jules munshin


“When I first reported to the studio, MGM was celebrating its 25th anniversary. They had converted the biggest soundstage on the lot into a restaurant. They only served one meal, but it was a lunch that old timers still talk about. The studio used to boast that it had more stars that there are in the heavens. And that day they weren’t kidding. […] This place was the land of giants. […] In the early 1950’s, MGM was entering a new era of motion pictures with more star power than virtually every other studio in Hollywood combined.” - Debbie Reynolds


The Brooklyn Bridge opened May 24, 1883. Here are some old Hollywood stars on the Big Apple Icon:

1. Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, and Gene Kelly in On the Town (1949).

2. Maureen O’Sullivan and her daughter, Mia Farrow.

3. Frank Sinatra in It Happened in Brooklyn (1947).