juju's art

Jumin’s route is like…

This is scariest route I have been in. Idk how others fall in love with him, but I was really afraid of being locked in the house forever and ever. (NO!!!!!)

Except for that, he is quite romantic and funny in some degrees ^^!

Read 3 words 8 leters parody Here

Seven’s route is Here

Zen’s route is Here

I’m drawing Baehee, Saeran and Yoosung’s route. It’s an exam tomorrow and I can’t focus on the book *sigh*

People ask me how to get into animation, and I tell them (for starters) to put something on the internet. If you show that you can attract an audience without the support of massive advertising money, companies will want to hire you. The internet is a great way for new talent to make itself known.

If net neutrality goes away, though, we’ll have to return to a system where it’s all about “who you know”. Where your ideas are bought (and generally discarded) before you even have them. In short: Finish up those internet films, comics, and cartoons before you’re directly competing with the Big Six. They’ve already got Batman and Star Wars and they don’t want you.

Juju route vs Baehee route

I got this idea when I finished all the routes of MM. And I also realize a hidden part inside me: Teasing Juju is so funny (Ha ha)