” I mumred.
Chris just carried on eating his toast, his smug face getting smugger by the second.
“I see you are still hard,” Julies stated, “Chris and I have had a little chat this morning and have decided that even though you were not on your best behaviour last night, we will still let you cum this morning considering you took your punishment so well last night,”
My cock twitched, both with the prospect of being able to cum at last, and by the thought that I was having to be given permission to cum.
“What do you say?” She asked.
“Thank you,” I said.
“Well, it`s Chris you should be thanking really. It was his idea to let you cum. He says you must be desperate. And as he has cum in me three times since last night, you deserve to cum once.”
I glanced at Chris, my face burning as I thanked him for giving me permission to cum. They both smiled at my offense.
Julie slid a condom across the table. “Put this on. Obviously Chris gets to fuck me bare back now, but you don`t get that pleasure.”
My heart began to pound as I fumred with the condom packet. They were going to let me fuck Julie! I suddenly felt afraid. Surely I was not worthy of fucking her anymore. To touch those firm full breasts. To slip between those shapely thighs, slip into the tight wet pussy. Surly that was all what a real man deserved. Not me!
As if reading my mind Julie laughed. “I hope you don`t think you are putting that thing in me?” she exclaimed.
I looked at them both puzzled as I slid the condom down my pulsating cock.
“No, you get to fuck the kitchen floor. You can show Chris what a man you are as you hump away!”
I looked at her shocked.
“Well, what are you waiting for? You want to cum don`t you?”
“Yes,” I said, laying down, my stiff cock pressing against the cold kitchen floor.
“Good boy, show us how a man like you can fuck a kitchen floor!” Julie encouraged me with glee.
With no self-respect left, I began to grind my cock onto the kitchen floor. Both their bare feet were at my eye level and never in my life had I felt so worthless. Needless to say though, I was so turned on I knew I was going to cum very soon. As if sensing this, Julie said, “Make sure you ask Chris permission before you cum, as he has been so kind to you allowing you to have an orgasm.”
That was all it took to push me over the edge. “Please Chris, Please may I cum!” I asked desperately, realising that I was so close there was a real chance I would blow my load before he had given me his permission.
There was long pause, and I strained to look up at him. My hips pounding the floor for all I was worth, aware of how ridicules and pathetic I must have looked. “Please….” I gasped.
He smiled at me, and nodded. “Ok, you may cum. Show me how you cum fucking a floor!” He laughed.
With a load grunt my orgasm began to sweep through me, as I fucked the floor. After the last jet of cum had shot into the condom, I lay at their feet exhausted and spent.
“That was a good boy,” Julie laughed. “Now go and clean yourself up, and then get dressed. Chris is taking me out today for country walk and meal. I have left you a list of chores to do whilst I am out. I want them done properly by the time I get back. Understand?”
Climbing up off the floor, I stood before them with the condom handing of my shrinking cock. “Yes,” I said.
“Good boy, off you go and get dressed then, and don`t forget to give Chris his £20!”

Wednesday evening. My nose pressed against the corner wall of the living room, dressed for bed in my blue pyjamas as usual. Behind me, the sound of Julie and Chris having sex on the sofa. Her soft moans, and his occasional grunt, and the sound friction rubbing against the sofa, in my mind I could see Julie straddling Chris`s throbbing cock, sliding up and down, letting it reach places inside her I had never been, and never would again. Of course, I was forbidden from watching. As Chris had told me earlier, with a smug grin on his face, it was an honour and treat for me to be in the same room as them whilst the fucked. A reward for my well behaved attitude earlier in the evening when I had been told what was to be expected of me in two weeks’ time.
Earlier that evening I had arrived home from work, where Julie had informed me Chris was a t a loose end that evening and invited himself over for the night. I knew better then to protest, or comment in anyway, just resolve myself to the fact that I would be having an early night in the spare bedroom, which to be honest is where I relax all the time now anyway, whilst Chris would ravish my wife in what used to be my old bed.
“Make sure the house is tidy for when he gets here, put some beer in the fridge for him, and make sure you have your pyjamas on, you know how he gets a kick out of seeing dressed like that! I still don`t think he can get his head around seeing a grown man in pyjamas in the presence of two other adults, even more so when he is sent to bed while he fuck that man’s wife!” Julie shook her head in mock disbelief.
Hanging my head in shame and offense I didn`t reply, but quietly got on with my chores conscious of the cocks growing excitement.
It was six thirty when I heard Chris pull up onto our drive. The house was spotless; I was dressed in my pyjamas, my stomach rumbling because I had not had time for tea, and my cock semi hard with the offense of it all.
Julie swept into the room, swelling of perfume, dressed in a short black skirt and low cut black top. Casual, but very sexy. My eyes looked her up and down, and I felt that pang of jealousy fill my insides once more. How and why had I let Chris take this sexy young woman away from me? Of cause, I already knew the answer. She was a woman how needed a man. A real man to take care of her, to protect her, to fuck her. I was, and could do none of those things. I was not a man; in fact I was very much like the young they seemed to relish making me out to be.
“Go and let him in,” Julie told me.
I hurried to the door, shielding myself behind it as I opened it, not wanting any passer-by to see me.
“Good boy,” Chris mocked as he brushed past into the living room, a bunch of magazines tucked under his arm.
Julie wrapped her slender arms around his neck and the kissed for several moments, whilst I stood with my head bowed.
When at last they came up for air, Julie told me to go and fetch Chris his beer. I hurried off, and when I returned, found them sitting looking through the magazine he had brought. It`s then that I noticed that they were holiday brochures.
I stood stupidly before them whilst they flicked through a few books commenting on some nice places. Eventually Chris looked up at me and told me to go to my bedroom; they would call me later when they had finished studying the broachers.
Like a small young I left the room, leaving my wife and her lover alone to plan a holiday.
