picture #1 - we met this guys at the open flair festival. the one with the crown we named “THE KING”. the crown was made out of carton, but everyone respected him as the king. he also had a crazy drink in a jerry can with him that he called “the devils mixture” with rum,vodka,whiskey and some other stuff.. and you couldn’t taste the tons of alcohol in it. (thanks to this “devilsmixture” the next day was HELL.)

picture #2 - me, in our tent (mine & nadines.) i think it was taken the day after we met the king with his devilsmixture. i felt bad. but not as bad as other people, gnaah! ♥

picture #3 - this is my bestfriend nadine (aka strayandgypsy ) - in our tent, too. she kinda maybe felt the same way as me the day after the devilsmixture, haha. AND she may look kinda retarded on this picture, but believe me, she’s a beauty. i love her, she’s cute&funny and i just love hanging around with her at cold night at bus stops, talking about everything that touches our hearts. ♥