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Hi friends! I am back in business (even tho it’s been like 3 days lol) with another fic bout our golden maknae Jungkook! 

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated


Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Jungkook. that is all

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“Hi mum.” You called up the stairs, dropping your school bag in the hallway.

“Hi, love, how was school?” You heard her call back. You sighed, recounting the extremely average day you had endured for 8 hours. Nothing exciting seemed to happen in your life anymore; you went to school, you came home, you read. And the school cycle was the same thing every goddamn day; maths, gym, english, lunch, geography, history, home. The best part of the day was when Beckie Olivers had her lunch dumped over her favourite Juicy Couture sweater when the skateboard nerds rushed past her. She screamed the cafeteria down.

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Top 8 Heart Items!

Are you one of those people who dresses up for the holidays? Green for St. Paddy’s, orange on Halloween, pastels for Easter… Well it’s almost V-Day and we’re going to help you with your outfit. Check out the our top 8 most loved ‘heart’ items for Valentine’s.

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1) Billabong Heart Pullover Sweater

2) J. Crew Heart Socks

3) Dogeared Heart Ring

4) Banana Republic Heart Crew Neck Sweater

5) Juicy Couture Heart and Arrow Stud Earrings

6) Wildfox Couture Brigette’s Heart Sweater

7) Topshop Heart Perforated Clutch (click through for a zoom - it really is little tiny heart cut-outs)

8) Forever 21 Queen of Hearts Necklace

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middle school me was a blast. i wore a happy bunny t-shirt over a collared shirt, and had long hair in a high pony with the sides slicked back with hairspray, wore knee-length denim skirts and light-up sneakers and clogs because that’s just what you had to do, you know? i stole so many of my friends’ sugarlips and juicy sweaters. why did middle schoolers have so many expensive things? remember jessica mcclintock? remember being thirteen? i bought all my bar mitzvah dresses at bob’s discount clothing store. my glasses were just ovals. i bought my first pair of uggs when i was fourteen and i was so happy. what were you like in middle school?