Eskel - Dark Prompt

Darkness crept over Eskel’s body. Slowly, it made its way up his shins, his knees, licked at his thighs and his belly. Caressing his hands and arms, it swept over his shoulders, before it touched his lips and swallowed him whole.

Eskel dreamed.

He was standing at the edge of a market place in Redania. It was packed with people; the crowds were too large for him to get anywhere near the middle, where the hangman’s podium had been erected – he couldn’t see it, but knew that it was there. The air stank of sweat. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he tried to get to the front, but people didn’t move and would not let him pass. He felt sweat building up on his brow; he had to get to the front, but he didn’t know why. It seemed incredibly important, but there was no way. He reached for his swords, but they were not in their sheaths, and he felt weak and vulnerable.

I hereby condemn”, the name of whoever was being sentenced to death was swallowed by the cheers, but Radovid’s voice was loud and clear afterwards, “to death by beheading for disturbing the public peace and for supporting the Scoia-t'ael!”

A roar went through the crowd. Angry shouts and screams erupted and grew so loud that he put his hands on his ears. He heard the swish of the hangman’s axe and felt panic sweep over him; pushing people aside, he forced his way to the front, but it was as if he was swimming against the current of a large stream.

Ahhh, Eskel.” Again, Radovid’s voice cut through the deafening noise, which died down immediately. “How nice to see you. Come! You have served me well, and you will get your reward as promised.” The king was nowhere to be seen, but the crowds obeyed at once.

The people turned, and cleared a space for him immediately, moving into two straight lines that left an aisle in the middle for him to walk. He drew himself up to full height and started to make his way through it, all the while glancing left and right. The faces around him were empty, meaningless. Eerie silence reigned, and he felt that it unnerved him even more than the noise.

Yes! Come!”, the king’s voice guided him to the podium, and now the monarch himself came into sight. He was standing next to the hangman, a bulky hooded figure.


He didn’t know how he knew it, but as if the hangman had heard his thoughts, the man pulled back his hood and flashed a grin at Eskel. The yellow eyes gleamed.

Eskel stopped dead in the middle of the aisle.

Bow”, he heard Radovid say, and his body reacted automatically, bending at the hips, forcing him down.

We are pleased, my loyal Wolf”, the king smiled and reached for something behind him.

'I’d never serve a king.’

Eskel could not see what he was holding in his gloved hand, “without you, this could never have happened … and as I promised, I always reward faithful service. Here is your reward”. And he rolled whatever it was into Eskel’s direction as if throwing a dog a bone.

His reward seemed to be a ball, nothing more than a toy, but Eskel felt the panic rise in him again, but he stood there, unable to move, frozen in his spot, as the ball was rolling and rolling and rolling towards him, closer and closer.

And then he realised what the ball was, and he cried out and he could move again, and then there was sorrow, and utter despair, and he fell to his knees and reached for the thing, and he heard Radovid’s laughter mix with Letho’s as he cupped Juka’s head in his hands and lifted it up and stared into her face.


Serging in style- our trusty serger sewing up yards and yards of silk for one of our 3 ruffled petticoats (see link in bio). #googlyeyesmakeeverythingbetter #periodcorsetsbehindtheseams #periodcorsetswip #costumemaker #petticoat #ruffles #silk #juki #video #wip

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do not get me wrong-i LOVE the concept of alternate humanoid designs 4 the bots in p-ortal!!! (gosh hecks, if i had a dollar 4 how Gay I Feel evrytime i see th many th GLaD humanoid designs,oh man,)

but do we hav 2 thro our Original Design Roots under the bus completly,,,

like 4 EXAMPLE,,, IM NOT SAYING we gotta draw th Full Mecha GLaD in her All Full Mecha Glory but like, listen,,

how bout we mix things up,,,like say,,,how bout we also make her an Object Head Lady w/ a not necessarily feminine robotic bod cmon,cmon Cmon,


“Picatso 2” Day 9: I finished basting my little quilt and I have all of the white parts on my cat quilted. Of course, it shows better from the back.

I’m quilting the cat in #100 silk on my old reliable Pfaff instead of the Juki, because I used some of the Hoffman Challenge spectrum prints, and the fabric needs a really small, sharp needle.

I love these Hoffman prints, but they sure are finicky.