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you're my favorite writing blog for MM please keep up the great work. You're part of the reason why I love juju so much. I read to promise and almost cried.

Nonny Chan! 

Thank you honey so much! To be someone’s favourite anything is crazy and I’m so damn flattered! Thank you! That’s what I needed to hear to continue with Saeran’s chapter! I am pumped! Thank you lovely!!!
And darling- I will give you all Juju Ammunition you need! I have so much in store for our cat daddy it’s not even funny!!!

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Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .


I bet my whole life for Seductive Doctor Jumin to win or any theme as long as its Jumin I wont complain, lol at least this once aaaaa
This is a rushed comic I am sorry;;

!! Again, this is dedicated for JHPS && Certifiedhoeforhan peeps you guys is2g always makes me thirsty for Jumin all the time AAA !!

Go vote for Jumin if you haven’t, guys !!
Here is the link

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So I have a question if you're willing to divulge the information (and it's perfectly understandable if you don't wish to!), but a friend and I were having a discussion about reptiles and we got talking about Iguanas and although we were both youngish at the time you would see them EVERYWHERE cheap and being panned as these great animals (to ME Iguanas are a reptile for masochists) but anyways, this lead to us realizing that Tegu are starting to become the new iguana.. 1/2

2/2 they’re starting to become readily available, cheap, and have a cool factor to them. So if possible -and any larger reptile owner feel free to add to this! Would you be willing to tell of what your weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses as well as anything else that popped up that you didn’t expect just to show people that it’s not just a cool looking animal but a potentially and certainly expensive reptile to own? I understand this can be a personal topic and understand not wanting to share.

OH MY GOD I FEEL THE SAME WAY tegus really do not need to become the new iguanas. This is a fantastic question and I’m thrilled to answer it.

SO. Weekly expenses… don’t really work out because a lot of purchases are made in bulk (food, etc.) every month or couple of months, but here’s a basic overview of how much things cost the first year I had her. Well. If I’d done things ideally- remember, I was foolish and tried to free roam her. HAD I done things appropriately with a cage, here’s how much it would have been. As it was, I did end up spending more than this trying to make free roaming work. Which most of the time it absolutely does not and I’m glad I stopped when I did.

Enclosure- I spent about 130ish on the grow tent and another 60ish bucks in materials to fix it up. That is absolutely the cheapest tegu setup you can make, and it’s not ideal for everyone- most enclosures you should plan for the 600+ dollar range. A PVC cage from a place like BeegerBoxes runs about a grand. I buy two 60 dollar lightbulbs a year, plus another 11 for her halogens and 10 for her CHE. The four dome lights cost me about 60 in total. The substrate I use costs 66 bucks every time the entire thing gets changed out. The swimming pool was about 25 and her water dish was I wanna say like… 20? Her big fake log was 35 and… ok I have no idea how much that footstool she stole is, but the crinkle tube was about 10 bucks. 

Total initial setup cost: 527 (in nearly ALL cases it will be more, I just lucked out with the grow tent idea.)

Then there’s vet checks! I needed a carrier, and the one I liked best (has a harness clip, comfy fleece pad, and places for heat packs if necessary) ran me about 35. I spent about 80 a visit and she goes at least once a year.  But wait! She hurt her lip! Add another 200 in followup visits and medication! I keep a few hundred bucks in an emergency savings account for vet visits. That’s non-negotiable. I put that aside in the first year I had her- it’s sitting pretty at 400 plus interest. 

By the end of the first few months, I’d spent about $832. Factoring in the savings account, that’s $1232. That’s not even including Juju OR the nonessentials. All the extra stuff? That cost more.

