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I believe the sun shall rise tomorrow, I believe the rain nourishes the earth. I believe in creation and understand evolution. I believe in the innocence of children. I believe given the chance the youth shall grow. I believe in life. 

I believe in the power of the universe. I believe in my God. I believe my beliefs can never change the universe. I beleive my beliefs are not worth dying or killing for. I believe in the children awoken in their sleep to be  slaughtered by Boko Haram as a sacrifice to their God. This is for the children not given the chance to believe. 

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Clement is an undergraduate student in Abuja, Nigeria. He works as a day laborer, bricklaying, digging wells, mixing and lifting heavy bags of cement to build homes for the corrupt ruling class.

You see they hire architects and building engineers from Germany, Italy, Lebanon, UAE to design and supervise the building of these lavish palatial homes with 10ft electrified fences, bulletproof doors, safe rooms, security guard house while using young Nigerian men like Clement to do the menial backbreaking labor for less than a good day’s meal.

Clement very clearly articulates his views on the need for youth empowerment and the corrupt political system in Nigeria.

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Nigerian citizens speak out on the culture of political corruption in Nigeria.

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Fan Fan and Global Beat 101 new video chronicling the plight of children around the world. Politically conscious Global Beat 101 brings attention to  issues that affects millions of children around the world. This video footage is produced Juju Films Productions. 

“I dedicate this video to all children around the world who are abused and used as pawns by their elders. To the children of Nigeria who are suffering the worst crimes against children”. Ogbeni Ayotunde

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In appreciation to Igbo Mothers and all great mothers around the world for life and nurture.

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