jules text

*points at the size difference between “Fade Touched” and normal creatures*
*points at ancient elves being taller than present day elves*
*points at corypheus and the architect being really tall*
*points at how big witherfang was compared to other wolves*
*points at the avaar being tall and also having a strong connection to spirits in their culture*
*tentatively points at the qunari saarebas and how they are tall AND have stronger magic than other races*

the Fade obviously provides some kind of energy/nutrient/atmospheric condition necessary for people and creatures to be large and powerful

it seems that everything has probably been on a decline in terms of size since the formation of the veil. So maybe Corypheus and co. really were super tall because i wasn’t aware that a side effect of a human being corrupted by the blight was a rapid growth spurt but everyone has gotten shorter as time has gone on? in any case a strong connection to or contact with the Fade seems to indicate an increase in size.

I’m not entirely certain how to connect all of these so any additional thoughts would be appreciated!

I do know one thing though:

If Solas succeeds in tearing down the veil we’re going to have to fight even bigger spiders and I’m not here for that

Lady Midnight Summary

Emma: The stars are beautiful tonight

Julian: Yeah

Emma: You know what’s even more beautiful?

Julian: What?

Emma: *internally* oh shit I can’t let him know I like him no feelings go away

Emma: *outloud* Mark

Mark: What

Emma: What

How TDA characters text
  • Emma: She punctuates unnecessary emojis 🏜💽💡🔫💎 at the end of her sentences 🔪🔪🛒 but she uses 💕❣️💜💝 a ginormous amount of hearts when she's texting Jules 💚💚💙💖
  • Julian: Doesn't see the point of emojis, uses proper grammar and punctuation whilst texting everyone.
  • Cristina: She goes old fashioned with :) and <3 when she texts. With Mark, Kieran and Emma she'll get a bit wilder with ;D and :').
  • Mark: Constntly texts typos adn it pisssrs off EVRYONE.
  • Kieran: doesn't use capital letters or punctuation he just types long massive sentences with no breaks whatsoever
  • Diego: Uses odd capital Letters at Random points In sentences. turns Out perfect diego Isn't so perfect After all.
  • Jaime: Uses punctuation,,,, several times!!! For emphasis???
  • Diana: Same as Jules, except she uses the occasional <3 when texting Gwyn. ;).
  • Gwyn: Doesn't. Just receives texts and doesn't respond. Only texts Diana back.
  • Ty: He rarely texts, but when he does, he types with precision and his use of vocabulary and grammar is excellent, better than Julian and Diana by far. When he texts Kit he usually slips a couple of ❤️'s in.
  • Kit: Uses ngl, lmao, tbh, lol, imo and literally every other acronym. Nvr txts a whle wrd.
  • Dru: Jules wouldn't let her get a phone >:(
  • BONUS:
  • Zara: Uses full stops excessively. Just to be petty.

anonymous asked:

So glad to read another one of your great stories. I hope you might consider writing one for me please using this prompt. Everyone in the pack made fun of how sad and desperate Stiles seemed every time Derek was away for more then a few days even Derek joined in the slightly hurtful teasing. So Stiles decide to teach them all a lesson by going to stay with his aunt for two weeks. After a week Derek and the pack turned up at his aunts and nobody made fun of him again. Thank you

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 2577
Angst, Pining Stiles, Canon Divergence, Everybody Lives, Nobody Leaves, Future Fic, Happy Ending, POV Stiles, Minor Allison/Scott, Minor Hayden/Liam

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(This came out a little different than the prompt, but I hope you like it!)

Stiles always thought that confessing his feelings to Derek would change everything, it’s why he’s put it off for so long. Two days ago, it had slipped out. It wasn’t how he’d imagined it would go down, there were far fewer roses, and far more monster guts lying around. But nothing’s changed with Derek, he continues to treat Stiles the same as before, with serene amusement. It’s nice that Derek hasn’t changed his behaviour towards him, because it means Stiles doesn’t have to change anything either. Not that it doesn’t suck that Derek doesn’t return his feelings, but at least he hasn’t lost a friend.

It’s the pack that treats him differently. They’ve started teasing Stiles, analysing his every move and word, narrating what they see as his courtship of Derek. It’s a little hurtful, especially since they make it sound like he doesn’t stand a chance.

Thankfully, he has Scott and Derek in his corner. Whenever the teasing gets too much, all he has to do is throw one of them a look and they’ll put a stop to it.

