jules text

*points at the size difference between “Fade Touched” and normal creatures*
*points at ancient elves being taller than present day elves*
*points at corypheus and the architect being really tall*
*points at how big witherfang was compared to other wolves*
*points at the avaar being tall and also having a strong connection to spirits in their culture*
*tentatively points at the qunari saarebas and how they are tall AND have stronger magic than other races*

the Fade obviously provides some kind of energy/nutrient/atmospheric condition necessary for people and creatures to be large and powerful

it seems that everything has probably been on a decline in terms of size since the formation of the veil. So maybe Corypheus and co. really were super tall because i wasn’t aware that a side effect of a human being corrupted by the blight was a rapid growth spurt but everyone has gotten shorter as time has gone on? in any case a strong connection to or contact with the Fade seems to indicate an increase in size.

I’m not entirely certain how to connect all of these so any additional thoughts would be appreciated!

I do know one thing though:

If Solas succeeds in tearing down the veil we’re going to have to fight even bigger spiders and I’m not here for that

Just a thought:

Do you think that the Grey Warden order as a whole might harbor some resentment and bitterness toward a Hero of Ferelden who survived killing the archdemon? Especially considering the Warden doesn’t tell the rest of the order how they managed to live through it?

Part of the Grey Warden motto is “in death, sacrifice” and yet here is this new recruit to the order almost making a mockery of it by cheating death. Where is their great sacrifice?

And if the Warden ends up being Queen or Prince Consort of Ferelden? Well I feel like that just amplifies that potential for bitterness because to anyone who doesn’t know Commander Cousland it looks like they’ve sacrificed nothing and gained everything.

I’m so proud of Sweet/Vicious and what it’s done. It’s raw and unapologetic and important. And it gave me a voice when I couldn’t find one. It gave me two characters that I could connect with on a very deep and personal level. Jules, because of her trauma and working through it. Ophelia, because of the way she feels about herself and trying to move past it, it’s all so real to me. Sweet/Vicious has helped so many people, and I hope it gets renewed so it can continue to tell these all too real stories and keep helping people like me who are/were struggling to find a voice. Thank you, Sweet/Vicious.


Zoya wanted to get some more sleep once Jules left but it became clear that she was far too awake and worked up to let her mind and body rest. Concerned, angry, upset - all of these feelings swarmed and engulfed her, turning Zoya into a person she doesn’t fully recognize. When was the last time she cared this much about someone who is quite possibly more stubborn and destructive than she is? The easy answer would be Kisa, her sister, but even then, it’s different. She spent the rest of her morning unpacking and, eventually, setting up one of her electric guitars - finding some fucking peace in playing that with full volume. After about an hour of doing that, she took a break - setting the guitar down and picking up her phone to notice that it’s past 2 and she received a text from Jules telling her that she’s been taken to the ER. “Fuck, fuck” Zoya messaged her back saying that she’s on her way, grabbing her keys, wallet and putting on some boots, abruptly leaving the loft. There was traffic on the way to the hospital but when she realized that she was just a few blocks away, Zoya paid the driver and got out, running the rest of the way with one singular thought - yelling at Jules. She’s that angry and her concern is leaking into it. Without thinking, Zoya didn’t go to the front desk and give over her name or Julian’s - she tuned into her senses and sneaked past those who might stop her. She found her girlfriend on a hospital bed behind a curtain, far from having privacy with identical beds and curtains all around them. “Was this enough of a fucking wake up call for you?” She asked, attempting to keep her voice down.

People just hate seeing their own “unpleasant” character traits embodied by a female character. Male characters can be petty and jealous and spiteful, even violent and cruel, and hoards of fans will defend them till their dying breath, but god forbid a female character isn’t perfect all the time. Also, if she’s perfect, she’s called a Mary Sue, and that’s just bad writing. It’s a lose-lose situation.