jules makes art

This what I’ve been doing for the past 7 days.


It’s been forever since I last sculpted and I had so much fun doing this, especially the painting/drawing process.

For those who are wondering what they’re made of, it’s a mix of salt, water and flour and it’s very soft and every pieces is glued together with water. 

Most difficult parts:

FREAKING KIRSTIE’S CURLS Made me go nuts. I had to sculpt every single curl and glue it on the head, and they kept falling, and two broke while the were in the oven. SHOOT.

AVI’S BEANIE This may not seem so difficult, but the fact is that every piece of clothing they have on is modeled aside. So for example, Mitch’s shirt is actually a “snowman” base with a sculpted shirt draped on it. Now, shirts and hoodies are not that hard to make, probably because since I started sculpting I’ve probably made a thousand shirts/hoodies/dresses, but when I realized Avi was OF COURSE wearing a beanie I actually cried. IT TOOK ME 30 MINS just to figure out how the hell was it built! Eventually I grabbed one of my beanies and used it as a model. #nailedit

THE CAPS Just one thing: extremely wet and fleeble salt and flour dough IS SO NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PEAKS

And of course, doing all the details with temeperas was so not easy, but it was also the biggest fun! And the faces are done with waterproof sharpies.

PLEASE. Do not tweet this pic to any of the PTX members. This is what I’m giving them at the M&G in Padua..