Tonight is the first pack night after his confession. He’d considered not going, dawdling at the station for so long that he’s the last to arrive. After changing out of his uniform, he walks into Scott and Allison’s living room to find that the only spot left is next to Derek. He rolls his eyes. They’re really not subtle. Isaac wolf-whistles when Stiles sits down, and Stiles flips him off.

For ten minutes, Stiles thinks that’ll be the extend of it, one wolf whistle.

‘Classic,’ Isaac says, nodding at where Stiles set the bowl of popcorn between him and Derek. ‘Hands innocently brushing against each other. By “accident”, of course.’

Stiles shoves a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

‘You think he’s gonna do the yawn and stretch next?’ Hayden suggests.

‘What’s the yawn and stretch?’ Liam asks.

From the corner of his eye, Stiles sees Hayden and Allison yawn and stretch at the same time. Hayden throwing her arm over Liam’s shoulder and Allison throwing hers over Kira’s. He rolls his eyes and changes the popcorn for M&Ms, holding them up for Derek before grabbing a handful himself.

‘I think he’s just gonna seduce him with food,’ Kira thinks out loud.

Stiles clenches his jaw. The comments are already getting to him. He bites his lip so he doesn’t say anything back, he’s learned from experience that only makes things worse. Pushing himself a little further into the couch cushions, he directs all his focus to the movie. Even though he has no idea what movie this actually is.

‘I don’t think the snack food is working,’ Allison says.

‘Will you all shut up?’ Lydia grumbles. ‘I’m trying to watch a movie, not Stiles’ tragic love life crash and burn.’

‘Hey, guys. Knock it off,’ Scott says sternly.

Lydia’s annoyance and Scott’s reprimand seem to work. Everyone falls silent, and Stiles relaxes. The reprieve doesn’t last long.

‘Hey, Derek, would Stiles have more luck if he got you a pie or something?’ Isaac asks.

‘I prefer cake,’ Derek says casually.

It’s like a punch in the gut. Stiles can’t breathe. His ears are ringing. His vision blurs for a moment. He needs to get out. Somewhere he registers that the others know they’ve gone too far. It’s so quiet you can hear a flower petal drop.

‘I don’t have to take this,’ he says as he stands up.

‘Stiles.’ Derek grabs for his arm, but Stiles recoils, pulling his arm free. He all but runs out of the house, only remembering to take his jacket because his car keys are in it.

The key is in the lock when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He whirls around, fists clenched, expecting it to be Derek. It’s Scott.

‘I’m sorry. I should’ve said something sooner,’ Scott says. He’s the only one who knows how much Stiles actually likes Derek, the only one who knew before Stiles blurted it out in front of the entire pack.

Stiles just nods. He doesn’t actually blame Scott, but Scott’s the only one here, apologizing.

‘Here.’ Scott pushes the bag with Stiles’ uniform, and gun, in his hands. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I’ll let you know,’ Stiles says. He gestures at the house. The others are probably listening. If they know where he’s going, they’ll show up either tomorrow or in a few days, and Stiles really doesn’t want that right now.

‘Okay,’ Scott says and squeezes Stiles arm.

On his way home, Stiles calls his dad to ask for some time off. Things are pretty quiet at the moment, both in the supernatural and the normal world, and Stiles doesn’t have to do much persuading.

He doesn’t need much for where he’s going, and is out of his apartment and back in his car with a packed bag in ten minutes.

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Just a thought:

Do you think that the Grey Warden order as a whole might harbor some resentment and bitterness toward a Hero of Ferelden who survived killing the archdemon? Especially considering the Warden doesn’t tell the rest of the order how they managed to live through it?

Part of the Grey Warden motto is “in death, sacrifice” and yet here is this new recruit to the order almost making a mockery of it by cheating death. Where is their great sacrifice?

And if the Warden ends up being Queen or Prince Consort of Ferelden? Well I feel like that just amplifies that potential for bitterness because to anyone who doesn’t know Commander Cousland it looks like they’ve sacrificed nothing and gained everything.

man i love bill wurtz because on one hand he has written “Home” which essentially is a song about how everyone is different and struggles with different thing but everyone is the same in the sense that we all want to come home.
but on the other hand he has written a song where the only lyrics are “eat trees”

{ unpopular opinion } things the hp fandom needs to stop doing but it’s your life i can’t really tell you what to do tbh 

  • glorifying snape as like some amazing person bc he died like no he was an excellent character but a shit person
  • stop shitting on ginny?? guys???
  • realize that ron is a pretty cool character actually like as a whole and if anything an amazing friend

im probably missing a few things