juli's art

Another sketch commission from @juliekarbon!
This time a gift for @yuunic >;D

Julie’s character Alice comforting Yuun’s little Mika, as they are being watched by their nightmares/monsters; Boogeyman and Fuzz ovo

This was a tougher one to do, specifically because of Fuzz (because it looks dirty but he lives up to his name at least lol X’D), but it was still fun to do~
These two kinda look like sisters tbh ;0

Thanks for the commission Julie! <3
Hope you both like it~ <3 <3

$5 sketch commission info~


Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

Commission Me

Here’s my submission for the @mlcalendarproject​!  My month was July.  Those bathing suits were sooo fun to draw!  Alya’s is nautical themed with the colors of the French flag, and Marinette’s is obviously Chat Noir-themed.  ^_~ 

(I also just realized blue and red are Nino colors, so let’s just pretend Adrien and Nino are standing off to the side staring with their jaws wide open because the girls are just too adorable)  X3

(I had kind of a hard time drawing this for some reason– I was going through a weird art block thing)

Easter Eggs: 

  • Their ice cream flavors are my 2 favorites: strawberry and pistachio.  ;)
  • My birthday month is actually in July too!