It was about half an hour later when Julie called me down. I had been laying on my bed, my tiny cock hard in my hand as my mind thrived on the offense of it all.
I hurried downstairs, and was instructed to sit in the chair opposite. Chris leaned back in the sofa, a mocking smile of superiority swept across his face.
“We have decided to go on holiday abroad. We think Spain would be nice.”
“I see,” I said, then quickly added, “Sir.” I didn`t want a strapping tonight.
This seemed to please Chris, and excite Julie, who snuggled up closer to her man.
“We have decided also, that as you are paying, it only seems right that you should be allowed to come along too.”
I swallowed. This all sounded awkward. Talk about a spare wheel.
As if reading my mind, Chris`s smile broadened. “Don`t worry about feeling like a spare part, we will also taking your babysitter.”
“Sophie!” I exclaimed alarmed.
Julie tutted. “That`s Miss Hawley to you!” she reprimanded me.
“Sorry,” I said. “Miss Hawley?”
`Yes of course Sophie. She`s the only babysitter you have isn`t she?”
I nodded.
“Obviously you will need to pay for your babysitter too. But then at least your wife and I can relax knowing that you are being a good boy.”
My mouth felt too dry to speak.
“Sophie will have full responsibility for you, and you will obey her every command during the holiday. We don`t want our holiday being spoilt by your bad behaviour. What she says goes. Understand?”
“Yes sir,” I managed to croak. My mind raced. Two weeks at the mercy of a teenage girl, who seemed to get a kick out of my offense? Why did that excite and scare me so much at the same time?
“I will leave you with the details and dates to book. I have already okayed it with Sophie’s parents, though they obviously don`t realise her role in the holiday. Now, also I have a little present for you which hopefully will be here on Saturday when I come over to take Julie out for the evening. It will be something for you to take on holiday with you.”
Oh cuckolds brownie, I thought. He`s going to make we wear humiliating speedos!
“I`m sure Sophie will find you present most amusing too when she comes to babysit you Saturday,” he laughed.
My face began to flush at the thought of facing Sophie again after the strapping she had so eagerly given me the other day.
“Now, because you have been a good boy, and as a treat before you go to bed, Julie had agreed that you may listen to us fuck.”
I looked from one grinning face to the other.
“Pardon?” Julie asked.
“Thank you Miss,” Thank you Sir,” I said.
“For what?” Julie asked, frowning; whilst her hand reached down to grab hold of Chris’s cock in his jeans.
“Thank you for letting me hear you fuck,” I hung my head in shame.
The both laughed. “Turn and push your nose into the wall then,” Julie said.
So there I was, my cock pulsating as I heard Chris pump his seed into my wife’s eager pussy. Their orgasms becoming one. As their breathing began to steady I heard them kiss. She whispered something secret to him and he laughed, whispering back. She laughed back. A shared joke. Something I was not involved in. I felt jealous and excited at once. More kissing, that at last I was sent to bed by them both. I had a busy day ahead of me tomorrow booking a holiday in Spain for four……

Saturday evening came, I had spent the afternoon doing chores and making sure the house was once more spotless for our guests. That included clean sheets on Julie’s bed. Chris was planning on relaxing over after taking my wife out.
I carried a glass of red wine upstairs, dressed in my pyjamas, and knocked on Julie’s bedroom door. I knew better then to just walk in. She could be naked, and as she belonged to Chris now, that would be very awkward.
“Come in,” Julies called, and smiled when she saw me dressed ready for bed, despite the fact it was still on six in the evening. “Thank you,” she said taking the take from me. “All your chores done now?”
She crossed her perfect legs, and took a sip of wine. She was wearing her tiny black dress, the one her breasts struggled to stay in, and was forever riding up her smooth firm thighs. Chris was a lucky bastard, I thought. My cock twitched at the offense of another man taking my sexy wife from me. To be honest he had done more than just take my wife, he had taken my dignity and self-respect. Was rubbing my nose in it at every opportunity, and I was just letting him. Not only letting him, I was getting off on it. If I had not been the way I was, a wimp, that is, I think he would have just had an affair with Julie, and maybe she would have moved in together. But once he knew what kind of man, and I use that term loosely, I was, probably from the moment he had read the letter I had handed him begging him to take my wife, I think he got a big a kick out of humiliating me as I did from being humiliated. I mean, how often to you come across a sexy woman who has a husband who is at your beck and call and you can treat like cuckolds brownie?
“I hope you are going to be a good boy for Sophie tonight. Not like last time?” her eyes locked on mine and were full of mischief.
My cock twitched again at the thought of being babysat by a sexy sixteen year old girl. It was so humiliating, and that is why my heart raced at the thought of it.
“I will be,” I reassured her, and I meant it. I was going to give them no reamister to use the belt on me again tonight.
I heard a car pull up and Julie glanced out of the bedroom window, a smile breaking out on her pretty face. “They are here, go and let them in.”
I hurried down stairs, and could hear Chris and Sophie chatting and laughing as they approached the front door. I waited for the knock and then opened it, stepping aside for them to pass. It was a nice summers evening and Sophie was wearing a very short denim skirt, with a white tight top that showed off her flat stomach and belly button. It was v necked too, revealing quite a bit of young cleavage. She would certainly make heads turn, and I am sure she had gone out of her way to make herself look extra sexy, safe in the knowledge that I was pathetic, and would drool over her, but was not man enough to do any more.
Chris was smart too, in black trousers and black sweater, and I could not help noticing that he also carried a small box. My present, I assumed, with a sense of foreboding.
Once inside the living room I quickly decided to ask Chris if he would like a beer. He looked please at my subservient manner and said he would. Sophie simply smiled at my weakness.
When I returned with the ready chilled beer I saw Julie had come down, and was sitting next to Sophie chatting. The stopped talking and both looked up at me smiling. Chris sat on the chair opposite, the one I had bent over previously to be beaten with the belt by Chris and Sophie whilst looking into my wife’s eyes the other week.
