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ok so here are my ideas on what date nights are like for certain couples (obvs involving some degree of AU)

  • davenport and merle have old man dates, that usually involve wine and stargazing, or walking through a garden or something
  • julia and magnus dates are either 
    • very sweet and old-timey, like swing dancing or picnics
    • shit like carpentry expos or tournaments that both compete in
  • taako and kravitz dress to the nines and
    • go dancing and be way too show-off-y
    • go to fancy restaurants and inevitably get kicked out for a plethora of reasons
      • ex: taako loudly criticizing the food, both getting way too drunk, taking advantage of endless breadsticks or chips or bread via many hidden bags and pockets
    • go to the theater or a concert or something and actually behave?? but then maybe sit in the park and krav tries to prevent taako from throwing things at random passersby
  • lup and barry just enjoy spending time together, but their nights out will usually involve 
    • some amount of lawbreaking
    • loudly shouting at anybody passing by about how much they love each other. like, they don’t even need to be inebriated. they just get so full of emotion that they need to tell somebody.
  • hurley and sloane 100% involve some amount of lawbreaking every time
    • listen i don’t care if hurley is a cop she is Gay and Weak For Her GF
  • killian and carey enjoy dates where they can beat other people in activities
    • they once attended to same tournament jules and magnus did and BOY HOWDY that was exciting
Lady Midnight Summary

Emma: The stars are beautiful tonight

Julian: Yeah

Emma: You know what’s even more beautiful?

Julian: What?

Emma: *internally* oh shit I can’t let him know I like him no feelings go away

Emma: *outloud* Mark

Mark: What

Emma: What

Text: Jules Fieffer–Knock Knock; Louise Gluck–”Jeanne D’Arc”; Winnifred Fallers Sullivan—Joan’s Two Bodies: A Study in Political Anthropology; Andrea Dworkin–Intercourse ; Simone Weil—Notebooks; Diana Purkiss–The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth Century Representations; Tiqquon–Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young Girl; Anne Sexton–Consorting with Angels; Anne Carson–Pronoun Envy; Juliana Daugherty—”Hagiography” 

How TDA characters text
  • Emma: She punctuates unnecessary emojis 🏜💽💡🔫💎 at the end of her sentences 🔪🔪🛒 but she uses 💕❣️💜💝 a ginormous amount of hearts when she's texting Jules 💚💚💙💖
  • Julian: Doesn't see the point of emojis, uses proper grammar and punctuation whilst texting everyone.
  • Cristina: She goes old fashioned with :) and <3 when she texts. With Mark, Kieran and Emma she'll get a bit wilder with ;D and :').
  • Mark: Constntly texts typos adn it pisssrs off EVRYONE.
  • Kieran: doesn't use capital letters or punctuation he just types long massive sentences with no breaks whatsoever
  • Diego: Uses odd capital Letters at Random points In sentences. turns Out perfect diego Isn't so perfect After all.
  • Jaime: Uses punctuation,,,, several times!!! For emphasis???
  • Diana: Same as Jules, except she uses the occasional <3 when texting Gwyn. ;).
  • Gwyn: Doesn't. Just receives texts and doesn't respond. Only texts Diana back.
  • Ty: He rarely texts, but when he does, he types with precision and his use of vocabulary and grammar is excellent, better than Julian and Diana by far. When he texts Kit he usually slips a couple of ❤️'s in.
  • Kit: Uses ngl, lmao, tbh, lol, imo and literally every other acronym. Nvr txts a whle wrd.
  • Dru: Jules wouldn't let her get a phone >:(
  • BONUS:
  • Zara: Uses full stops excessively. Just to be petty.

*points at the size difference between “Fade Touched” and normal creatures*
*points at ancient elves being taller than present day elves*
*points at corypheus and the architect being really tall*
*points at how big witherfang was compared to other wolves*
*points at the avaar being tall and also having a strong connection to spirits in their culture*
*tentatively points at the qunari saarebas and how they are tall AND have stronger magic than other races*

the Fade obviously provides some kind of energy/nutrient/atmospheric condition necessary for people and creatures to be large and powerful

it seems that everything has probably been on a decline in terms of size since the formation of the veil. So maybe Corypheus and co. really were super tall because i wasn’t aware that a side effect of a human being corrupted by the blight was a rapid growth spurt but everyone has gotten shorter as time has gone on? in any case a strong connection to or contact with the Fade seems to indicate an increase in size.

I’m not entirely certain how to connect all of these so any additional thoughts would be appreciated!

I do know one thing though:

If Solas succeeds in tearing down the veil we’re going to have to fight even bigger spiders and I’m not here for that

anonymous asked:

yoooo how does kravitz fit into soulmate aus? bc i could see his soulmate being taako even if taako doesn't have him as a soulmate back?

What colors does kravitz see

hmmm, i’ve been thinking about this. and like. there are probably a bunch of ways it could go?

