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I need an FMA/21 Jump Street AU where Roy has to go undercover at the high school the resembool gang goes to because he’s the only cop with enough of a baby face to actually pass for someone close to high school age

The Dreamers AU

Character A is used to having really lucid dreams, but there’s a reoccurring person that Character A keeps running into. Character B interacts with Character A just as normally as if the two of them were awake, except they’ll be in the most impossible situations – in a zombie apocalypse, on the moon, horseback riding on the beach, etc. 

Character B is going about their normal, waking life when one day, they see Character A walk past them. 

The Arrangement (Epilogue 2)

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Summary: Not telling, don’t wanna spoil anything, just keep reeeaading

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: teeth-rotting fluff, implied smut

A/N: Here we are, kiddos. Ask and you shall receive… the demand was so high and I love this series so much that I just can’t let it go. Not that I think any of you will be upset by this news… ENJOY

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Fourth of July AUs:

Today is the 3rd stop with the fireworks AU

Was that actually fireworks or gunshots AU

You’re scaring my dog/cat/fish stop setting off fireworks AU

I was trying to grill dinner for my family and something went terribly wrong AU

Not everything can be fixed with potato salad AU

You’re from another country and are very confused by the overwhelming and sudden patriotism AU

You couldn’t pay me enough to go to that parade there are too many people AU

I brought you to the fireworks as a date but I didn’t realize you’re scared of loud noises AU

Hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth! ~Nicole

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do you have any road trip au's?

  • Character A has the worst allergies- sneezing, coughing, dizziness, all of it. They’re graduating from high school/college soon and want to find a new place to live. Character B decides to take them on a trip across the country, following where Character A’s stuffy nose and red eyes lead them.
  • When a group of friends find out their favorite musician is playing their last show ever, they decide they have to go; even if that means sneaking out in the middle of the night, leaving notes taped to fridges, and driving for three days to get there.
  • Character A has always wanted to go to Disney World. They live too far away to even dream of it,  though. That is, until Character B offers to let Character A come along with them and their sibling, Character C. The only problem is, Character A and Character C have never liked each other. But there’s no way Character A is not going. It’s going to be a long car ride.
  • Character A is alone at the park, just hanging out in the middle of the night, when there is a bright light and two loud booms. Upon investigating, Character A finds two fallen angels that now need to get to the entrance of Heaven. Character A, who has a car, gas money, and nothing but time, offers to drive them.
  • Character A and Character B have some time off and decide to go road tripping. The goal is to experience all four seasons in one trip. Along the way, they also encounter three different natural disasters. Character A insists they go home, but Character B argues that it’s all part of the adventure.
Let me tell you a little story...

once upon a time there lived a prince named Damon and a princess named Elena

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they were in love and cared about each other very much

and brought each other nothing but happiness

they also cared about each other’s families and friends very much

and they never, ever abused each other

damon and elena lived happily for the rest of their days

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Hope you four are doing well. When you have time, would you mind doing a prompt or few about sibling-esque friends? Thank you in advance!

  • Character A and B grew up like they were siblings, and now that they’re older, people are constantly asking if the two of them are related because of how close they are. Character A usually says “no”, but Character B likes to trick people and say “yes”.
  • “Who made fun of you? Tell me. I’m going to beat them up. No, don’t try to protect them, I’m settling this for you.” AU
  • Because of Character A’s meek nature, Character B has always been the one to step in and protect them. At the same time, Character A has always been the calmer out of the two and can talk Character B out of reckless situations. Together, they balance the other out and make for a great pair of friends.
  • “Shh, you’re sick and I’m coming over with your favorite foods and movie. Don’t worry about getting me sick because if I catch this then you’re taking care of me next.” AU
  • Character A is a single child, while Character B is the youngest of a ton of siblings. Character B sort of ‘adopts’ Character A into the mess of their family so that Character A can get the experience of what it’s like to have siblings – and also because Character B wants to be an ‘older sibling’ figure to Character A.

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This for the adorable @yours-julie (JujuRotfuchs on AO3) and her Otayuri AU that reminds me so much a modern fairytale story. Please read it, it’s beautiful. Juju, I hope you like this!
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