Then the food. I have some receipts for this- in the first year alone, Kaiju ate about 60 dollars’ worth of rats, about 100 dollars’ worth of reptilinks, and god only knows how much fruits, veggies, fish, and other stuff I could get at the grocery store. Let’s call the annual food bill 240? I might be lowballing that. So by the end of the first year, that puts her at like… $1492. Almost fifteen hundred dollars in the first year alone. Over twelve months, that works out to about $124 a month. Putting that in perspective: that’s about the cost of two additional Comcast bills. It’s like paying for two extra internet connections from a company that sees price gouging as a way of life. Can you afford two extra Comcast bills an entire month for a year? If no, then probably don’t get a tegu.

Now, that does peter down over the years- I don’t start from scratch every summer. But I do change out that bedding four times a year (or more if she doesn’t brumate), and I do buy two new MVBs every year- those are the 60 dollar lightbulbs. And she still eats probably about 300 dollars of food a year. She also gets an annual wellness visit. So that makes the minimum yearly cost about $764 (the ASPCA averages small dogs to be about $580 per year, to put that in perspective) and that’s again not counting extra stuff I buy to make her life more interesting. That’s about $64 a month… which is almost one additional Comcast bill. Can you afford an additional Comcast bill every month for the next 10+ years? Tegus are not cheap pets to maintain; to have a good quality of life, they need some seriously good care. There’s ways to do it cheaper, but if you’re impulse-buying a big reptile, you very likely do not have the know-how to do safely! You can certainly breed and grow much of your own food- that’ll help save money- but that also has initial startup costs, and requires the time and space that a lot of people just don’t have. I’m not saying they aren’t amazing pets- I mean, Juju’s the best thing to ever happen to me- but I am saying that they’re a commitment that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

And THEN there’s another monthly cost: Energy bills. Mine are included in my rent so I don’t actually know how much that is. So I can’t be much help there, unfortunately!  But that can get really expensive.

TL,DR: First year? Two extra Comcast bills per month. Rest of her life? One extra Comcast bill per month. If you can’t commit to that, then don’t get a tegu.

Lions’ cage

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Bit of angst, bit of fluff, bit of smut.

Can you do one where the reader is younger than Tony, and he meets her friends and feel insecure cause of his age. But it ends happy and stuff. K. Love your work bye.

A/N: I am so soryr, I had this request before I left to Brazil and I didn’t write it because I couldn’t come up with anything, but here ya go! Feedback is love, feedback is life <3

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It was just about night time at the Stark house. Tony was home early for a change, and both of you were getting ready to lay your heads on the pillows and hopefully not die in your sleep because you two had a ton of things to get done. Avenging and running a company were tough but no one else but you could do it better.

“Babe, I’m going out tomorrow night, wanna come?” you asked from over your shoulder as you brushed your teeth and Tony put on the pants of his pajamas. The night was perfect for only that, and your eyes appreciated it. Scars and everything, the man was a sight.

“Uhhh…” he hesitated, “I don’t know, maybe the guys at the barbershop quartet–”

“Come again?” you frowned in confusion. The mere idea of Tony having a barbershop quartet was ridiculous.

“You know” he shrugged “the team? The avengers? Mightiest heroes on earth?” you nodded, laughing breathily at the old fashioned name for his friends who very coincidentally were 4. Thor was out of town, or, being more specific, out of earth. “Perhaps we’re going out too”

“Ok, but you know? I’d really appreciate if one day we’d go out with my friends” making an emphasis on the words as you turned off the lights of the bathroom and made your way to the bed.

You took all the pajamas you kept under the pillow and took off your clothes, eliciting whistles of approval from Tony, who was already inside the covers. He cheered on your nakedness and you decided to leave the fancy and cute baby-doll for another night; his old t-shirt suited you better in his words.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you going out with me, ok?” You hummed sleepily as you were quickly wrapped around a pair of warm and strong arms. He placed a soft kiss on the back of your neck and called it quits for the day.

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I wasn’t even halfway through finishing this when I realized three very important things:

1) Someone had already drawn this scene,

2) There was a continuity error that I couldn’t fix without starting all over, and

3) I’m an absolute idiot for attempting to create this on digital when I’ve only drawn with my tablet like 5 times.

