#rfabseptember16 Book Photo Challenge:

Day 28: September Haul.

So I realized that my massive classic haul courtesy of my wonderful dad was technically for the month of August, so this is my only haul for the month, also from my dad (THANK YOU FATHER 😘❤️). I absolutely LOVE this vintage cover and I’m pretty eager to read a Jules Verne book. Also #beautifulbookcover and #annoyingstickeredbooks tags by @captain.valour, thank you! 😊❤️📚

In 1863, Jules Verne wrote “Paris in the 20th Century,” a manuscript that predicted glass skyscrapers, submarines, the technology to land on the moon, feminism, and a statistical rise in illegitimate births. His publisher rejected the story because it was unbelievable, so Verne put it in a safe - where it was forgotten until his great-grandson rediscovered in in 1989.

It was one of the first science-fiction novels written by Jules Verne, but because it was lost in a safe for over 125 years, it was the last to be published.