juju troubles

The Homestuck Alphabet

A is for ARMS, which you’ve already got,

B is for BETTY and control of Jane’s thoughts.

C is for CONSORT, a guide to your quest,

D is for DENIZEN, the monsters at rest.

E is for ECTO, green paradox slime,

F is for FAYGO, the liquid sublime.

G is for GAMEBRO, in which Dennis was bleeding,

H is for HOMESTUCK, the comic you’re reading.

I is for IMPS, the weak underlings,

J is for JUJUS, and the trouble they bring.

K is for KURLOZ, and the way that he stares,

L is for LI'L CAL, puppet of nightmares.

M is for MAGIC, which is fake as shit,

N is for NANNA, with prankster-ish wit.

O is for OPENBOUND, in the dancestors midst,

P is for PUMPKIN, which doesn’t exist.

Q is for QUEST BED, where god tiers are shaped,

R is the RED MILES, which can’t be escaped.

S is for SKAIA, where the battle is played,

T is for TUMOR, destroyed in Cascade.

U is for URANIUM, Jack’s power, you’ll find,

V is for VRISKA, with control of the mind.

W’s WAYWARD VAGABOND, post disaster that’s global,

And X is for XENON, a gas that is noble.

Y is YALDABOATH, the monster of heart

And Z is for ZAZZERPAN, a wizard, and art.