jules and shawn

I’m fairly certain that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an alternate universe where Psych’s Shawn Spencer actually became a cop like

~extremely hyper adult male lead who acts like he’s 12
~suppresses feelings and distracts others from them with ridiculous stunts
~actually really good at his job
~parents are divorced
~loves his mom
~MAJOR Daddy issues
~parents sort of fall in love again (?)
~has an unconditionally devoted BFF
~flirts without meaning anything and then eventually falls in love with his amazing female co-worker
~has a “rival” who doubts his methods and is hard on him but eventually becomes a good friend

Basically Shawn and Jake are both my sons and husbands and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been filling the hole that Psych left in me when it ended



Shawn: Thank you. 
Lassiter:  Why don’t you let us ask the questions for a while? 
Gus: I already have a job. 
Juliet: Am I? 


Shawn: Do not make me slam on the brakes! […] Where?
Lassiter: Hello, Lilly… This is your daddy…
Gus: You let go of the wheel, I have the gas! […] Shawn!
Juliet: Oh, a labradoodle!

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The fact that Lassie is Shawn's most popular pairing in a lot of places is honestly tragic, considering that you have both Jules (canon love interest, a good soft strong girl) and Gus (bestest of pals, a gentle boy, claimed S on his taxes) to form a golden Shawn/Jules/Gus OT3

I have never been able to get into the OT3 here because we just don’t see enough of Jules/Gus for me to get into it. THOUGH if we’re headcanoning here….

…I could see a version where sometimes they both get so frustrated with Shawn that they go out for, like, suuuuuuuper stereotypical dates. Like they go to French restaurants with fabric napkins and they sniff the wine before nodding at the waiter

(though, honestly, neither knows entirely what they’re supposed to be sniffing for when it comes to wine, but they solemnly nod at the waiter like, ‘yes, we’re adults who know about wine’ and they toast something mature like, ‘long life’ and all in all it feels very adult and not at all shenanigans like that dude they left at home tonight….who eventually shows up, sometimes in disguise as the waiter)

I could also see them having a mutual hobby that Shawn just loathes like knitting or tango classes or bowling. Probably knitting. They probably have a knitting circle at a yarn shop on the outskirts of the city. And first they’re going because they’re rubbing shawn’s nose in this being a Not Him thing, but then it’s like…actually a Them thing.

And I would bet this is well into when Jules and Shawn are super serious about each other so Gus is F r e a k e d out to be feeling things about his best friend’s girlfriend/fiancee, but then Shawn just sort of topples Gus into bed with them one night. Like…literally just trips him. Repeatedly. Until he’s in the bed with them.

And Jules and Gus each start ranting at Shawn about how this is not how things are done, and you have to talk about these things, and s/he’s clearly only interested in ~you….and then the rants trail off and they’re just gaping at each other from either side of the bed with Shawn filing his nails in between, waiting for them to catch up.

The cutest couples of the best series I.

BEST Series ever:

1) GREY’S ANATOMY (2005-?)

Meredith - Derek - #merder

Meredith - Nathan - #merthan

Meredith - Alex - #merlex

Amelia - Owen - #owelia

Jo - Alex - #jolex

2) ONCE UPON A TIME (2011-?)

Emma - Killian - #captain swan

Regina - Robin - #outlaw queen

3) SUITS (2011-?)

Donna - Harvey - #darvey

Rachel - Mike - #machel

4) LUCIFER (2015-?)

Chloe - Lucifer - #deckerstar

5) PSYCH (2006-2014)

Jules - Shawn - #shules


Amy - Jake - #jamy

7) THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (2009-2017)

Elena - Damon - #delena

8) GOSSIP GIRL (2007-2012)

Blair - Chuck - #chair

9) MENTALIST (2008-2015)

Lisbon - Jane - #jisbon

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Okay this is literally the stupidest thing ever but need fluff so - Henry is the Gang Dad right? imagine if something Weirdly Magical happens in the Psych world, and it turns (temporarily of course) the ot4 into children. And of course someone gotta look after them as they try to find a solution etc, and who but Henry Spencer??? Just, Henry looking after his own kid and Gus and a tiny painfully stubborn Lassie and a mini Jules who is basically a golden ball of energy


the kids squabbling like legit siblings. they hold onto the memories of who they are, but it starts feeling like a game of pretend that’s over. henry breaking up a shawn/lassie fight by putting them both in time out, catches gus telling lassie how to deal with shawn when he gets Like This, catches jules having shawn braid her hair so he can’t sulk about being in trouble when henry’s supposed to be his dad and always take his side.

unleashing them on the beach to try and work that excess energy out. the four building a sandcastle and collecting seashells and jules hops on lassie’s back as they wade out into the water while gus and shawn have a splash fight. everyone comes back in wet and happy and sleepy and end up taking a nap together in a pile in the living room, none of them even pretending to watch tv.

gus and juliet listening to music and dancing like they’re a prince and princess at a royal ball while shawn’s the dragon protecting them? gus’s dragon? it’s unclear. and lassie’s the knight he has to keep from interrupting the dance even though lassie’s just watching them with a quiet sort of wonder while badly pretending to read a book.

henry thought one of them was exhausting but FOUR? if he had any hair left, it’d go gray in an instant.

Carlton Lassiter, Chief Lassie, The Lord of Sternbush. I am proud, honored, and baffled to call you my friend. But it’s true. It’s also true that you might be the only other person on the planet who loves Jules as much as I do, even though it’s different.

Shawn Spencer, Psych 8x10 “The Break-Up