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that was actually another question i had in mind, about your first con! would you mind telling me about it? \'w '/

My first con was 2006, Tekkoshocon.  I only went one day cause I didn’t know conventions lasted for more than one. When I found out about the con I had two cosplays I wanted to do, but since I only had “one day” I only put together one. Between Gaara from Naruto, or Zoro from One Piece, Gaara won. I put together the cosplay from scratch and made the Gourd by hand. 

 It was pretty much the highlight of my life at the time. A complete adrenaline rush of excitement. The pictures. The people knowing who I was, and enjoying my costume. Seeing the smiles on other peoples faces because of me.
But no matter how much I wanted to smile, I acted in character THE WHOLE TIME. Cause I was Gaara, and well, thats how it was. How I always have been I guess.
My friend who went with me was really mad with me the whole time. She would say “you’re being really grumpy!” and would just be nasty to me even though I told her I was just being in character and that I was having the time of my life.
I was really happy. So happy. I remember the feeling and I knew from that point on that it was going to be something I did for a very long time. Eventually I walked away from them to walk around “in character” on my own. Worth it. 

I also remember going to the Masquerades that night and having the time of my life. I didn’t want to leave by the time the con was ending for the night.

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you're killing me bitsy you're literally annihilating my innards entirely

Great!!! When you die and your corpse finally decomposes into the earth your body will give the soil the nutrients it needs to provide me with a wonderful patch of flowers to eat!

Die quickly! ◕ ◡ ◕

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i wasn't really a fan of any of those questions, so: a memory that sticks out in your mind? good or bad, that was really detrimental to you/changed who you were into who you are. (you don't have to answer if it's too personal~)

This was gonna be easy to answer until it said “something who changed who I was into tho I am.”
 no one will understand this though but probably my friend Chris’s bachelors party. I don’t feel like explaining it.  It’s not a bad memory or caused a “bad change”, but caused the best realization in my life and helped me find myself. 
this is pretty deep. lol  

Lets see.. another lighter memory is my first convention with my first ever cosplay which formed completely who I am right now. Best decisions of my life.  

i could think of one more too but its a bit personals having to do with relationship stuffs. 
omg actually..skjhdgkh theres so many . lots of points in my life.  

i dunno, i dont want to say anything is bad since I grew into the person I am now from these things, which..isnt such a bad thing I dont think.