jules and chuck

Here are Rosemary and Amadeus Prower, they will also come out in my AU, their designs are from @simonsoys originally, but I change them a little, although I must thank you for making this design so great.
Well of how they occupy the history in my AU is that Amadeus is a swordsman of the guard of the king Acorn, also is friend of Chuck and Jules.
And Rosemary would be like a secretary or very close escort of Queen Aleena. That’s right, Queen Aleena will leave.


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Done in class. We normally don’t celebrate this federal holiday, but my friends’ words had just reminded me of something. So, why not, I thought it’d be cute to make a related fanart in memory of those who fought for freedom. (I maaaaay consider buying a new scanner ;v; It’s heeeck old for like 10 years? And can’t remove that yellowness X"D;;)

Jules and his dog? Call me crazy but, while digging into their gallery, I actually do find these real photos a very pure inspiration :3 To be honest I really loveeee police-dogs <3 

So, Happy-Late-Veterans-Day!

Sonic genderbend names

Sonic genderbend names
Males to females:
Sonic- Sonica the hedgehog
Tails- Millie “Tailsetta” Prowler
Knuckles- Krystal (Knuckie)
shadow- Shady the hedgehog (Shaddie)
Silver- Silvetta the hedgehog
Manic- Manica The hedgehog
Jules- Juilana The hedgehog
Chuck - Aunt Caroline “Carol”
Big - Burtha the Cat
Vector- Vanessa the crocodile
Charmy-Charmel bee
Espio - Espia
Mighty - Misty the Armadillo
jet-Jettie the hawk
Storm- Stormetta
Fang- Fanny the Sniper
Bean- Berry the Ducky
Bark- Baby the Polar Bear
Emerl- Emma
Gemerl- Gemma
Shard- Shelly
Gamma- Galena
Omega- Opal
Antoine- Antoinette
Rotor- Rhonda the Walrus
Griff- Grace the Goat
Ari- Aria the Ram
Bartleby- BartBon
Cyrus- Candy the Lion
Bokkun- Brooke
Hobidon- Hopeful the Lion
Nazo- Nasa
Fastidious Beaver - Fancy Beaver
Dave- Deedee the Intern
Justin- Justice Beaver
Wild Cat- Wildette Cat
Earl- Earlene
Mike- Miche the Cow
Soar- Sora the Eagle
Comedy Chimp- Comedette chimp
Swift - Sweta
Elias - Eileen Acorn
Ken Khan - Kelly Khannah
Scourge - scourgetta the hedgehog
Miles - millie Prower
Predator - Penelope the Hawk
Lightning - Thundercloud the Lynx
Drago - Deanna Wolf
flying frog- Flyetta frog
Max - Maxie the Monkey
Bill - Belle Platypus
Thrash - Trish the Devil
Walt - Wendy Wallaby
Guru - Gurua Emu
Wombat Stu- Wombat Sue
Geoffrey- Gebby
Ash- Ashley
Rob- Robyn’ Na
Lobo - Loba lol
Valdez- Vanessa
Rory- Riley the Bear
Snaggle- Snacks the Tiger
Johnny- Jenny Lightfoot
Porker Lewis - Potina Lois
Razor- Sharpei the Shark
Eclipse- Ecilpsetta the Darkling
Ben- Betty Mutski
Spike- Spring the Porcupine
Trevor- Trixie Burrow
Void- Viola
Chip- Chippette

Male humans
Eggman-Dr eggwoman
Snively- Colleen “Snivitta”
Chris- Christina Thorndyke
Danny- Danielle
Eddie Hunter- Ellen Hunter
Sam Speed - Samey speed
Leon- Lola
Mr. Edward Tanaka- Ms. Ellody Tanaka
Alexis- Alexia
Mauro- Maureen
Kwod- Khari
Elio- Elsa
Musaid- Munazza
Jamal- Jasmine
Billy- Bella Hatcher

Females to males:
Amy rose- Andy roads
Cream- Cody the rabbit
Rouge- Rojo
Blaze- Blare the cat
Tikal- Tom
Sonia- Samy the hedgehog
Aleena- Arnold
VWave - Wind the Swallow
Honey - Hayden the Cat
Tiara - Tyrone the Manx
Candace - Cameron “Cam” the Mongooseanilla- Vance
Marine - Martin the Raccoon
Shade - Stan the Echidna
Madonna - Mortise
Merna the Merhog - Merlin
Breezie - Bruce the Hedgehog
Ms. Possum - Ms. Pomeroy
Sonette - Sonnie the Squirrel
Sally - Sam acorn
Bunnie - Bobby
Dulcy - Dewey
Lupe - Lupo
Mindy - Monty LaTour
Cosmo - Cosmic the Thorndrigan
Galaxina - Gerald the Thorndrigan
Daisy - David the Thorndrigan
Starla - Skyler
Chrysanthemum - Christian
Sticks - Stones the Badger
Perci - Pete
Staci - Steven
Lady Goat - Larry Goat
Megan - Melvin “Mel” Acorn
Julie-Su - Julian
Zooey - Zack the Fox
Mina - Monty Mongoose
Saffron - Spice Bee
Nicole - Nigel the Holo-Lynx
Nicolette - Nicholas
Alicia (Anti-Sally) - Alistair Acorn
Fiona - Finn the Fox
Rosy - Ryan the rascal
Conquering Storm - Concord Stone
Barby - Blake Koala
Hershey - Harry
Lien-Da - Liam
Mari-An - Mariano
Liza - Leon the Chameleon
Li Moon - Lee Light
Matilda - Matthew the Armadillo
Sasha - Sanjay Cat
Leeta - Leeton
Lyco - Lyle
Aerial - Aaron
Athena - Attila
Tekno - Teknao
Ebony - Ethan
Sophie (Fleetway’s version of Sally) - Shawn
Coral - Carl
Pearly - Pier
Relic - Trace
Gold - Goten the Tenrec
Cassia - Cassio
Clove - Cloud
Sonar - Sorel the Fennec
Nephthys - Neville the Vulture
Lumina - Luke

Female Humans:
Ella - Elton
Sarah - Sean
Helen - Henry
Francis - Frank
Maria - Mario
Elise - Eric
Molly - Milo
Madonna - Mortise
Hope - Homero
Lucia - Lucio
Marketa - Markelle
Nagi - Nasser
Yasmine - Yashar
Ana - Alex
Hualin - Hiroshi