  • what anon suggested, with kravitz having a one-sided soulmate – but i’m not a huge fan of that, bc it makes it seem like taako is more important to him than vice-versa.
  • krav doesn’t have a soulmate, or his soulmate died before he had a chance to meet them. in this universe, that’s kind of A Thing that usually correlates to joining a church, so being the goth nerd he is, kravitz commits to the raven queen.
    • after a few decades of loyal service, the raven queen has a few strings pulled with istus (ha ha get it strings like sewing) and so kravitz can see color for the first time in his…uh…he can see color.
  • like in this ask i just answered, being in a plane he was never expected to be in gives taako an extra soulmate! for taako and magnus, the colors in faerun seem…dimmer than usual. it takes a while for them to realize that’s not the same for everybody else and they’re totally baffled. the rest of the team immediately starts teasing them about having a new surprise soulmate~
    • when magnus sees his future wife for the first time, the world lights up in a way he never thought was possible and her eyes widen as they meet his and magnus isn’t sure if he’s religious but he sure as hell feels like he’s having a spiritual experience
    • it’s more complicated for taako and krav because like…krav is…sorta half dead? and in this au i kinda imagine that when magnus is in the mannequin, no one can see orange so. i think it wouldn’t happen when he’s in the crystal golem.
    • so instead krav is lecturing them from the mirror and when he’s reciting their death counts, he addresses taako and taako pops out from behind magnus and like. what the fuck. why is the room so bright?? is this color?? what the fuck?? taako’s eyes widen and he grins and kravitz loudly says “YOU’VE DIED EIGHT TIMES” before either of them can say something embarrassing

Other random thoughts after re-watching the last episode:

  • Why are the two women (Michaela and Annalise, if that wasn’t clear) I watch this show for hurting so bad/hurting each other so badly this episode?! I’m weak and my heart can’t take this…
    • I need for people to stop telling Annalise that she doesn’t know what it feels like to lose a child because it gets me every time. Viola is a phenomenal actress, that goes without saying.
    • The final scene between Michaela and Annalise feels more and more cruel each time I watch it. That was something Michaela didn’t even realize about herself! I can’t wait to see how it’ll affect her moving forward. (I see her going into denial mode and pretending it never happened.) Pete and company better not forget about it like they have a ton of other stuff on the show.
  • I wish Annalise would start working at Caplan & Gold because I need more of the interactions between her, Michaela and Tegan (and Caplan & Gold can get Middleton as a client and Soraya could make frequent appearances). It’s definitely not going to happen since she’s working on her class action lawsuit, but a girl can dream. 
  • I guess now we know how Isaac knows Michaela’s name in the flashforward since Annalise mentioned her calling during their session. 
  • I should probably just stay in my Michaela corner, but I gotta point out that Frank didn’t say, “No.” That was actually Laurel (in response to him telling her to wait). That said, the sex was non-consensual because Frank did say, “Wait,” and “This isn’t what I meant,” to which Laurel responded, “Shh. It’s just sex. Shut up and take it.” Now, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t enjoy sex with her in the past, or that he never wants to have sex with her again in the future. It means at that moment in time he didn’t want to have sex with her (or at least he would have preferred to offer her comfort in the form of words/in a non-sexual manner), so that sex scene right there was rape. Laurel disregarded what he was saying and forced herself on him. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman or that she’s smaller than him. If the tables had been turned, and Frank would have told her to, “Shut up and take it,” y’all know damn well this wouldn’t even be a discussion. 
  • Y’all need to come get me because I’m actually a little disappointed by the lack of Michasher scenes. I know I shouldn’t be complaining since we received so much excellence in the scenes Michaela had with Annalise, Tegan and Soraya, but I missed the little bits of Michasher we use to get toward the end of the episodes. I was actually kinda hoping we’d see something with Michaela talking to Asher about what Annalise had said to her. 

So I guess this is my take on this whole pancake/burrito/baguette debacle. It’s extremely rushed and probably quite messy but I thought some of you might like it. Enjoy some amazingly dumb TDA fanfic!!!

I’m so team pancake btw

“What’s so hard about a simple question?” Emma grumbled as she waited for Julian’s picture to load.

“What’s wrong?” Cristina leaned over Emma’s shoulder to see what was going on.

Exhausted after a day of demon hunting and shopping at the mall with Cristina, Emma had sent Jules a quick text to let him know they were coming and inquire about what was for dinner that evening. All he had replied with was an annoyed comment about how all kids were the same and the twins and Dru had already asked him that as well. When she asked again, he replied with a picture.

That picture had now finally loaded and both girls squinted at it.

“Is that a…”



“That’s definitely a pancake, Tina.”

“Maybe you should ask just to be sure?”

Emma sighed but typed out a reply to the picture quickly. Seconds later her phone buzzed with a response. ‘The picture is perfectly clear!’. A second one followed soon: ‘Livvy and Ty got excited about eating burritos and Dru asked me when I learned how to bake baguettes…’. She laughed but realised there was no real answer. Her stomach growled a protest and encouraged her to ask again and get an answer.

