jujibla said:

why is it considered rude to give unwanted critique? As long as it constructive its not harmful at all. Since op did nothing wrong i think its not okay to make him/her apologize, just because he/she is unpleasant to someone.

It's kind of like when a guy goes up to a girl and tells her that he doesn’t like her make-up, the clothes she’s wearing, or the way her hair is styled, and that she should change them or she’ll never get a boyfriend. She’s not wearing that make-up or those clothes to impress guys, and she never asked for his opinion.

It’s not exactly the same thing, because in the above scenario, you’d be objectifying a human being. But if you set that aside, you’re essentially telling someone that something they did purely for themself needs to be changed. It’s not your place to be sticking your nose in other people’s business like that because you’re making assumptions without knowing the context. And you know what say about people who assume.