jules charles


Here is the FX sequence we did at school ! (with @antoine-bonnet, @julesb222, @quentinbdb, @jocelyncharlesblr, @natblues-blog and @antoinevignon)

The assignment was to create a trailer for a feature film in 4 weeks.

The other team’s trailers will be out this week on :

Video of the Hall of Mirrors, the most famous and beautiful wonders inside the Palace of Versailles built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart & Charles LeBrun for King Louis XIV . The shimmering light plays gloriously in the chandeliers and the 17 large mirrored arches facing the 17 arched windows that overlook the miles of formal French Gardens designed by Andre Le Notre. A true wonder of the Fine Arts.



Is it possible to make an epic sci-fi trailer/music video from a sitcom? 
Yes. Yes it is.

(Shout out to the tumblr people who suggested action scenes. Special shout out for @thisiswhyilovecakemorethanpeople for putting up with my screaming and watching my drafts.)

CotIG Author Ask Meme

J. R. R. Tolkien – A book with world building you love

C. S. Lewis – A book from your childhood

Charles Williams – A book no one else seems to know about

Edgar Allan Poe – A book you can’t figure out how to explain

Jules Verne – A book with a ridiculously intricate plot

H. G. Wells – A book that inspired your writing style

Charles Dickens – A book you picked up by mistake

Percy Shelley – A first book in a series that made you want to burn it

Mary Shelley – A second book in a series that redeemed the first one

George Gordon, Lord Byron – A book you threw at a wall

Geoffrey Chaucer – A book you love but sometimes forget about

Geoffrey of Monmouth – A book which heavily fictionalized history

Roger Bacon – A book you rediscovered

James Barrie – A book you didn’t finish

William Shakespeare – A well- known book you didn’t expect to be as good as it was

Mark Twain – A book you made your friends read

Rudyard Kipling – A book full of moral complexities