~Juvia Lockser is the Queen for Gray Fullbuster~

I was on Youtube last night on my mobile device and saw a Fairytail clip which was in the recommended section for me, which was titled Juvia vs Meredy. Now, I haven’t gotten that far in Fairytail yet. I have only gotten to Episode 72 or something along the lines of that. I have gotten far enough to understand Juvia and how she feels about Gray. I adore Juvia and the person she has become ever since she joined the guild.  She has been a passionate friend to every one and really cares about every one. Her character development has really been an interesting one. She has her funny moments and her cute moments where she is fangirling over Gray. And her serious moments, where she fights for what she believes to be right, and to defend her friends.
         Back to the clip I saw last night. Meredy knocked Juvia out, and now it was left to Erza to finish off Meredy. When Meredy mentioned that her number one target to take down was Gray Fullbuster and how she wanted to tear him limb to limb, Juvia, who was in bad enough pain, heard her, and rose to her feet, and stumbled over to Erza and Meredy and she was dead serious asking Meredy who she intended on killing. And she tore her ass. Erza realized that Juvia was making her feelings for Gray become her strength. Juvia really loves Gray and got up and fought Meldy to defend Gray.
  As weak and as bad as Juvia was limping, she tore that little brat’s ass up! All because, she loves Gray and will do what ever it takes to protect him. She was one of the Elemental Four for that dark Guild, before she joined Fairytail. And they were supposed to be the Dark Guild’s strongest set of wizards.
Juvia went through such an amazing development! I am impressed with this character. I have not seen anything past this clip, as I do not know what happens next. I do really hope that Gray comes to realize that Juvia is the woman he needs in his life. I also saw a quote on my Facebook news feed somebody shared that went along the lines of “Do not search for a princess in need of saving, search for a Queen who will fight by your side.”
Juvia is not a princess…she is clearly in not of need to be saved by Gray. As she is the Queen who can fight by his side.
I have seen some clips where they combine their magic together for a much stronger spell and better chance of taking foes down.( Unison Raid) I do not know how many others think Juvia and Gray are the perfect shipping, but I know I damn sure think they should be together. I would hate to see if they do not end up together.
Juvia is the Queen who is right for Gray. She will fight by his side till the bitter end.
I know it. :3

Unison Raid Side View

Magic for Unison Raid taking action

Union Raid Juvia and Gray up close

Juiva comes to Gray’s defense

Juiva enraged upon hearing Meredy wanting to kill Gray, and is ready to take her out.

Unison Raid in motion (GIF)

“I didn’t want to… I had to…”

After this I gotta say: I have new respect towards the animators 

It was tedious but actually very fun ^_^ My first attempt at a gif. 

I think I’ll die when chapter 394 is animated.. I can’t handle Juiva crying!! T_T

(-and that’s why she made a gif. =_= )

 (- It’s because it was a very touching moment for me, and I wanted to see it live! …)


Gray: Aquele caolho? Ele não  vai conseguir nada. 

External image

Lyon: Quando você menos esperar eu e a Juvia-chan seremos uma família feliz e você não vai poder fazer nada!  

External image

Juvia:  E-Eu…

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Lyon: Não precisa dizer nada Juvia-chan, vamos.

Gray: Eu odeio você Lyon.

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Gray: …

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Juvia: G-gray…sama…

Gray: E-Eu… Juvia, você quer um picolé? O tiozinho do parque vende um bem legal…

Juvia: ~se contendo para não sair pulando e cantando walking a sunshine~ C-Claro.

Happy: Ele gosssssssssssssssssssssta dela


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I never actually understood how Gr//uvia became a real ship.  Like, Gray’s turned Juiva down over and over again, and yet she doesn’t give up. And somehow we find this to point towards them becoming a couple in the end? I can understand if it’s a one-sided ship, but I never really saw them together.
     –Photo and Confession submitted by Typhlosion8

I hate it when people hate on Lucy Heartfilia, saying that she’s weak, worthless, or useless. Lucy has grown and is very powerful member of team Natsu. Lucy is an important character in Fairy Tail. Without Lucy, Gejeel and Juiva would have never joined Fairy Tail which means that Gale and Gruiva would have never happened. Also Lucy is the reason Loke is still around, without her he would have died in episode 32 and Lolu wouldn’t exist. So you see Lucy is an important part of Fairy Tail and I would appreciate it if people would stop hating on her.

Secret Raven (me) 

Inubaki/Shelby: My thoughts of the end of Fairy Tail… If Hiro has any ounce of humanity in his sadistic trolling soul; Our Heroes will step through the debris covered in blood and tears.  Just so relieved to be alive and with they're family… 

Then there will pass a moment where they’ll look to each other and it’ll all fall into perfect Fan-cannon place…


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 (Natsu would do this to them later)


Who cares who sees them now!

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Erza/Jellal: (F you! He’s still alive!)

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 Finds him alive… -sniffle- Its beautiful..!

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 Levy: Okay!!