On his lap was the box.
“Would you like you present now?” he asked.
I swallowed, looking him from his face to the box. “Yes,” I croaked.
He was about to pass the box when Sophie said. “Wait, make him sit down crossed legged like a little kid to open his present!”
This made Chris smile. “Good idea, Sophie, you’re really getting into this!” Then looking at me. “Well what are you waiting for?”
Defeated, I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs. My cock pushing against the fly of my pyjamas like a tent. Without thinking I had sat down facing Julie and Sophie, and due to the fact they were both wearing such sort skirts my eyes were level with their bare sexy thighs, and a view up their skirts. Feeling my face flush, I quickly averted my gaze to the carpet, not daring to look up again.
Chris stood before me and handed down the box. “Open it.”
I quickly did, and inside I discover a plastic tube and two keys, one of which had been put on a pretty feminine chain. At once I knew what the tube was. I had seen pictures before. Never before had I felt a feeling of both utter dread, and sheer excitement as I took the chastity belt and keys from the box.
Sophie leaned forward, “so that’s what one looks like,” she whispered.
“Do you like your present?” Julie asked.
My eyes darted up at her, trying not to look at the bare flesh presented before me. I didn`t know what to say.
“Don’t you think you should thank Chris for thinking about you and spending his money on you?” She asked.
I now looked up at him, his face was stern. I knew what I needed to do. “Thank you Chris for buying me a chastity belt. It will make me behave and stop wanting to play with myself all the time.” I don’t know why I added all that, but somehow I just needed to humiliate myself more. It made Sophie snigger at me anyway.
“You’re welcome,” he said, also sounding pleased with my willingness to humiliate myself more. What kind of man was I, he must have thought. “As you can see, there are two keys to the belt. One I will keep locked in my desk at work for emergency purposes only. For all intense and purposes it does not exist unless we need to free for some reamister and the other key is lost.”
Somehow this made me feel relieved. Despite the fact he was taking my wife and taking complete control of my life, and now my sex life, he was also being sensible. By the look of the chain, I guessed Julie would wear the master key around her slender neck.
“Now, as for the master key,” he continued. “Obviously it’s no good me having it as I will be a complete bastard to you and never let you come!”
Just as I thought. That`s why Julie will have it. This gave me some hope. I was sure Julie would still take pity on me and allow me relief sometimes. I was sure I could work on her.
As if reading my mind Chris went on. “Oh course, if Julie was to have it, she might be subjected to emotional blackmail. That`s why I have decided that the most sensible choice is for Sophie to have the key. She will be the one who will now control when and if you get to orgasm.”
My mouth fell open with shock. “What?” I couldn’t help but exclaim. This was just too much. They couldn`t really be expecting me to give over my sex life to a troublesome sixteen year old girl, me, an adult man! I looked at her face, it was filled with excitement and mischief, and this made my heart quicken its beat. Having this young girl decide when, and if I could come, whilst Chris could come in, or on my wife at any time he chose, took my Cuckold life to a whole new level. Once again, my cock was ruling my common sense, and dignity.
Chris grinned at me. A look of triumph behind his eyes. “Hand Sophie the key, and thank her for taking control of your orgasms,” he said.
I could feel Julie’s eyes burning into me as she leaned forward, her face curious, she was obviously wondering if I would actually hand over the key to the girl sitting next to her. Would I lower my self respect that far. Of course, the answer was yes, and I took the key on the pretty chain from the box and handed it to an excited Sophie.
“Please will you take control of my orgasms, Miss Hawley,” I croaked.
She took the key from me, and placed it around her neck, the shiny key resting in the v of her t-shirt between her ample cleavage. “Good boy,” she said, and my cock nearly came on the spot. A teenage girl half my age telling me I was a good boy. The offense was almost too overwhelming.
“Julie, would you like to do the honour of putting on your husbands’ new toy?” Chris asked my wife. Then told me to stand up and pull down my pyjama bottoms, which I did, revealing an angry red cock pointing at the three of them. My heart was beating so hard I was sure they could all hear it as load as I could in my own ears.
“That`s no good,” Julie exclaimed. “How am I supposed to bend it into the tube when it`s that hard!” she shook her head disapprovingly at me, and I felt ashamed of not being able to keep my erection under control.
“I`ll have to get some ice,” Chris said, and began to head for the kitchen, when Sophie spoke up.
“Wait, if he is going to be put in chastity for a while,” she looked at me and grinned, twisting the key between her fingers. “Maybe we should let him come. Then it will fit in the tube ok. I really want to see him fucking the kitchen floor like you were telling me you had him do as we walked up the drive.”
So that`s what Chris and her had been laughing about earlier.
Chris thought for a moment, and looked at Julie, who said. “Well, we have put her in charge of his orgasms, and she`s not legally a minor, so I don`t see why she can`t witness his orgasm if that`s what she wants. “
Chris nodded. “Ok Sophie, it`s your decision. You have the final say in his sex life now, let`s go to the kitchen.”
I stood looking from one to the other in total disbelief. They were talking as if I was not there. I felt so inadequate as a man, but so overwhelmingly excited. The offense was more powerful than any have in the world. I meekly followed them into the kitchen, where Sophie promptly told me to get on the floor. Now I lay with my nose on the floor, her pink painted toes inches from my burning face.
“I have never seen anyone have sex in real life,” she informed me with glee. “And certainly never seen anyone have sex with a kitchen floor!”
Both Julie and Chris laughed at this.
“Come on, show me.” She told me.
At once I began humping the floor like a dog in heat, which made the pretty teen laugh. “My God, look at him go!” she exclaimed. This only added to my excitement and made me hump faster. “Ask me before you cum, no; beg me in fact, like you did Chris.”
This was all too much; I was nearly over the edge already. I was so excited the cold hard floor could actually have been a tight pussy.