Nevertheless, I felt like I had to finish this because your AU is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and is probably the BEST fanfiction I’ve ever read, not even MENTIONING all of the amazing art and ideas that have been produced because of it!! You two are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for these wonderful children! :D

No mixing....

When magick is new…. some folks wanna go all in and do all kinds of jobs…. I have noticed that clients want to do more and more…..

BUT! Wait until the job you’re working on is satisfied and disposed of before starting another. All that energy will tangle up.

Don’t do love and money spells together. Sounds like solicitation. If you have a bunch of juju items in the fire…. then you take a spiritual bath to remove all juju from you…. don’t be surprised is all your work goes to shit.

Be patient. You have the time. And take time to learn and enjoy the process

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Fanfic ask: J-U-M-I-N (for J, write or describe an alternative ending to Jumin's To Misunderstand) YES, LOTS OF JUMIN, THERE'S NEVER ENOUGH JUMIN

J: Write or describe and alternative ending to Jumin’s To Misunderstand. 

She went through with it and when Jumin arrives she’s already in surgery.
He paces and he’s crying, tearing at his hair as to why she would do this- he has no idea. Did she not want his baby? Did she not want him? Why?Just… Why?
When she wakes the first thing she sees is him and her face crumples and the wail she releases is something that will haunt Jumin for the rest of his life. 
She’s sorry. She’s sorry. She’s sorry. 
He was never meant to know. 
She’s sorry. 
She’s sorry. 
He’s… he’s sorry too. 
He takes her by the hands and apologises that she thought she had to go through this alone, that something was so wrong in their relationship she didn’t think she could come to him in her time of need. What should have been an auspicious moment… tainted with deceit and death. 
He holds her hands. 
She’s sorry. 
He doesn’t know if he can forgive her. 
They sit in the hospital room with a wall of unspoken thoughts and an ocean of regret between them. 

U: A pairing I would like to write for but haven’t tired yet?

For Mysme? 
V x Mc X Jumin. I think they would be an amazing trio, the amount of love and support and chemistry these three would have- ugh sends shivers to my spine. 

Jaehee x Zen: I think I would be able to work them into a healthy relationship where Jaehee stops putting a block of fangirling between them for them to be happy together. 

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share? 

I’ll share one for Smutfest then- It will be called “Service with a smile” where MC meets the RFA members whilst they are all in different occupations…. this one will be particularly yummy. 

I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing?”)

When I get the chance to read fics, I devour them all. All the chapters in one sitting, no rest for me- I need to know how this thing ends! 
When I’m writing my guilty pleasure is hearing if you guys enjoyed it- why you enjoyed it and the like. To know my work was well received and well felt by you guys is always the greatest pleasure, 

N: Is there a fic that you wish someone else would write or finish for you? 

ALL OF THEM? Only because they might be able to get these out faster to you guys. If I could show all of you how I see things straight from my head- this would be so much easer TT__TT 

But I guess the Assassin one- because I don’t think my action scenes are my strongest suit but- this is the only way I will get better for the future!

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^^ Have a dancing Juju for reading all that ;) 

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Can you explain or link me to a post that explains the whole Arquius, Gamzee, and Caliborn, Claymation, Dirk putting them into lil' Hal part of Homestuck because that hole section never made sense to me never makes sense to me

Here’s what happens in the Masterpiece:

The kids warp over to Caliborn. He sticks the Betas in his Juju, and all indications are they’ll just pop back out later when Vriska releases them in [S] Act 7. 

Gamzee gets cut in half by Dirk, and then Caliborn beats the shit out of the Alphas. Then he gets focused on Dirk because he always had kind of a weird kismesis attraction thing going on with him, ends up beating Dirk up really bad, Jake sees Dirk in danger and throws a tantrum of cosmic proportions while unlocking his Hope powers and beating the crap out of Caliborn with his gay hope bubble.

