danseusesarabande  asked:

✍ : penmanship/handwriting HCs for Jumin vs 707 vs Yousung vs Zen?

✍: What is your muse’s handwriting like? Is it neat? Sloppy? Fancy?

Jumin Han:

His handwriting looks nice, even though it’s not too clear. The initials are big and expressive, the rest is rather messy. It’s this beautiful kind of chaos. He mainly signs contracts and always uses the pen his father gave him. Other than that, he doesn’t usually take notes. He has an assistant to do so.


He writes everything in caps. He usually notes numbers he needs to remember or use later, so the only things that matters is so that he’s able to read it out later. Though his hand trembles a little, so it always looks kinda chaotic. He can never find any of his pens when needed, but he owns only the ones that write in red. He has them stuffed in closets and under his bed. Yet he always loses them.


His writing is supposed to be pretty so he always remember all the curls he’s been taught in the primary. He’s always so focused on writing that it takes him ages. Though he never follow lines. But he tries to. Really. He likes to write with glitter pens, it’s his guilty pleasure. However, he usually writes with anything he can find, he has a lot of pens stuffed in his pencil case (bonus: 90% of them is the ones he borrowed and forgot to give back - he feels so guilty with it).


His writing is something difficult to understand. He writes fairly quickly with bik pens he has everywhere (always one by himself), but he always tries to sneak some nice curls here and there. His handwriting isn’t the prettiest, but it’s clear. At some point he learns to write his own name in less than a second (autographs don’t appear from nowhere, right?).