jujeh kabab

I’ve always found my family history pretty interesting because, even though we’re not related to anyone famous or anything, we’ve travelled through a lot of countries. And all of that has meant my own personal culture is a mishmash of all these things. 

I'm predominantly Armenian, specifically what’s known as Parska Hye - Iranian Armenian. The Armenian diaspora is pretty big, but over decades a large proportion moved across the Iranian border and settled there, as did both sides of my family. We only ended up in England when my parents came here as teens to study.

So for a large portion of my life, my sunday dinners weren’t roasts or pies or anything like that. It was this stuff, chelo kebab. It’s grilled skewered meats with buttery rice, some salad, and a big tomato (I like to totally drown my whole plate in a spice called somag and lemon). 

Since I’ve come to uni, having it is a real treat when I go home. I’ve googled and can only find one Persian restaurant around here, and I’m yet to convince my friends to go. But for some reason these past few weeks, maybe because the Middle East is so predominant in the news, I’ve really been craving it. Another month til I can go home and get it though. Sigh.