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Why Was The Tomato Blushing?

Wishing a very happy birthday to Ari ( @lyoness-rampant it’s not letting me tag you wtf). I hope you enjoy this!

{also on AO3}

Continuing in my usual theme of silly sterek, this one is based on this prompt:

  • you know, my brother only puts out the salad dressing when someone important is over for dinner (x)

Stiles started planning this when he was sixteen years old. It’s not that he fell in love with Derek right away or anything, he just thought the guy was hot. And he already had one plan going for the only other intimidatingly attractive person in his life, so he figured he might as well make another. Both plans were put on hold his senior year of high school, and after getting to know Lydia so well, he didn’t end up picking that one back up. But Derek…

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