An Ocean of You - Chapter 1 By Juiliet
Lance doesn't know how his life could get any better. He's succeeding in college, working at the aquarium he loved as a kid, and has some of the best friends a guy could ever ask for. But when an annoying (and sort of hot) architecture major starts showing up and poking around Lance has no idea just how much trouble he's in.
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Keith?” Allura called from the door. Both the boy and Lance turned to face her as she more or less strutted into the room, somehow making No Slip look like the hottest shoe brand on the market. “Oh! I see you’ve met Lance. Lance is one of our interns. He attends Altea as well, but I believe he’s studying to become a marine biology major, so I’m not sure if you’ve met him before now.”

“Can’t say I have had that pleasure before,” Keith muttered and stuck out his hand tentatively.

Lance peeled his gloves off and shook it stiffly. “Yeah, I’ve never seen your mullet around campus either, which is odd considering how I’m pretty much everywhere and know everyone.”

“Well, congratulations,” Keith replied, voice cool as a could be. “You’ve met somebody you don’t know. Clearly you haven’t been to the honors college,

Mikayuu headcanon where Yuu is a star/singer/actor and Mika is his biggest fan.

He goes to all his shows, concerts and everything. He has pictures of him, he watches all his interviews and stuff, but the thing is, Mika is super shy. He knows that in reality, if he and Yuu met, Yuu would never really like him or want to talk to him, but he still makes an effort to show up to all of Yuu’s events. However, unbeknownst to Mika, Yuu has already formed feelings for him. He sees him every performance, every event…etc..etc…

Well one day, he gives out free back stage passes, hoping that Mika gets one and he does, but knowing Mika, even though this is Mika’s biggest idol, he can’t bring himself to show up in fear of messing up. So shortly after the show is over, the people with backstage passes start coming, but Yuu notices Mika runs away…so of course he goes after him, but things go a little wrong. When he catches up to him, he grabs at him and ends up pulling his bag…well, Mika’s bag has all of the “Yuu pictures” “merchandise” etc..etc…anything to make Mika look like a creeper. AND EVERYBODY sees..So poor Mika there is standing there shocked and embarrassed while everyone’s whispering things like “ooh stalker” or “creep”…Yuu doesn’t know what to say but he doesn’t have a chance to because Mika runs off.

After that, Yuu can’t find Mika. Mika stops coming to his concerts, and his events. During this time, Yuu’s music gets sadder and stuff like that, and like, to a point, he’s had it. So he basically, at the end of every concert makes a shout out to Mika in hopes that Mika will come back . Well, when he can’t take the sadness anymore, he informs his fans that he’ll no longer be continuing in his career, and before ending his last concert, he asks for Mika knowing that he won’t show up. However, he is wrong, because in the midst of the music, he sees a little blond haired fan make way to the front of the stage. His eyes aren’t as lit as they used to be, but he’s smiling nonetheless, and that’s enough to get Yuu to stop singing. There’s just a silent moment between both of them and then Yuu announces that he’ll dedicated his final song to Mika. He even brings Mika on stage with him.

A year later, Yuu hasn’t stopped his career, and Mika comes to every concert and he’s just as happy as he used to be when he first began listening to Yuu’s music. And again, he really is Yuu’s biggest fan. However, at the end of one of his concerts , Mika predictably has a song dedicated to him by Yuu, but this time, there’s more than a song, because at the end of the song, Yuu shocks everyone by asking Mika if he will marry him.


Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet

“I cant do the talk, like the talk on the TV,

and i can’t do a love song like the way its meant to be”

“All i do is miss you, and the way we used to be

All i do is keep the beat, the bad company”