jujudragon  asked:

I'm a bi girl, but l have a LDR with a boy. I love him with all my heart and then some. We've seen each other irl, 7 years ago. We started dating about 5 months ago, and we rarely have arguments, but when we do, it'e about how he's holding me back from dating girls. I'm very lovey and physical with my friends, and it's not unusual for me to cuddle them or anything. Recently, one of my friends sent him a pic of me cuddling one of my friends. He's being kinda salty about it and idk what to do HELP

I’m sorry about that! I think all you can do is reassure your boyfriend that you love him and you want to be with him, that he isn’t holding you back. I can understand his fears since you two are apart and maybe he feels or worries that you’ll seek someone else out while you’re lonely. 

Just talk and be honest and work through it. That’s important in any relationship but extra important with a LDR. If you don’t talk and you let petty stuff blow up then it could destroy everything since talking distantly is all LDR’s have until a point of face-to-face contact.