The beating gives Dirk the time to fire off the soul-destroying spell we saw Brain Ghost Dirk use on Aranea, thanks to the sudden appearance of Arquis (who emerges from Literally Nowhere–he’s part Void player, remember?) who holds Caliborn down. Caliborn’s soul is forced into Lil Cal’s, along with AR’s(a Dirk), Equius’, and half of Gamzee’s body/soul. 

As the most willful player, Caliborn predominates over the other three and presumably consumes their souls–they now exist as parts of him, so they’re essentially dead. Lord English seems to be made up primarily of Caliborn with only the most passive hints of Gamzee’s soul present. Doc Scratch seems to be primarily AR, with glimmers of Equius and subservient to Lord English’s will.

Incidentally, this lines up with the player’s Class type–A Lord is the “most Active”  kind of player, and Princes are also “very Active” according to Calliope. Bard are Passive, and all signs point to Heirs being passive too. Gamzee and Equius adopt the passive roles in their new existences accordingly. 

Caliborn wanted to be “bros” with Dirk, and now he gets a  warped version of Dirk as his eternal bro puppet forever. 

Feel free to send another ask if you’re still confused about something in particular!

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Heeey, so requests are open, right? Can you do a scenario of each RFA celebrating MC's birthday (like what they would do, the gift..)? Today is my birthday, but my day has been a mess so far t.t maybe this can make it better.. XP thanks

AAAHHHH I AM SO SORRY D: if i would of seen this sooner it would of been answered!! I am honestly so so sorry and happy belated birthday :x im sorry :( 



  • this boy has been planning your boyfriend for months already. Best believe your birthday bash is going to be amazing :’D
  • Jaehee helps him find a venue and everything because he needs it to be perfect. If it isn’t up to his standards best believe he will cuss everyone out. He will be a birthdayzilla LOL
  • A week before your birthday, he already had everything picked out….. your dress….heels….necklace….earrings… EVERYTHING.
  • He even got a matching colors as your dress because y'all gonna slay.
  • So it’s the day of your birthday and it’s literally like those award shows with red carpets because he invited all his actor friends and because they found out Jumin is going THE WHOLE MEDIA IS WONDERING WHO IS GONNA BE HIS DATE
  • it’s Elizabeth 3rd wearing a tiara
  • Anyways
  • The dance is going amazing… the food there is to die for…. you literally had a hall full of presents.
  • You said goodnight to everyone and you guys put the presents in the trunk and back seat of the car and went home.
  • You opened up every gift and texted the RFA thank you with a picture of you with the gift
  • But there was one more gift…. from your man
  • He came out of the room with this cute brown box and then you heard him talking to the box
  • He gave it to you and the box open itself
  • it was the best birthday every
  • You were crying
  • He was happy
  • Just a beautiful day in general C: 


  • JESUS Christ this man planning his princess/kitten birthday !!??!!!! Best believe your birthday will be on top 10 most expensive birthday bash
  • He literally bought 15 private jets…. why you may ask? BECAUSE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS GONNA BE IN THE FUCKING BAHAMAS. yes bitch yes. Daddy juju gonna go all out for his kitten.
  • So no one has no excuse of not going to your birthday because transportation AND resort stay is provided.
  • God i love him :’) he is so considerate
  • He told everyone in the RFA to pack suitcases for about a 3 week stay and he told you to pack for about a month and he told the rest of the guest to pack for a 1 week stay.
  • You were like holy shit !?!?!? Everyone in the RFA was like HOLY SHIT.
  • Yoosung was complaining he didn’t have nice clothes so FUCKING JUMIN SENT A LIMO OUT TO EVERYONE SO THEY CAN BUY THE SHIT THEY NEED AND ITS ON HIM. Yoosung was already waiting by the door. Seven was outside waiting for the limo. Saeran was having the security cameras to see when the limo will come. Jaehee was already in the limo. Everyone was fucking ready to slay your birthday.
  • He personally shut down a mall for you for a day and the rest of the members so y'all can shop in peace
  • The day came to celebrate your day :’) and he was smiling so hard
  • Everyone arrived at the Bahamas and the moment you guys landed the party begun.
  • It was a huge celebration…. Jumin was crying in the inside because he would do anything to see you smile
  • The RFA had a private party for you after the huge party was over.
  • Everyone gave you their gift and you thanked them and opened it
  • You hugged everyone and proceeded to go to the presidential suite at the resort
  • Jumin was holding your hand all the way and you were feeling him sweat!?!!!!?!? 
  • When you guys got to the suite it was full of different color rose petals and on top of the bed it had a heart shape rose petal
  • There was beautiful lights everywhere and you staring at awe
  • You looked back at your man and he was in one fucking knee
  • He proposed to you with a big ass diamond ring and confessed everything to you
  • You cried and said yes and he cried and then y'all made love c: 