“Please Miss Hawley, may I cum,” I gasped.
She pushed her foot under my face. “Kiss it, and beg like you mean it!” she snapped, with authority well past her years.
“Please Miss Hawley, please may I cum. I know I am not a real man, but I am so Horney, please I need it so bad!” I felt like I was going to cry, as I kissed her foot as if she was a goddess.
She gave a long sigh. “Ok, if you must, you have my permission. But as you have no condom on, you will lick up every bit of your mess!”
I heard Julie gasp. Obviously she too was amazed by this girl’s femdom attitude.
I couldn`t hold back any more. “Please Miss Hawley,” I grunted
“Ok, you may. Make the most of it; God knows when you will come again!”
I gasped out, my body shuddering as I came before the three of them, my pyjama bottoms around my ankles, and my backside bobbing up and down as I fucked the floor for all I was worth.
As I finally came back down to earth, I could feel the hot gooey mess beneath me. With my orgasm over, the excitement was beginning to dwindle.
“Well, what do you say?” Sophie inquired firmly.
“Thank you for letting me come,” I croaked. I felt totally disgusted in myself now. With the excitement and erection gone, I saw myself for what I really was. A pathetic man, debasing himself before his wife, her boyfriend, and a teenager.
“That`s a good boy,” she mocked me. “Well get licking then!”
I felt sick as I began to lick up my mess. I can tell you it was not as exciting as I had imagined before my orgasm. But I did it, because I knew in a few hours I would be in heaven again at the thought of it all, once my cock had recharged, so to speak.
“Make sure you get every drop, and then go upstairs to clean yourself off properly, and then your wife can fit your nice new chastity belt.”
I resisted the urge to gag on the salty taste of my own seaman.
“You’re really into the part!” Chris exclaimed, with amazement.
“I know,” Sophie replied. “I have been doing some research on cuckolds on the internet. Getting some information on what kind of man lets someone else fuck their wife! I have come across some good ideas too. I thought it important that as his baby sitter I had some idea on what makes him tick, so that I can do a better job of looking after him, whilst you both enjoy each other, and the grown up stuff that goes with it!” She laughed.
I sat up after finally finishing my task. My mouth felt sticky.
“All done?” Sophie said. “Good boy. Now go upstairs and have a wash and clean yourself up, I want the belt on and you in bed before your wife and Chris go out for the night.”
I almost ran from the room in shame.
Ten minutes later, as Julies locked my cock in its new primister, with Sophie smiling and playing with the key to its freedom, I realised that my life was going to become Hell. Not only was my wife fucking a man who took pleasure in my offense, but now I was at the mercy of a vicious teenage dominatrix in the making who held the key to my sexual release…….

I finally finished making the bed by putting on a new pillow case for Miss Hawley, having already changed the bed sheets on my wife’s bed, ready for Chris to spend the night. It was finally here, the eve before we went on holiday, and I have spent the most frustrating two weeks of my life imaginable.
The first night I had been put in chastity had been bad, I woke up at four in the morning in agony, as my usual morning hard on was forbidden by the cruel tube, what’s more I was desperate for the toilet, and up until that moment had not realised that until the tube came off I was going to have to pee sitting down like a girl.
As the week went on, my frustration grew. Julie was wearing some of her sexiest clothes around the house, and the slightest thing was making me Horney. Every female I saw, whether in real life, or on the television was making me rampant. Every time I was in the kitchen, I would look down at the cold floor, the only place I had been allowed to cum recently, and would have done anything for the chance to get down and hump it again now. It got so bad that by the following weekend I actually begged Julie to go out with Chris, just so Miss Hawley could come over to babysit, and hopefully give me permission to cum.
Julie just mocked me, and told me I would have to wait till the holiday to see Miss Hawley, my sixteen year old key holder and babysitter again. However, Chris came over that Saturday night and after I was sent to bed, spent the night getting pleasure from my sexy wife. By the time I heard him cum for the third time; I tear of frustration trickled down my cheek as I lay in the darkness. Poor, chastised, pathetic excuse for a man.
With the beds all finished, I made my way down stairs, dressed as usual at this early time of the evening in my pyramids. Julie was sitting on the settee; legs crossed revealing a huge amount of smooth firm thigh as her short mini skirt rode high up her legs. She looked up from her magazine, and gave me a smile, showing off her perfect teeth.
“I`m really excited about this holiday, aren’t you? It`s so kind of you to treat us all,” she said excitedly, then her voice turned more firm. “I do hope you are going to be a good boy?”
I nodded like a mindless fool. There was no way I was going to do anything to risk the opportunity of an orgasm.
A car pulled up into the drive. Chris and Sophie were here. As I went to the front door to let them in, I couldn`t help wondering what the neighbours would think to his car being parked in our drive for the next two weeks.
I opened the door, and Chris brushed past with his usual manly arrogance. How I longed to have some of his confidence in life. Sophie stood in the doorway for a moment, looking me up and down with her usual look of amusement. She looked stunning as usual, in faded skin tight jeans, which showed off her perfect trim firm young figure to perfection, and a tight black top, low cut, with the key to my sex life glinting in the evening sun, hanging between her firm breasts.
“Have you been a good boy?” she asked, stepping past me and heading into the living room.
“Yes, Miss Hawley,” I meekly replied, following her in, my eyes firmly fixed on her perfect bottom that the jeans hugged like a second skin.
“Right, go and fetch me a beer, “Chris ordered, sitting close to my wife. “We have a few things to sort out regarding the holiday after you have fetched our cases out of my car.”
My heart skipped a beat. “But I am in pyjamas!” I stammered.
“So?” he said, tilting his head in puzzlement.
I swallowed. No point in arguing. If I did it quick, maybe nobody would notice. I began to set off to the kitchen to when Sophie chirped in. “I’ll have a beer too.”
“Yes, and me,” Julie put in.