This time she got another picture. She clicked it open, annoyed, but was happy to find a very clear picture of a stack of pancakes. She sent a text back to say she and Cristina were hurrying home, and didn’t forget to point out she had been right.

Her phone beeped with another text while she was driving. Before she could check it, Cristina took her phone. “No texting while driving, Em. You want me to check it?” Emma grumbled an okay. “It’s from Livvy. She and Ty are on their way to the institute and should be there in 10 minutes. So like us. Oh, um, also she says to hurry because we’re having burritos.”

“Well tell her she’s wrong. We’re having pancakes.”

Cristina went back and forth with Livvy for a little while in silence, trying to convince the younger girl. When she stopped typing rapidly Emma sent her a questioning look. “She convinced? I mean, that took longer than it should have: you can’t argue with a picture.”

Cristina glanced at the screen. “You see, that’s kind of the point. Livvy just sent me a screenshot of a picture Julian sent Ty of dinner. It’s very clearly a burrito.”

“How- Oh the sly bastard! Text Dru to see if Jules sent her anything, will you?”

“Yes ma’am,” Cristina laughed. A second later she held up a picture of a baguette on the phone screen. “I hadn’t taken Julian for a joker.”

“He is when he’s in a good mood. Or annoyed. Usually annoyed. He does it to mess with us. I can’t believe he’d mess with my stomach like that though! How can you play with food like that? That’s barbaric!”

Cristina was full on laughing now. “Well I can’t believe he sent you all a different picture the second time! He must have been really annoyed.”

By then they had reached the institute. As they got out of the car Emma noticed two figures running towards them, one with long hair and an enthusiastic wave and the other with long limbs, climbing over everything. She waited for them, and they entered the institute all four of them together as Emma explained what Jules had done. Livvy cursed him, but she was laughing.

Suddenly Jules materialised in the doorway. His grin spoke of boyish antics and his eyes sparkled mischievously. “Dinner’s ready. We’re having…”

Jules Verne (Personal Note)

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

So like three months ago I bought a book in a flea market, to be more specific, Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne… so what’s the crazy thing about this Carolina? an old book, so what?… Thing is, after I arrived with it at my home, strange things has happened around my bedroom like:

  • First day a book from my bookshelf fell to the ground… thing is that this book was far away of the edge, still it fell three times… without reason. 
  • My cat stared at the same bookshelf for like 15 minutes without moving.
  • I placed the book in a bureau. So one morning, around 6:30 a.m. I thought my mother was looking for a t-shirt or something because she was opening the drawers, so I asked her later as she told she didn’t entered my room that day.
  • Nights after, I heard again the drawers and clothes falling to the ground, I didn’t paid attention since my cat does that at nights (sometimes), but next morning my mom told me my cat arrived at morning (she was all night outside my house, little SH_).
  • My cat has a container with water near my door, before I noticed this things, the water lasted from 3 to 4 days, and now it last just one day…
  • When I was on finals, my alarm didn’t rang for over a week, even when I had three set of alarms, none of them rang and they were all on.
  • I useD to have a shelf over my desk, but it fell three times without any reason, so I didn’t put it again.
  • Two weeks ago, my cat was totally angry at night so I kicked her out of my room and I closed the door (2 :00 am, I wanted to sleep), later I woke up around 4, I went to the door so my cat (hoping she was more relaxed) could enter but, surprise! I couldn’t open my door! I there was a piece of furniture from my room blocking the way… and I thought it wasn’t normal, how could I closed it in first place and now I can’t open it?!, i pushed the furnishing but I couldn’t move it to much, there wasn’t any space left. (15 minutes later I opened the door, lol)
  • I have noticed little bruises, super little ones, like raindrops actually,  in my thighs and knees, and no, I didn’t hit myself or collided with something.
  • I once more have insomnia and if I get some sleep they’re very VERY weird dreams, and I’m not talking about LSD kind of dreams (hope they were), one I remember, I didn’t feel scared since I watch a lot of scary movies, but this one, was very realistic… my friends were at my home and they were slowly dying in horrible ways, poisoned i think and others just disappeared, but we couldn’t left my room.  
  • A month a go i got sick, I began with a terrible nose bleed like a fountain (it’s super weird to me), then I got dehydration and fever.
  • My back hurts like hell
  • I have migraine more often

Those are the things I had recall since I got the book, it’s really strange for me, I actually taking it as a joke, honestly, as I said I enjoy horror, scary, suspense, movies, so having a kind of ghost or presence it’s not really horrifying… or maybe I’m just trying to play it cool. So far I named him “Jules Vernes” for obvious reasons, sometimes I talk to him, like “hey dude, I want to sleep today, I’m pretty tired, please, don’t do crazy things at night” or “Why you hate so much my astronomie book?! Stop it”… I think it’s because I want to play it cool, I see no other reason, and I began to thing everything had an explanation, but my brother told me weird things happened in his room too, anyway God knows what the heck it’s happening, but if something happens, you know that now I have a ghost. I want to believe his friendly or at least his so damn bored and wants attention.