juli is such a gr8 character


A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore, for Punk AU Krissandre, sent in by @duck-n-clover from this prompt! Thank yooou for sending in our good punk boys!

Kriss has a gr8 view of Andre when he’s sitting back behind the drumset but also it must be soooo haaarrrd wanting to kiss his cute punk lead singer boyfriend All Night!!! How does he do it!!! Finally he gets his chance,, to smooch. They did it! They did a concert and earned a smooch!!!

This is one of those ones that I felt like there needs to be a story behind and would have totally made it a lil comic if I was in the mood for that, but a bonus mini drawing is fine too I guess.

Kriss is Darla’s oc!