I turned alarmed. “You’re really not old enough to take,” I told Sophie, and immediately regretted my mouth running away with me.
She shot to her feet, her eyes locked on mine, her face tight with anger. “How dare you answer me back!” she barked. “I am the babysitter here! I am the one who decides what you can and can’t do, not the other way around!”
Like a scolded young I looked down at the carpet, avoiding eye contact, quickly apologising. “Sorry, Miss Hawley.”
“You will be,” she snapped, sitting back down.
I hurried from the room to fetch the beers, and couldn’t help noticing the smug expression on Chris`s face as I passed. How feeble I must be in his eyes. There he was, sitting in my house, next to my wife, who he had exclusive sexual activity with, about to go on a holiday I was paying for, being reprimanded by a sixteen year old girl, who was now in charge of any sexual relief I might get. Any normal man would not tolerate any of this. They would throw Chris out, with Sophie close behind, and claim Julie back as their own. Become the man of the house once more, for her to respect, and love, and want to fuck. Oh course, that was not me. I revelled in the offense of it all. It was my have. And the more they humiliated and belittled me, the more I longed them to do so.
After fetching their beers and then sneaking out to Chris’s car to bring in the suit cases, I don`t think anyone saw me dressed in my pyjamas, I stood in the centre of the living room before the three of them.
“Right, down to business,” Chris said, taking a sip from his bottle. “As you know, we are going abroad tomorrow, and with airport security as it is, we don`t think it feasible for you to go in your chastity belt. So, we are going to remove it, and you are going to be subjected to frequent arousal tests.”
I looked from one smirking face to the other. Frequent arousal tests? What could that mean?
“I see you look puzzled,” Chris said. “During the holiday, Julie, or Sophie, Miss Hawley to you, or me, will ask you to present yourself for inspection. We will inspect your erection, and if you don`t seem aroused enough, we will assume you have given yourself an unauthorised orgasm. Now, obviously you have had no chance of an orgasm for the past two weeks, so Julie is going to take off your chastity belt, and we can all see what level of arousal you are at. From that point on, we expect the same level of arousal at each inspection, or we will know you have been a bad little boy. So, first things first, and strip.”
Without a word of protest I slowly peeled of my pyramids, my mind trying to take in what the implications of what I had just been told held. Now, wearing nothing but my chastity belt I stood before them shame faced.
“Sophie, would you mind handing Julie the key to his cage?” Chris asked the teenager.
Julie took the key from her, stooping down before me, she began to free my imprimistered member. Her warm breath on it as she did so was nearly enough to make me cum. Once free of the cruel device, it quickly grew to its full four inches, its head angry and red.
Julie looked at Chris, as if asking permission, to which he nodded, and then she took hold of my cock for the first time in months. I groaned out aloud, my knees buckling, her hand felt so soft, so delicate, so arousing. I looked down to witness in circling my throbbing cock. Her hand that often took hold of Chris’s erection, often brought him pleasure, often guided his manhood into her willing body. I tremred more, and mumred, “Oh, God,” as she moved her hand up and down my shaft, just the once. I really thought I was going to cum just from that. What wrath I would have incurred if I had, for I would have shot my pathetic load all over her face. My punishment for doing so would surely be mind bending.
As if reading my mind, Julie looked up at me, her mouth twisted into cruel smile. “Don’t you dare cum,” she stated.
I looked over at Sophie when I heard the girl giggle as she took a sip of beer. Her eyes were alive with excitement and mischief.
Julies gave me one slower soft wank. My whole body tremred, it felt so good. She locked eyes with me as she did it again, and I felt my ball tighten. “Please stop,” I begged.
“Pardon?” she asked another slow wank.
I began to panic as I felt my orgasm begin to build. “Please stop stroking me, I can’t hold back!” I almost shouted.
Sophie laughed out loud now. “My God, what kind of man cums that fast!” She exclaimed.
“Not a real one,” Chris informed her.
I shuddered as Julies hand so very softly travelled the short length of my cock again. A small amount of pre cum leaked from its angry purple head, and I felt faint with excitement.
“that`s naughty!” Julie snapped, running her finger through it and then standing up, holding her finger to my mouth. “Lick.”
I did as I was told, grateful that my cock was finally being left alone.
“Ok, that enough for now,” Chris grinned. “But now you know what to expect from you inspections. Though, don’t expect another hand to be wanking you, which will be your job. Now, I think it`s time for you bed. You have an early start tomorrow. I assume you know you are relaxing on the hard floor of the third bedroom tonight as Sophie is having your bedroom?”
“Yes sir,”
“Good, well get off to bed then, and member, no playing with yourself, but rest assured that I will be relieving my aching balls into your beautiful wife later in bed,” he mocked.
“Hmmm, can’t wait,” Julie purred snuggling back up to him.
“I will be up to check on you later,” Sophie informed me as I left the room, picking up my pyjamas as I did so, my erection leading the way. How the Hell was I going to relax tonight I had no idea.
Somehow I finally did manage to fall arelax, ignoring my frustration, and the sound of laughing from the three of them downstairs, followed by the television coming on. I don’t know what the time was, or how long I had been arelax when the bedroom door opened. The light flicked on, and Sophie stood over me. She had changed into a very short pink nightdress that showed off all her perfect legs. I squinted up at her as she towered above me, hands on hips, her face stern.
“Have you been a good boy?” She asked.
I nodded, confused.
“Yes, Miss Hawley,” I said.
“Well let’s make sure, inspection time.”
I looked at her puzzled for a moment, relax till clogging my mind, and then I realised what she meant. At once my cock was growing hard beneath the blanket covering me. Realising I had no choice I pulled it back, revealing my excited member to her.
She smiled as she looked down at me, “Good boy, looks like it is still excited, and you have not cum.”
My cock twitched by itself, which made her chuckle.
“Ok, wank it for me,” she instructed.
