jul 23th

Dworin week prompt post!

Here’s the prompt list for this year’s Dworin week:

Monday, Jul 18th: Secrets

Tuesday, Jul 19th: Jokes

Wednesday, Jul 20th: Conflict and reconcilliation

Thursday, Jul 21th: Encounters with other races

Friday, Jul 22th: Training

Saturday, Jul 23th: Hurt/Comfort

Sunday, Jul 24th: Treasure

I’ll just copy last year’s rules because they worked well, so here we go:

- Dwalin/Thorin must be the main pairing (obviously).

- The prompts are not mandatory. Create anything you like and any type of work you like (fic, art, podfic, playlists, gifsets or anything else)!

- Any rating is fine, but please tag ratings/nsfw and the most common warnings (including, but not limited to major character death, underage sex, dub-con/non-con and graphic violence).

- Also, any genre (adventure, romance, AU, angst, etc.) is fine.

- The works are not collected in advance. If you use the prompts, please post your work on the day in question. If you don’t, you can post it at any time during the week.

- If you post your work on AO3, (please link it on tumblr and) you can add it to the “Dworin Week” collection.

- All works (or ideas, or comments…) should be tagged with #dworin week, so we can all find them.

- If you have any followers who might possibly interested in this pairing, I’d be very grateful if you could spread the word - more participants mean more Dworin works. ;)

Last year’s Dworin week was fantastic and we have a wonderful community – hope to see y’all again! Also, to anyone who’s new, welcome, have a pint of virtual ale and enjoy yourself! We have lovely people and great fanworks around here.

(Poor quality due to bad phone camera that doesn’t focus correctly, buuuuut here’s what @heartoferebor and I found in the little surprise figurine packs we bought at hobbitcon. Have some Dworin feels to get inspired!)