We’re not dead. Not dead at all, in fact. Coming back from winter break in a couple days where we’ll have a whole new semester of fresh beats and rock n’ roll muSICK.


Here are some releases I’m excited for that are dropping soon: 

  1. Planet High School by Mux Mool
  2. SXLND by Machinedrum
  3. Vacation EP by Shlohmo
  4. Fin by John Talabot
  5. MU.ZZ.LE by Gonjasufi
  6. Parastrophics by Mouse On Mars
  7. Kindred EP by Burial
  8. Rooted EP by Locked Groove
  9. Aspen EP by Christian Loeffler
  10. Natural Traits by Ernest Gonzales
  11. S/T Prologue by Voices From The Lake
  12. Lineage by Shigeto
  13. New Epoch by Goth Trad
  14. Leland by Francis Harris
  15. Hotel Amour by Terranova
  16. Pretty Ugly by DVA
  17. Traces by Fluxion
  18. New Era by DJ Earl
  19. DJ Kicks: The Exclusives by !K7


Leavin’ you with a schmexy track from Jukboxr.

Stay tuned. This semester’s gonna be solid.

Solid as a rock.

OH, AND FUN STUFF: the streams that we post here will be of significantly higher audio quality.

And all will be right in the world.

As long as SOPA doesn’t pass.




Video: Glass Vaults - Gold Star

Arrange - Five Years with the Sun
External image

Review: Kevin Tappin

When Five Years with the Sun was first introduced, Malcom Lacey called it his “goodbye letter to South Florida.” The difficult part about having statements like this though, is how closely we may choose to hold the respective artist to that statement. To do so in this case allows Five Years to play out much like a book of memories. The details range in how they are presented, but the affair is personal nonetheless. Much like Plantation, Lacey pulls the listener close to his own thoughts and images. Yet there is also an ethereal nature to this EP that makes it much more dreamlike. It’s a blurry line between memory and dream, but Lacey chooses to indulge in this space and create a complete piece.

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