Taking hold of myself, I began to wank, so slow and gentle, not wanting to have an accident.
“Dose that feel nice?”
“Yes, Miss Hawley,” I moaned, my eyes constantly flicking from her firm thighs, to her pretty young face.
“Bet you really want to cum, don`t you?” She whispered in a husky voice.
I was trembling again, my breathing rugged. “Yes Miss Hawley,”
“Shall I let you? I mean, it`s been a while for you, and I am the one in charge of your orgasms remember? Maybe I should let you cum, eh? After all you are paying for my holiday, and for babysitting you whilst we are there.”
I groaned, my balls tightening again. “Oh yes, please! Please Miss Hawley let me cum for you!” I was almost crying.
She smiled down at me. “Go on then, I think I will let you. Show me how much cum you have.”
I quickened my pace. My eyes now fixed on her legs. My breathing becoming load and laboured. She was my Goddess, and I was going to show her how much I could cum for her!
I was so close now as she spoke. “That`s right, you deserve to cum, you have been such a good boy!”
I pumped faster, my hips leaving the floor. My moans sounding pathetic, but I didn`t care. My orgasm was on its way, when suddenly she snapped. “Stop!”
My eyes darted to her face, confusion written across my face, but I still stopped, despite the face I was seconds away from exploding.
“I have just remembered, you have not been a good boy at all have you?”
I frowned at her, my cock still twitching in my hand.
“Don’t you remember? Telling me I was too young to have a beer? Questioning my authority like that! Who so you think you are?”
“Sorry…sorry Miss Hawley,” I blubbered like a baby. “I won’t do it again, but please, please may I cum?”
Her face remained stern. “No, you may not, let go of it and cover yourself up. Next time you will think twice about trying to undermine me, won’t you?”
Defeated, I let go and reluctantly covered myself up again. “Yes, Miss Hawley,” I whimpered. “I am sorry.”
“Well, you have a lot of making up to do, starting tomorrow if you want to cum in the near future. Now get to relax.”
With that she turned and left the room, flicking off the light leaving me in darkness.

The second day into the holiday and I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the tiled floor of the hotel room, whilst Chris sat on the balcony reading and takeing beer. Obviously there was no real need for me to be scrubbing the hotel room floor, the hotel had maids for that, but as my wife and Julie had gone out to browse the local shops, Chris had wanted me occupied and out of his way. The fact that I was naked, on my hands and knees in the room he was fucking my wife in just added to his amusement at my pathetic offense.

“Bring me another larger,” he called from the balcony.

I sighed inwardly, as I broke off from my cleaning and crawled to the mini fridge and opened a bottle of beer for him. This was the bit I hated, crawling out onto the balcony, praying no one would see me from the complex to hand him his take. As I crawled out to him I cursed my erection as it swayed ridged between my legs.

I waited patiently for him to take his attention from his book. Finally he looked down at me, his eyes full of contempt. “Good boy, now fuck off back to your cleaning!”
“Yes, Sir, Thank you Sir,” I said. I was truly broken. A slave to the three of them, and a slave to my offense.
As I crawled back into the main room, my heart skipped a beat as the door opened. I silently pleaded that it was not a member of the staff. Thankfully it was Julie and Sophie arriving back from their outing. I looked up from my humble position at the two beautiful women and my cock throbbed.
“Hi Cuckie, you been a good boy for Master Chris?” Sophie purred down at me. It was the new name she called me now, since she had been told what it meant.
“Yes, Miss Hawley,” I replied eagerly, as if expecting a treat for my good behaviour, like a dog might.
She smiled her perfect teeth at me as she put the bags she had bought down on the double bed. Well, in fairness, it was bags of shopping I had brought for her.
Julie had walked straight past me and was now kissing Chris on the balcony.
“Hmmm, looks like the grownups are going to want some private time,” Sophie said to me. “Think it`s time we went to out room, I am sure that needs some cleaning whilst I soak up the sun.”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I agreed, beginning to stand up.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped at me. “Did I say you could stand?”
I swallowed, shaking my head.
“Our room is only next door. You can crawl to that easily, can’t you?”
I knew it was not really a question. I Nodded. “Yes Miss Hawley.”
Even though it was only a few yards, it felt like it took a lifetime to crawl the short distance to out room, naked, following a sixteen year old, who happened to be my babysitter, praying no one would see.
I literally gave a sigh of relief once inside out room and the door had shut behind us.
“You can make a start on the bathroom, whilst I get changed,” she instructed.
I began my task, cleaning a bathroom which was a pointless task as it had been done by the hotel maid earlier that morning whilst we had been at breakfast, a another humiliating experience that I will go into later!
“Come here Cuckie,” Sophie called at last. I crawled out of the bathroom and almost gasped at the perfect body that stood before me in a skimpy silver bikini, and glistening in suntan lotion.
“I am going down to the pool for a while, obviously your wife and Chris are busy doing their own thing,” her lips twisted into an evil grin. “Now can you be trusted Cuckie not to be bad? To carry on cleaning? Not to going in to my underwear draw? Not to play with your tiny cock?”
As I knelt before this sixteen year old goddess, I knew my cock was leaking pre-cum. There was nothing I could do about it. I was already sexually frustrated to start with, but now seeing Sophie almost naked before me, her perfect smooth skin, tight and glistening in lotion, her stern face and dominant demur was just about enough to make me orgasm without even touching myself.
Her eyes locked on my twitching cock, and she smiled. “Now that`s a perfect measurement of you excitement. If when I come back from the pool I find your cock not purple and leaking it`s pathetic slime I will know you have been playing with it, and making it spurt it’s pathetic stuff. If that’s the case I will take you out onto the balcony and beat you with your own belt, for anyone to witness and hear.” She reached down and grabbed a fist full of hair, pulling my head back till our eyes locked. “Do you understand, Cuckie?”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I stammered, wondering how someone so young could understand the true concept of controlling and humiliating someone so easily.