  • Two words
  • Space Station
  • He literally asked Jumin for help to rent out a space station
  • He had a photo booth inside the space station
  • A bouncy house !!??!!!
  • Face painters!!!! It was just an adorable party
  • those people who can make those animals with balloons :O!!!! 
  • The party was fairly small because it was only you and the RFA and your family ( if you wanted to bring them )
  • So you guy were having a blast :’) everything was fun yet it felt like home
  • Everyone was in their easy going ( commoner clothes) because you didn’t want a fancy party
  • You only wanted to be surround by the people you love
  • SO EVERYONE was loose and having a GOOD TIME!! Even Saeran was smiling and laughing
  • The best thing about your birthday is that it was the day of a meteor shower. So the roof opened and you saw the beautiful bright stars and you were waiting for the meteor shower to start.
  • It was about to start soon and the RFA was getting their cameras out and you were thinking to take pictures of the shower but no
  • Jaehee was crying and you were like !!?!!!?!?!
  • You looked behind you and you saw saeyoung crying
  • He went down on one knee and asked you to marry him
  • You said yes and right when you guys kissed the meteor shower was happening :’)


  • It was an LOL theme party :’D
  • All the other guild members from other areas were invited
  • Oh and the RFA too
  • It was basically a costume party xD
  • So the RFA had to dress up as characters from the LOL universe
  • It was honestly the most hilarious thing ever because zen, Jumin, and Jaehee were having serious faces. Like there were like O-O like SO serious. You couldn’t even find a smile UNTIL YOU SHOWED UP :D
  • You decided to hang out more with the RFA during the party because you felt bad because it was out of their comfort zone.
  • Then yoosung felt bad because he thinks you didn’t like the theme of the party
  • You had the comfort him saying that you actually love it but you just wanted to hang out with the RFA
  • Then you had to sit on a throne and everyone was giving you their gifts
  • Then it was yoosung the GRAND FINALE
  • he gave you this velvet box and it was a beautiful necklace :’) you knew he spent every nickel he had because he was so worried you didn’t love it
  • You put it on and thanked him for giving you the world
  • Both of y'all cried
  • Everyone took pictures.

Jaehee *spoilers*

  • Your birthday party was at the coffee shop that the both of you guys owned C:
  • It was a simple yet comfy party
  • It honestly felt like home
  • It was just how the both of you guys liked it…. simple
  • The whole RFA was there and even Elizabeth 3rd because you insisted that she had to be there
  • You guys were enjoying home made cake, cookies, and muffins :’)
  • Everyone was having an amazing time
  • Then everyone gave you their presents for you and you opened it and thanked everyone
  • Expect a SHIT ton of selfies happening :’)
  • V is taking pictures and he is actually enjoying having his sight back because he can see his unique family happy
  • Then it was time for Jaehee gift
  • You opened the box and it was a beautiful key necklaces ( OKAY REMEMBER WITH HER GOOD END THAT SHE GAVE YOU A KEY OKAY THIS IS LIKE A NICE LOOKING KEY)
  • She said that you always had the key to her heart C’:
  • You guys kissed and V TOOK pictures :’D