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Rome’s in Ruin

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1725

Warnings: death mention, so much angst 

A/N: Written for the lovely @outside-the-government​‘s birthday challenge  with the prompt “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I can’t believe I actually got it done early. Also sorry it’s so angsty!!! I’m in an angsty mood tonight. Hopefully you like it anyway my dear <3

It had been days since you’d last seen Leonard. You messaged him a few times, but you knew he was swamped in Medbay after a chemical spill in the science labs led to an explosion which cracked the hull. Luckily, the crew managed to evacuated the deck before any massive damage occurred, and you and Scotty were already working tirelessly to fix it. You were sure Leonard was working just as hard in Medbay, but that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him beside you in bed at night.

Four days post-explosion and all the damage that could be repaired in the air had been fixed. Jim had already redirected the ship to Risa, the closest Federation planet, for repairs. You knew you wouldn’t be planet side for more than a few days, but a few days on the beach with Leonard McCoy in your arms sounded like heaven right now. You were on your way to tell him when you heard his voice echoing down the hall.

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Is it possible to make an epic sci-fi trailer/music video from a sitcom? 
Yes. Yes it is.

(Shout out to the tumblr people who suggested action scenes. Special shout out for @thisiswhyilovecakemorethanpeople for putting up with my screaming and watching my drafts.)

Ask me about my cat

Send me a number and I’ll answer for my cat

1. Name?
2. Fur color?
3. Any family you know (other than you)?
4. Age?
5. Favorite toy?
6. Nicknames?
7. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
8. Length of fluff?
9. Any funny habits?
10. How old were they when you met?
11. What does their food bowl look like?
12. Indoor or outdoor cat?
13. Recent picture?
14. Old picture?
15. Cuddly?
16. Ever changed their name?
18. Eye color?
19. How do they express love for you?
20. How do you express love for them?
21. Any theories on what breed?
22. Do they ever wake you up?
23. How much do they meow?
24. Any hiding spots?
25. Do they enjoy guests?
26. Lofty objects to sit on?
27. Wear a collar?
(and describe collar?)
28. How much shedding?
29. Do they enjoy brushing?
30. Ever drink from the toilet?
31. How do they get your attention?
32. Embarrassing thing they’ve done?
33. Weirdest thing they try to eat?
34. Are they like your siblings, children, or friends?
35. What time do they eat breakfast?
36. Do you cut their nails?
37. Do you think they understand you?
38. Ever make fun of them?
39. Do you take their picture often?
40. Ever hiss at you?
41. Ever try to scratch or bite you?
42. If you try to grab their paw, what do they do?
43. Do they ever eat bugs?
44. Canned or dry food?
45. Weight?
46. Ever got lost?
47. Do you buy them presents?
48. Do they respond when you call?
49. Do they ever see other cats?
50. Declawed?
51. Funniest expression?
52. Favorite place to be pet?
53. Worst thing they’ve destroyed?
54. Give them a head kiss.
55. What time of the year is most exciting for them?
56. Are they good at hunting real prey?
57. Do they ever attack nothing?
58. What are they doing right now?
59. How long have you had them?
60. If you could have them stay as a kitten forever, would you?
61. Ever baby-talk to them?
62. Favorite napping position?
63. Have you ever stepped on their paw?
64. Ever tripped you on stairs?
65. Any ear hair?
66. Favorite view from a window?
67. Describe why they are precious.
68. Fit the cat stereotype?
69. Chaotic neutral?
70. Do they enjoy following/ keeping you company?
71. Are you their favorite human?
72. Do they like tv?
73. Favorite noise to make?
74. If they were a Neko Atsume cat, what would their momento be?

infaernal’s follower celebration

hey loves!!! i hit a small follower goal earlier this month, and i’ve been thinking of a way to celebrate it here. i only started being active on this blog recently, and i honestly never dreamed i’d come this far!! i’m incredibly thankful for all the wonderful people that follow my blog and every one of my mutuals, and to show it i’ll be doing this celebration, so here we go!!


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anonymous asked:

is james okay?? he's seemed distant and just different?? idk im probably being dramatic but i hope that boy is okay

James is perfectly fine. I think him constantly seeing these sorts of comments in the form of Tweets/YouTube/Reddit etc. is just making him more irritable. He’s a grown ass man, he can take care of himself.

Favorite Classic Black Female Stars Josephine Baker (1906-1975)

 “Baker was a woman torn between multiple identities and multiple loves. She lived for her loves and in a certain sense, died as a result of them. It seems to me that as a key to understanding her destiny, nothing is more important than the song ‘I Have Two Loves,’ which became her theme song and was associated with her throughout her life. In my opinion, everything is contained in the song’s assertion, ‘I have two loves, my country and Paris,’ which goes far beyond its apparent simplicity. In these few words, Baker transcends herself and reaches out to the destiny of an entire generation. It is in this far-reaching influence that we can see the startling modernity of this woman, who resembled and even surpassed Colette and George Sand. She wished to be free all her life, and she was always guided by that passion and commitment.”  

 Simon Njami in Bennetta Jules-Rosette’s Josephine Baker in Art and Life: The Icon and the Image