“Good Cuckie,” she purred. “Now kiss my feet goodbye then get back to your chores.”
I kissed each foot, with the respect this goddess deserved, and then watched her sexy body sway out of the room.
As I began to scrub the bathroom I thought about my wife and Chris next door fucking. Of him empting his balls into my wife, whilst mine stayed full and aching. I knew that they could call me in soon to change the sheets for them, like they did yesterday. With a happy grin on my face, I plunged my hand into the toiled bowl and began to scrub………

I stood with my nose presses against the bedroom wall, the tip of my aching erection touching the cold plaster too. I wanted to hump the wall so bad, any friction to make myself cum. Of course, I knew that was out of the question. No permission had been given for me to cum, as had none been given for the four days we had now been on holiday.
I was still pale and pasty from being refined to stay in either Julie and Chris’s room, or Miss Hawley’s. I was not even allowed down for breakfast now. Miss Hawley had come up with the amusing idea that I be fed on scraps of leftovers that they brought up from the breakfast buffet. An idea that Chris liked immensely. The three of them however were tanning nicely, spending time in the sun by the pool, and beach.
Julies was so content in Chris’s company. They were just like a real couple, who to my dismay were growing even closer by the day. There was no doubt in my mind now that I had lost my wife to this man, a real man, and all I could do was pray that they would still keep me around for as long as it amused them.
It was mid-morning now, and Miss Hawley was down by the pool, tanning her perfect teenage body. I had been sent to do the pointless task of cleaning Julie and Chris’s room. After being told to remove my speedos, Chris had told me to face the wall; he and my wife had some unfinished business to attend too.
Now, from behind me, on the bed, I could hear her pretty mouth making slurping sounds as it slid up and down his lucky member. An occasional gagging from her would also follow. He grunted his satisfaction every now and again. Slowly his grunting became more urgent, more intent, and her gagging more frequent, I guesses he was close to emptying his balls into my wife’s mouth, whilst I, her husband remained frustrated as normal.
“Oh, God, here I cum!” He moaned at last, and then I could hear my wife gagging and slurping for all she was worth as she drank his seed. Something I had never experienced from her in my life.
With his orgasm bliss subsiding, and his breathing beginning to steady I could hear whispering from the pair of them, and Julie giggled. “Turn around Cuckie,” she said at last.
I did as instructed. My wife had covered her nakedness from my view with the white bed sheet, but Chris lay with his full nakedness on show. His cock limp on his belly, glistening with my wife’s saliva.
Julie pointed to the floor by the bed, and I saw a huge white blob of what I knew to be his cum which she had obviously spat out onto the tiled floor. “I want you to lick that up, maybe Chris’s manly seed will help turn you into a man yourself,” she mocked.
I stood frozen to the spot. Repulsed.
“What are you waiting for Cuckie?” She snapped. “If you don`t get down on your hands and knees now and start licking up his mess, I will have Sophie beat you till you pass out!” she grinned again. “I think the young teen would like that don`t you, Cuckie?”
It was true. Miss Hawley was taking to her babysitting femdom role like a duck to water. I think it excited her like nothing before to have a grown man crawl and beg at her feet, obeying her every demand. She was just waiting for the excuse to discipline me again.
Slowly I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled towards the white slime. My cock swayed beneath me with excitement of licking up another man’s cum, an excitement that sadly my gag reflex was not so excited about.
“Wait!” Chris said, as I hovered above his cum. “Maybe I don`t want him licking up my cum.”
Julies smiled and looked at him. “But if he doesn’t, darling, Sophie is going to punish him.”
“Well, I did say he could,” her voice was as smooth and sexy as silk.
“Well, if he asks me nicely, I might think about it,” he said after some thought.
I swallowed down my offense, as my cock twitched. He was going to make me ask him if I could lick up his cum from the floor. “Please can I lick up your cum,” I said.
His eyes locked on mine. Cold and menacing. “I said ask nicely, beg!”
Julies tried to stifle a smile.
I swallowed again. “Please Sir; please may I have to honour of licking up you manly cum. It would be an honour for me to lick up your superior sperm from the floor. To taste what a real man’s cum tastes like. Please Sir, I beg you, may I lick up your mess?”
I think he was shocked the way I had belittled myself, but his face hid it well, as he did an exaggerated thoughtful expression. “Ok, you may on this occasion, but you had better thank me when you’re done!”
Now Julie giggled, as I lowered my head, and my tongue began to scoop up his salty slime, and the both looked on.
With the floor spotless, I sat back upright, and looked at them both. “Thank you, Sir,” I said.
“I can’t believe you just did that,” Julie said with disgust. “What kind of man licks up another man’s cum from the floor. Another man’s cum that has just been in his wife’s mouth?”
I just knelt there, my cheeks burning with offense.
“Still, bet Sophie would like to see you do that sometime, if you ask her nicely I am sure she will let you do that again sometime……”

I lay on the hotel sofa bed in my pyjamas patiently waiting for Sophie to emerge from her bedroom. I was not allowed to get up on my own, and always had to wait in bed till she was up, and being a teenager, she liked her holidays *****!
At last her bedroom door opened, her bare feet padding on the tiled floor and she strolled into the living room. My eyes burned into her gorgeous body lustfully. Her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail, obviously to keep it from her face as she lay in the sun by the pool, but it gave her the look of a true stern dominant female. The only other thing she wore was a skimpy silver bikini, which did little to cover her perfect youthful toned flesh. I tried to fight it, but I felt my erection grow, thankfully hidden under the bed sheets.
Her eyes locked on mine for a moment, her face showing off her new found confidence, and arrogance. There was no question in her young mind now, that she had this adult male at her beck and call. Someone she could control, and humiliate. Her play thing. To someone so young, who had been used to following adults rules, to suddenly have the upper hand, total control over an adult male, well, I could only imagine the power that made her feel.
