jules' face

look at this commission of my @thearcanagame apprentice and Julian from @kerbabbles??? I’m so happy??? I’m just… screaming?? I keep staring at it like *eyezooms*

anyway, meet Laika, who’s so jumpy by nature that when she tried to run away from Julian in the shop and he pulled her back, she just straight up passed out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lowkey Julian’s like ‘……. this is Asra’s apprentice really’ yes Julian really


TDAappreciationweek17 day 6 - favorite scene

His voice dropped to a whisper. “I don’t live if you die!” Her eyes searched his face. “Jules, I’m so sorry, Jules—” The wall that usually hid the truth deep in his eyes had crumbled; she could see the panic there, the desperation, the relief that had punched through his defenses. He was still holding her wrist. She didn’t know if she leaned into him first or if he pulled her toward him. Maybe both. They crashed together like stars colliding, and then he was kissing her. Jules. Julian. Kissing her. His mouth moved against hers, hot and restless, turning her body to liquid fire. She clawed at his back, pulling him closer. His clothes were wet, but his skin under them was hot wherever she could touch it. When she placed her hands at his waist, he gasped into her mouth, a gasp that was half incredulity and half desire. “Emma,” he said, a word halfway between a prayer and a groan.

My personal theory here, is that Ophelia is falling hard for Jules and I don’t think that’s happened to her much, if ever. She might not even realize it. As for Jules, I think she is developing feelings for O, she just thinks they are friend feelings. Real good friend feelings. Straight platonic friend feelings. Also there will be pining. And someone gonna have an “oh shit” moment and realize they have a Big Lesbian Crush™ on the other and then try to shove that way down and not think about. Ophelia most likely. Then Harris is gonna point out her BLC™ and bisexual ass gonna deny it for a bit. But ultimately she’ll lay her cards on the table for Jules and we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.