I spent the weekend with my RaShida. I must say it was amazing. From helping her unpack to laying in her bed. From the kisses to foot rub. LMFAO. I want to discuss that first. I am damn near IN LOVE. I despiseeeeeeeeeee feet! They are soooo icky but I surely rubbed hers WITH socks on. It was so funnyyyy, we were both cracking up at first. I told her that means something. Her holding me, me holding her, us holding each other was by far the best part. Saying as how I’d never cuddled before then. & She even taught me how to kiss :D Now that’s all I like to do & cuddle of course. I like being really close to her. She probably thinks I’m a creep. I’m constantly saying “Closer bae”. I even left my soap over there. Oh yes, I plan on sticking around. I don’t want anyone else. Just me & my RaShida.

Oh & her cool ass dad bought us Cold Stone :D