I averted her gaze. She walked across the room and picked up a tub of suntan lotion.
“We had good night out last night,” she said, walking back in front of me. “You wife and Chris make a real nice couple,” her lip curled into a cruel smile. “His hands were all over her on the dance floor. Bet you wish you could have seen, but the hotel dance hall is for adults only….” Her voice trailed off, and her smile broadened at the obvious implication that I was not considered to be an adult. “I bet Chris gave her a right pounding back in the hotel room later on.”
My erection grew even more at the thought of Chris fucking Julie. Fucking my wife. Fucking his woman now.
“Dose that excites you?” she asked, tilting her head. “Thinking about a real man taking your wife, looking into her eyes as she comes on his cock? A bigger, better man taking your wife for his own? How could you let it happen? How can you just stand by and let another man take you wife from you? And all you can do is get excited by it all?” a small frown creased her otherwise perfectly smooth forehead. “What kind of person allows that to happen? Allows a sixteen year old girl to dominate and humiliate him?”
Her cutting humiliating words only feed the fire of my rampant cock, my cheeks blush with both excitement and ***********. I want to grab my erection, play with it, but of course, I dare not touch it with this girl’s permission.
“Get out of bed and take off you pyjamas,” she instructs.
I look at her alarmed, but do as she says. Will she be cross when she sees I have an erection in her presence?
Looking from my face to my throbbing cock, to my face again, her expression remains emotionless. “Knell,” she says at last. “Why are you so hard?” she asked. “Is it at the thought of Chris fucking with your wife? Or is seeing me standing here in my skimpy bikini?”
I swallow hard, my mouth dry, but do not answer.
“I bet you want to show him don`t you Cuckie? Show Chris that you are a real man? I bet you want to push me onto the bed, pull my bikini bottoms to one side and slide you cock into me, ripping my bikini top off to get hold of my tits. Biting my nipples. Making me cry out as I cum on your cock?”
My cock twitches, and she lets out a little laugh. “That would show him wouldn’t it? He has your wife, but you have the sexy teenage babysitter? Would you like that Cuckie?”
She takes off the top of the suntan cream. “Hold out your hands,” she instructs as she pours a blob into my palms. “Would you like to rub suntan cream into my soft smooth skin?” she asked in a husky sexy voice.
I nod my heart pounding.
A raised eyebrow. “Pardon?”
“Please, Miss Hawley. Please may I have the honour of rubbing suntan cream onto your beautiful body?”
“Hmmm, not a very manly way to ask is it?” she mocks me, taking a step closer. My eyes are level with her belly button now, only inches from my face. “Would you like to touch?” she inquires.
“Oh God, yes please,” I whimper.
Her hand strikes my face, making me jump and cry out. “You dirty old pervert!” She hisses. “Wanting to feel up a young teenager! How disgusting!” She steps back from me, and laughs at my startled expression.
Pouring some cream into her own hands she looks back into my eyes. “I will rub my own cream in thank you very much. However, you may play with yourself and watch, but don`t you dare cum, and don’t you dare stop till I give you permission! Do you understand?”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I whimper.
As she stands before me slowly rubbing lotion into her smooth firm thighs, I begin to play with myself, the lotion she had put in my hands adding to the enjoyable sensation. My breathing quickens, and I feel my balls begin to tighten, and with alarm I realise that I will not hold out from ejaculating for much longer.
Her hands are on her chest now, her flesh glistening with the lotion. She smiles at me. “Enjoying yourself?”
With my pulse racing, I nod, but in truth I am not any longer. I need to cum so badly, but know I must not. And not being allowed to stop is *******, it is no longer a joy, but frustrating, trying to stop myself from shooting my load at her bare feet. I slow down as much as a dare, without actually stopping. But even that is becoming too much.
“Want to cum?” She asks, her body looking even more beautiful now it has its glistening shine.
“Yes please, Miss Hawley,” I beg.
“You may cum, but it will cost you 100 lashes of your belt later this evening. Or you may stop now.”
I moan with frustration. The pleasure of coming now would be ecstatic, shooting at her feet, and humiliating myself by licking it up, but would it really be worth a 100 lashes of my belt later? Miss Hawley was no amateur with the belt any longer.
Gritting my teeth, I drop my hand to my side, leaving my purple cock throbbing for her amusement on its own.
“Good decision,” she tells me. “Now you will only have to suffer 50 lashes tonight.”
“50,” I exclaim.
She nods. “Yes, you’re a very naughty little boy, lusting after your baby sitting, fantasising about fucking her like a real man, wanting to rub suntan cream onto her,”
I open my mouth to protest, but think better of it. Don`t want her adding more to my punishment.
Walking over to the table she returns with a pad of paper and pen. “Now, whilst I am down the pool with Julie and Chris, enjoying the sun Want you to write some line for me. I want you to write `I must not lust after my babysitter. ` I want the lines to be neat and clear. I expect at least 10 pages, which will be a 1000 line by the time I return. However, if you reach that before I return I expect you to carry on till I do return. Understand?”
“Yes Miss Hawley,” I say defeated, taking the pen and pad from her.

“Better get started then,” she says, tucking a beach towel under her arm. “This is a great holiday you are paying for by the way,” she smiles at me over her shoulder as she leaves the hotel room, leaving me on my knees with a throbbing erection I am not allowed to touch, and 1000 lines to write……

We went to opening night of the new Mean Girls musical last night, and it was so good! Seriously, this play has all of your favorite parts from the movie, lovingly updated and reinterpreted for the smartphone era. And set to some very funny musical numbers and impressive set design.

(I have literally had some of the songs running through my head ALL DAY, and I can’t even find a copy of them online to listen to, because of course the show just opened. This is the best/worst.)

Anyway, go see it if you can! It’s running for another five weeks at the National Theatre in D.C. before moving to Broadway.